Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 39

Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 39

Recap :swarishi engagement is over. Ragini is staying in gm. Ragini releases sanskar bcoz avi got fever.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u all who liked my ff and very big thanks to my silent readers.

Episode starts…

Scene :at police station
Ragini :if u will come or not
Sanskar :but how my car is not there.
Ragini:we will go by auto
Sanskar :what… auto
Ragini:ok then bus
Sanskar :no no auto is better.
Ragini : or u thought rocket will come to pick u. Come
Shaurya :hai ragini where do u live
Sanskar :hey Mr. Stay on ur limits. It’s none of ur business
Shaurya :it’s none of ur business too. I asked ragini not u and I know my limits I am a police officer I have a right to know.
Ragini :shaurya actually what u did today. U did a big favour on me. I am very thankful to u. And BTW I live in gadodia mansion
Shaurya: oh don’t embrass me. I will anything for woman. I cant see any woman in trouble that’s why.
Sanskar thinks all woman or ragini ediot stupid giraffee
Shaurya:Mt. Sanskar did u say anything
Sanskar :ragini come we will go.
Shaurya:see Mr. This is my last warning. Be careful if I caught u doing these type of cruelty on anyone. U will be finished.
Ragini :shaurya leave it u can say to someone who will do those things only sometimes but he always do the same with everyone. But now I gave guarantee bcoz of avi otherwise I would not even see his face.

Sanskar is very hurt bcoz of ragini talking with him any also about him
Sanskar : oh hello u both only question and answer don’t ask me about my opinion. They both ignore him
Shaurya :ok ragini if u don’t mind I will take u both
Ragini :no no today u did so much for me. Now it’s the time to join in duty. Serving people is a very feeling. I respect police a lot
Shaurya:I have didn’t saw a girl like u till now. U r really amazing. Sanskar is very angry.
Sanskar:if u both have finished soaping ur selves then shall we go. Ragini goes.

Scene :in auto
Ragini is silent. Sanskar is gaining his strength to talk to ragini
Sanskar :at last he spoke ragini..
Ragini:doesn’t even look at him suddenly auto driver applies brake. Ragini falls on sanskar. A cute eyelock takes place (naina plays..
Ragini has tears in her eyes thinking about how he betrayed her. She remembers all their moments and gets up.
Ragini :what happened bhaiya
Driver:a dog came suddenly that’s why
Ragini:nothing happened to it na
Driver:no madam. It is fine. Sry I applied sudden brake
Ragini:it’s OK bhaiya. We will go
Sanskar was trying to talk to her.
Sanskar :ragini…
Ragini:bhaiya can u play songs please
Driver:sure he plays dil sambhal ja Zara
Ragsan remembers their moments on that night for the same song.
Sanskar is staring at ragini lovingly. Ragini is crying. Sanskar came forward to clean the tears ragini sees this but doesn’t say anything.
Driver:mam ur destination came
Ragini :tq u bhaiya and gives him money.
Driver:mam no change
Ragini :no I can keep it with u. Buy some chocolates or something to ur children.
Driver:tq u mam
Ragini:it’s very bad I called u bhaiya but ur calling me mam
Driver:sry meri choli behan
They both smile. Sanskar sees this and thinks I did very bad she is very nice and pure hearted girl. Who can’t even think of bad but I blamed her nothing doing bad.
Ragini:come fast
Sanskar :that.. I….
Ragini :catches his hand andakes him to walk. Sanskar was just seeing he don’t know where he is going.
All see them

Sanskar goes to avi.
Ap:sanskar beta he is fine he was very scared by something
Sanskar :avi see papa came
Avi : says papa and hugs him. Yesterday u were not there na I felt very scared. I thought that someone will catch me and go
Sanskar :I am sry avi from next time onwards I won’t leave u. Ur my life I can’t stay without u.
Ap:has tears seeing their bond. Sanskar beta of u don’t mind can u stay here with avi. Plzz
Sanskar :no no I should go. Come avi we will go
Avi:who are these papa
Ragini :she is ur dadi. Ur Dada went to us for some work. U know na he is ur chachu
Avi :dadi… ur my dadi but why u didn’t cane to see me once also. U know I and Papa only used to stay. I felt very alone there.
Ap:I am sry avi I know I did wrong. Plz forgive me na.
Avi hugs her. She too hugs him and cries. He went to laksh also and hugged.
Sanskar :what is this ragini
Ragini :takes him to a room. Are u blind why can’t u see their love. Oh I am sry u know only betrayal in the name of love. U don’t even know what is the meaning of love. But listen Mr. Sanskar avi will stay here only. If u again do something and go to jail. see u also have one more person with u who is ur responsibility. He is just 5yrs he will be very afraid at night. He is not like u. He now only hot fever but sometimes some people will not survive being alone and he is a child. Can’t u understand. She is his dadi she has all rights on him. If u angry or not he will stay here only. If u want u can do but not avi. And goes from there

Laksh and avi are playing with Ap.
Ap:arey ragini come na
Ragini :yes maa
Sanskar :I want say something
Ragini :I already said na he will not come with u
Sanskar :yes he will leave here only
Ragini:no no he can’t go. He will stay here only.. What wait want u said
Sanskar :yes he will stay here only
Ragini shouts as she is very happy and hugs Ap. Avi too joins them.
Sanskar sees them and feels very happy. He was about to go. Ap calls him
Ap:sanskar u also stay here na.
Avi: papa I can’t live here without u. Plz papa
Sanskar :ok for avi I will stay.
Ap:ragu.. I don’t know what magic u have done. U changed everything. See this house is very lonely without its family but now I think it’s complete all bcoz of me
Ragini:I am happy for avi and s..
Sanskar is very happy that she remembers him and is eagerly waiting to listen
Ragini:and u maa. Now I should leave.
Ap:what why u were leaving here only na
Ragini :no maa u know dadi told to stay with swara only. I am very happy. Tq u for taking care of me and munni these days.
Ap:I know ragu.. No one can be angry with u for long time. U are such a sweet hearted girl. And what u said tqs I cared about my daughter when does this thanks came frim
Ragini:sry maa and catches her ears.
Ap: oh God no dear plz. Ur so cute.
Ragini :not more than u. See ur cheeks how chubby they are. If my frnd sees u he will not stop to love u.
Ap blushes
Swara :I think Noone is missing me. I hurt.
Ap :hey who are u and why we will miss u
Swara :what u won’t remember me that day
Ap:no no I didn’t saw u anytime.
Swara :she starts crying loudly no one remembers me. I am leaving
Ragini :maa
Ap:I think that my Shona is very intelligent but she is not my Shona na ragu
Ragini:Haa maa I also think the same
Swara :that means my hot lady became naughty and comes and hugs her.
Ap: oh God I am finished
Swara :what

Ap:no no nothing
Swara :BTW where is my bf and ur boring husband. He said that he is my bf but no phone calls, no shopping, no gifts. Is this a bf and gf relation
Ap:I know he is boring but what can I do my fate. Btw he went to us
Swara : oh God this much big betrayal see he went to honeymoon leaving his wife and his gf.
Ap:what really
Swara :I think he found a hot girl better than us
Swara :Haa u know her name is annapurna
Ap:who is that Annapurna I will kill her. I will see how will he enter this house.
Ragini:arey meri tubelight maa who is Annapurna
Ap:ha who is that oh no its me.. U Shona I won’t leave u
Swara : oho u got thank God. U know if I were a boy then I would have runaway with u my hot lady
Ap blushes
Ragini : oh God she is blushing like a new marriedly girl
Ap:hey stop u both. Sanlak watch them and smiles
Swaragini hug Ap. Swara suddenly sees sanskar
Swara:heyy u here. Today ur death is confirmed. Pray to God. She holds a knife and goes to him
Ap:Shona what are u doing do u know him
Swara :Haa maa. I know him very well. He.. Ragini signs her noo
Ap:he is my elder son. From now he will stay here only.
Swara :what can somebody keep a crime branch in their house
Ap:Did u say something

Swara :no no I came here for giving this and shows some card
Ap: oh God ur marriage is fixed. And it is in 7days. U didn’t even tell me
Lucky falls down hearing this. Ragini is very shocked
Swara :arey yaar lucky what happened. I know that u all are shocked. But it is true in fact my fiance is coming. See he came
Rishi:hello everyone. Namaste aunty
Ap:God bless u beta. Live long happily
Rishi :yaah bcoz I have swara in my life
Ragini:Shona what is this u love l..
Swara :Haa ragini in fact our engagement Is also over. And rishi is my love. My future.
Ragini :Shona..
Swara :maa say how are we looking
Laksh :crow and pigeon
Swara :shut up lucky
Ap:I know u both sisters will spread the happiness where u will be. And u both look very good with each other.
Ragini :can I know when ur engagement happened and I think u will say to me after having kids
Avi:what all are so happy and behaving like kids. Let munni come we will see u all
Rishi: oh cute kid. Ur so lovely
Avi:what I am a boy it won’t suit for me.
Laksh:I think he don’t know the difference btn boy and girl
Rishi:ok now I will show u a magic. He says abraka dabra. OK now see in ur pockets
Avi: oh my God it is a chocolate. I love chocolates tq u very much Mr. Swara s fiance
Rishi: oh u are very intelligent
Laksh:he can’t eat chocolate he has cavity
Avi:what chachu what is the meaning of cavity
Rishi:ur chachu is so naughty. He want this chocolate that’s why he is saying like this
Laksh: oh hello I am not a beggar. I can buy so many chocolates as I want.
Rishi:ok cool angry young man
Laksh :he goes away from there.
Swara looks on.
Swara :come rishi let’s go
Ragini:rishi please wait I want to go with swara.
Swara :no laado I am very busy we should go to so many places to give wedding invitations
Ragini :Shona….
Swara leaves with rishi:maa bye avi byeee
Ragini:maa I will also leave now
Sanskar :I will drop u
Ap:yes ragu sanskar will drop u
Ragini:ok maa
Sanskar is shocked

Sanskar :ragini..
Ragini :I will go by myself and was going
But sanskar holds her hand and says
Sanskar :ragini plz talk something ur behaving very happy with all but me why ragini
Ragini is not even seeing him
Sanskar : plz ragini forgive me. Plz I don’t know that ur parents. I know I have over reacted and did so much bad with u. I am sry ragini. Plz u know that video shanaya made it. She instigated me towards u. U know even krishna also left his job. I didn’t it intentionally. I am really feeling bad for what I have done with u. I am not even forgiven also. Ragini plz u know I love my lucky very much. U know my parents were died in front of me only in car accident. I even can’t do anything to save them and when I saw lucky I thought I will also lost him. Plz ragini Plz forgive me and he kneels down and was crying. Ragini went from there without even seeing at him
Sanskar :ragini plz forgive me. And he shouts and cries
Ragini runs to him and hugs him. She cleans his face. Sanskar also hugs her.
But this was his dream. Ragini went out in reality. Here ragini went out and was crying vigorously. She was walking on the road. She saw a girl who was fainting and was about to fall but ragini goes and catches her. She takes her to hospital
She takes her phone and sees the last no. It is written bhai. Ragini calls him

Voice: what happened my lovely sis is missing me
Ragini:hello actually ur sister is in hospital. Can u come here immediately
Voice:what hospital what happened to her
Ragini:Dr. Is treating. She fainted. Can u come fast.
Voice:I am coming
Dr. :anyone came her relatives .
Ragini : Dr. Her brother is coming. Is there any problem. She is fine na
Dr. :yaah she is fine in fact there is a happy news she is pregnant.
Ragini: oh it’s very Great news.
Dr. :yes but she is very weak. She is very depressed in fact I should say she has lost her mental balance
Ragini:what it means Dr.
Dr. :that Means she is mentally disordered.
Dr. :ok call me if his brother comes.
Her brother is coming. Ragini sees him and is shocked.

Episode ends …..

Precap :swara confronts ragini. Sanlak jealousy… mehendi preparations…

Guyss tq u very much for loving my ff. Tq u very much. Thanks for ur suggestions. Thanks for encouraging and giving me confidence by ur comments. Thank uuuuuu


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