Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 37


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 37

Recap:sanskar humiliates ragini and proposes shanaya. Swara makes a plan for laksh and sanskar to come close.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u very much for ur love when I see the comments I was jumping here and there. Tqs for supporting and liking my crap.

Episode starts..

Scene :at hotel
Sanskar :uttara u know I won the bet to she said that she loves me.
Uttara :really bhai. I lost the bet.
Shanaya :u know na uttara he is sanskar and will win anything he wants and sanskar u know na she said that to take revenge that’s it.
Ragini is crying and serving all the guests . one man misbehaves with her
Man :hey are u free today. Come with me just for one night. I will pay u how much u want. If I give so much money also it will be less for u. Ur so beautiful. He catches her hand. The serving tray falls down.
Ragini:sir plz leave my hand. I am not that type of girl. She was pleading him but he is not leaving her hand.

Sanskar sees this he feels very bad. He was dancing at that time with shanaya. He was dancing but seeing only ragini. Her one drop seems like a big thunder in his heart. He suddenly leaves the stage and was going to ragini to save her.
Ragini:sir leave me plzz
Man: oh common baby why are u this shy.
Someone comes and slaps him hard. Sanskar is shocked.
Guy:how dare u to talk with the girls like this.
Man:hey hello who are u to ask me. U know who I am.
Guy:u know there are no people alive till now who asked me who are u. I only shows whom I am but I don’t want to know anyone else.
Man: oh so ur that much gabbar haa
Guy:he beats hum very much that his body got paralysed. He can’t even speak a word.
Ragini was crying horribly and fainted but the guy catches her.
Guy – shaurya played by avinash sachdev(hero in choti bahu)
Shaurya carries her to the sofa. He sprinkles some water on her face. Ragini opens her eyes.
Shaurya:are u fine miss
Ragini:without speaking a word goes from there while going she sees sanskar and went from there.
Swara comes there and sees ragini

Swara :laado u in these waitress dress.
Ragini:she controls her tears and cleans her face so that it is not enable to see that she was crying. Shona nothing like that u say what happened to u
Swara :u know I made a surprise for laksh u know na I said na.
Ragini :ha Shona I remembered u go I will come there changing my dress
Swara :ok come fast
Ragini goes and changes her dress. She comes out but sanskar was there staring at her. She walked to him thinking how he betrayed her but slips as her concentration is somewhere. She was about to fall but shaurya comes and catches her. A sweet eyelock takes place. Ragini is wrapping her hands around his neck. He catches her at waist. Ragini gets up.
Shaurya :what miss what are u thinking. See in 10min u falled 2times.
Ragini:tqs for saving me.

Shaurya:my name is shaurya. What is urs
Ragini:it’s non of ur business and goes from there angrily.

Shaurya is a very strict police officer. He is very nice cute and naughty person other than work. If it comes to his profession he is very strict. He punishes every one who does wrong what ever may be their background.

Scene :at parking
Swara :rishi were are those
Rishi:they are coming u don’t worry where is laksh
Swara :he is coming see he came. Rishi u go there
Ragini comes there but laksh can’t see her. But he is about to see her but swara drags her and hides behind a bush.
Swara :ragini he was about to see u.
Ragini :sry Shona I didn’t did it intentionally.
Swara : oh hello Amul baby started ur emotional atyachar. It’s OK why are u sounding dull
Ragini :nothing Shona where are those.
Swara :they are on the way see they came.
Laksh was searching for swara. Actually he was drunk and Ajay took him to house. Now he is alright.

Some goons come there and we’re beating laksh. Rishi shows thumbs up to swara. Swara smiles. Now it’s time to anther Task. She calls sanskar and speaks with him in a man’s tone
Swara :hello Mr. Sanskar ur brother laksh is beaten up here. Come fast if u want to save him.
Sanskar :heyy who are u where is my brother.
Swara :find out Mr. And cuts the call. She laughs and says:did u see laado my acting
Ragini is lost somewhere and is not replying to her.
Sanskar tensedly come to parking and sees laksh is beaten up by someone.
Laksh is unaware of the plan and is wincing in pain bcoz the goons are real. They are beating him very much. He falls down. One goon is coming with a knife but sanskar comes at that time and beats the goons and comes to lucky.
Sanskar :lucky plz wake up nothing will happen to u.
Laksh:bhai I didn’t thought that I will talk to u till I die but when death is approaching I saw u. I missed u very much bhai.
Sanskar :no lucky don’t say anything. Just shut up. Nothing will happen to u till ur brother is alive and takes him to hospital by placing him in his car.
Swara : oh my God what an acting

Rishi :no swara he is not acting. They are real goons not fake.
Swara :what dint make jokes okk
Rishi:no swara my goons didn’t reached till now.
Swara :she slaps rishi she is very angry how dare u to do this to my lucky.
Ragini:Shona it’s not his mistake. Come let’s go to hospital. Rishi u go home.
They were waiting there to take any taxi at that time shaurya comes there.
Shaurya:hey girls do u want lift
Ragini:yes plz my sisters boy friend is In hospital. Plz take is there plzzz
Shaury:ok come I will take u there. Get in
Ragini:cups Swara s face and say Shona don’t cry nothing will happen to laksh ur love is true. Come let’s go

Scene :at hospital
Dr :are u any realtive to him
Sanskar :yes I am his brother. What happened to him. He is fine na
Dr:I don’t think he will be alive. He got many major injuries
Sanskar :catches the collar of the doctor what the hell if some thing happened to my brother I sware I won’t leave u alive. Dr. :Mr.behave urself. We are doing our best. Plz don’t create any nuisance here

Ragini:sry doctor he is very tensed for his brother. Plz doctor don’t take his words serious. Plz u go and treat laksh. And makes sanskar to leave the collar.
Sanskar sees her
Dr:we can understand ur pain but I think someone should go inside and talk to him and motivate him.
Ragini:Shona u go. Laksh will definitely listen to u and will recover. Plz u go
Swara :no laado I can’t see him like this
Ragini:no Shona u can do it. U go.
Sanskar was staring at ragini. He was about to go and hug ragini but ragini understood this and she went from there. Sanskar feels bad.

Laksh s room
Swara :lucky I don’t know what to say but u know today ur brother saved u actually this all happened bcoz of my childish plan. I am sry lucky. Lucky wake up na she is crying vigorously. U know if u wake up then u can live happily with ur brother. If u won’t get up then I will die bcoz I can’t live with out u lucky. I love u very much lucky. If u won’t get up then I will think that u didn’t forgave me for this. Plz lucky
Get up na. Plz u should get up for me, ur brother, maa papa, ur fans, munni, avi, plz lucky. She cries and keeps her hand on his chest. She hears the heart beat which is now beating and quickly calls doctor.
Dr: oh God u succeed he is now getting conscious. But I should do some tests u wait outside.
Sanskar :what happened is he fine
Swara :yaah now is he fine. But Dr is doing some tests.
Swara goes from there

Ragini is sitting on the chair shaurya comes and sits beside her.
Shaurya:what happened is he fine now
Ragini:no nothing will happen to him. He should be alive for my Shona.
Shaurya:ok keep belief nothing will happen he keeps his hands on hers and rubs
Ragini:actually I am sry I talked very rude to u in that hotel
Shaurya:it’s OK. I think ur sis is coming
Ragini :Shona how is he
Swara :hugs ragini laado he is fine now but if u didn’t encouraged me I would have lost him
Ragini:Shona I know nothing will happen bcoz ur with him. Ur his love he won’t leave u I know it
Sanskar comes to thank her.
Swara :I don’t know that our prank will take his life. It’s risky u said also. Sanskar thinks that this is ragini s prank he misunderstood.

Swara goes to check laksh
Shaurya gets a call and goes far. Sanskar comes and drags ragini to a room.
Ragini:sir now what is left
Sanskar :he slaps her how dare u to play with my brothers life. U don’t know the importance of relations. If u would have seen some of ur sister or brother in my lucky s place who was beaten up and his life is in danger. If he would have died what would I have done. U don’t know anything about relations. That’s why u played this deadly prank on him. It’s disgusting how could u if u want to take any revenge u would have taken on me what my brother did in between. Thank to God that he is alright if something happened to him means I would have killed u.
Ragini:sir I know ur saying this all bcoz ur tensed for him. I can understand…..
Sanskar :holds her hand and pins her to the wall her head hits to the wall forcely no u can’t understand I saw my maa and Papa died in front of me and u don’t know how difficult it is to see ur loved ones die in front of u and now today after 5yrs u made me to see my brother in their place.

He leaves and goes to check lucky.
Ragini hold her head bcoz he got very much hurt.
Shaurya searching her comes to that room and sees ragini
Shaurya:what happened to u ragini is someone with u.
Ragini:no no nothing happened I came here to drink water that’s all and she faints. Shaurya comes and catches her. He keeps her on some bed. He immediately calls doctor.

Laksh gains conscious and sees sanskar beside him:bhai u came
Sanskar:shut up lucky y I will not come ur my sweet little brother.
Lucky :bhai u really forgive me na
Sanskar :no lucky in fact I should ask u for forgiveness without any mistake of urs I made u to suffer a lot but now when ur struggling btn life and death I came to know that how important ur from me.

Lucky :that means u get to know that only when I go to death
Sanskar :hits him lightly shut up lucky. Now I think u should talk with ur gf.
Sanskar :swara
Lucky:what she is not my gf in fact she is getting married to some one.
Sanskar :what okk u take rest.
Swara hears it. She thinks that he is saying this bcoz he is little hurt that time I came na
Are goes inside
Lucky:arey swara u came
Swara :u know u are missing me
Laksh:what me missing u no. I think u should be with ur fiance
Swara : oho stop joking lucky in this condition also u want jokes ediot
Laksh :I am not joking swara what happened to u why are u behaving as if I am ur bf.
Swara :what type of joke is this lucky. I hate these type of jokes u only said na today in pub..
Laksh:yaah in pub actually I drunk so much that I can’t remember anything. I remembered till that Ajay came.
Swara :what u don’t remember anything.

Laksh:no swara actually I think I need to rest my head is bursting.
Swara runs from there crying. She hears some people speaking about how is he treating that girl. Poor girl. Swara goes and sees in cctv how sanskar behaved with ragini. She is fuming in anger. She sees sanskar at parking. She goes to him

Swara :how dare u Mr.
Sanskar :heyy u tq u for saving my lucky.
Swara :what ur lucky do u even remember u have a brother. Ur not even said to be a human how dare u to talk to my sister like that.
Sanskar : oh I don’t want to talk about her.

Swara :u should listen to me u know what u asked her na if she had seen her relatives dieing in front of her. Listen u know she is not my own sis. She is not ragini gadodia but ragini rathore do u know 5yrs ago her parents and brother died in front of her in a car accident. And she didn’t even saw their bodies but didn’t lost hope and constructed a dhaba which u have destroyed bcoz of ur ego. She thinks all around her are her relatives only. She is a very pure hearted girl. And I am her childhood frnd but cares for me like her sister. She thinks my mom and Papa are hers. She can even give her life to anyone though she don’t know them. And u treated her like that bcoz of u have enough money. U know she has 100times more money than u but she came here and is living like a poor girl. U know till now how much she suffered in her life. U even can’t comparable with her feets nail. I didn’t saw a disgusting person like u. She goes to office smilingly but returns very lost and sad. After asking a lot of times she said u made an agreement. I said that I will throw the money on his face but she took a promise that u did so much for me till now and she don’t want to burden me. And u want money na take this it is 10lakhs take this and plz leave her plz she folds her hands. And one more think she didn’t made that prank I made it. Yes this is my plan she even said that it is risky but I didn’t Listened to her. I didn’t saw a cheap and disgusting heartless man like u. What u said ur lucky. U remembered that only when he is about to die. Chii she took a promise from me that I should not beat anyone. By giving respect to her I am leaving u otherwise I would have killed u. Chii and throws money on his face and goes from there. Shaurya listened everything and lucky too.

Sanskar is literally crying listening about her. He realized his mistake when he is about to go inside krishna comes.
Krishna :sir once watch this he shows a video in which shanaya is taking the video of his circus feets and uploading it. Sir u know what sir I didn’t saw u smiling in these 5yrs but this happened bcoz of that girl. But it is waste of talking to u about her. It is like I am ruining her respect talking about her with u. I know I didn’t talked with u like this ever but it is necessary to make u realise ur mistake. She is my sister. In this office all used to be very selfish but the girl who never expected anything from anyone. She don’t know what is selfishness. But why am I saying it u. U are really a ravan and I can’t work with u without my sister. I am resining sir. I think I faxed it. I am leaving sir.
Sanskar sees the video and remembers how bad he behaved with her.

Episode ends with the swaragini s broken hearts….

Precap:shaurya arrests sanskar…

Guys how is this episode I think it’s a very emotional episode but I know that I couldn’t express it very well. I am sry guyss I am very bad at describing feelings. I am sry. I know in the name describing feelings I wrote a shitt plz forgive me and yaah sanskar will not be forgiven very easily. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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