Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 35


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 35

Recap :ragini makes fun of sanskar in front of the staff. Laksh confesses his love for swara.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u guys for encouraging me.

Episode starts…

Scene :ragsan
Ragini :sir uu and she was trying to go out of lift
Sanskar :Haa me and closes the door before she goes.
Ragini:I will use steps. I will go
Sanskar :uu took my full respect in front of everyone.
Ragini:sir it will be a very fun if u talk about respective bcoz u can’t respect the reactions or girls have no right to talk about that.

Sanskar : oh just stop it. It is common now a days for that ur doing this
Ragini:sir it’s waste to talk to u. OK fine say Me if that cheating a girl for a bet is common na. Of this happens to ur sister th..
Sanskar :shut up don’t dare to talk about her
Ragini:that’s what sir I am talking about. Take it as a fun na it’s very common now a day’s. If she made a bet also u should think of that u also have a sister and if this happens to her but instead of saying it is wrong u also acted chii.
Sanskar :feels very guilty and sorry for her he is about to say sry, the lift stopped suddenly by which ragini falls on sanskar.
Ragini is on the top of sanskar. A very deep eyelock takes between ragsan(mere haath mein….. Plays
Ragini has tears in her eyes. Sanskar is lifting his head up coming close to ragini. Now there is only a inch gap between them. He is about to kiss her but ragini gets up.
Ragini :sir what are u doing

Sanskar : oh hello u falled on me and lying safely on me see my bones are smashed. Ur too much weight.
Ragini:what am I fat. See u have 6pack but can’t handle a very thin girl.
Sanskar :Haa I have 6 pack so that u fall on me and I should handle u. Haa. Wait.. BTW how do u know I have 6 pack
Ragini:aah. Haa. Bbb…. Iiii…. It’s a guess that’s it.
Sanskar : oh but u remember when u came to my house u saw me na.
Ragini:Haa okk what if I should give a add in paper or what
Sanskar :ur jealous bcoz I am soo handsome.
Ragini:excuse me u know its spelling even. See ur face it’s look like a white monkey.
Sanskar :Haa Haa as of u are a miss universe. U know u are miss municipality.
Ragini:u called me municipality. Uuuuuu u are a… a… drainage
Sanskar :what u called me drainage. U only
Ragini:sir from 30min we were in lift only na.
Sanskar :Haa fighting with u I didn’t even checked the time. I have a conference. Now what should I do. He tries to open but in vain. I think we got stuck.
Ragini:what fans are also not working
Sanskar :arey yaar here we are stuck and u want facilities here.
Ragini:hello excuse me I don’t have any interest in using ur fans or ac s. Actually I have..
Sanskar : oh God if I would stuck also I would be happy but with this girl. My fate is very bad
Ragini:as if I am dying to stuck with u.

Sanskar :arey I have a big conference. My phone oh God I forgot. All is happening bcoz. of u
Ragini:Haa Haa for that also blame me only. How disgusting
Sanskar :hello it’s not disgusting staying with u is real disgusting.
Ragini:chii heyy krishna plz save me from him
Sanskar :arey krishna is on leave na
Ragini :heyy bhagwan. I am not saying krishna bhaiya but Lord krishna. I think u didn’t even step into temple.
Sanskar : oh I am not interested
Ragini: plz it’s my kind request don’t step into a temple bcoz God will feel sad bcoz he even made a human like u and feels guilty.
Sanskar :excuse I won’t step it even. Hmm
Ragini:my Shona is also like this only. Doesn’t believe god but I asked to try once she did and she has solved her problems. I think ur complex will also be gone if u visit
Sanskar : oh hello miss auto biography. Just shut up. U want to keep this ur house and shift into it or what
Ragini:no with u never. actually I have a phone.
Sanskar : oh God what a girl u are from that time I am struggling to get out but u.
Ragini:it’s ur mistake only u only didn’t asked before.
Sanskar :ok leave it. Give ur phone

Scene :swalak
Swalak are disturbed by the phone ring of swara. Laksh cuts it. It again rings. Now laksh switched off.
Laksh :swara I think that rishi only is calling u.
Swara :if someone means what u do

Laksh :now I do my wish. All happen according to my wish only and gets close to swara. Swara went running from there to balcony (some is taking their pics). Laksh hold her tightly from back. He kissed her all over the Hand and he came to the neck and kissed all over the neck. Swara turns to him. Laksh bends down and touches her bare waist bcoz she wore a white top upto the waist and a red jeans. He kissed her belly. Swara closed her eyes. For the first time she is feeling that she is a girl. Swara is shivering by his every touch. Like a 1000volts current is passing. He gets up and is opening her top s zip. She turns and hugs him tightly. He too hugs. She kisses her on her forehead. He also kisses her forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, chin. Swara also kisses him. When she is kissing his nose he moves so that she ends up kissing his lips. It’s was a very intense liplock.

Scene :ragsan
Ragini:gives her phone and says be careful. It’s my Shona s gift. It is more than my life.
Sanskar : oh God how can someone be like u saying that a phone is ur life.
Ragini: oh I forgot ravan kumar only thinks about himself and makes funny face
Sanskar :angrily grabs the phone by which she also comes and hits him by which ragini kisses his cheek unknowingly.
Ragsan are shocked. Ragini moves apart
Ragini:woo… I….
Sanskar :u see me single and trying to take advantage.
Ragini:I am not ur type who tries to play with feelings and take advantage of their weakness.
Sanskar : oh God u again came to there only. OK wait and sees in the phone. In that he sees Shankar kaka is written. He asks is he it uncle
Ragini:ha ha every day comes to my home
Sanskar :is he ur neighbor or relative

Ragini:ha he every day brings milk.
Sanskar :what u don’t have milk in ur house
Ragini:if he gives only we will have na
Sanskar :what.. Wait… that means he is a milk man.
Ragini:HAA such a nice person Shankar kaka
Sanskar : oh God ur really insane
Ragini : oh hello BTW why are u checking my contacts do ur work. Okk
Sanskar : oyee I am not ur servant that u are ordering me.
Ragini :nice idea.
Sanskar :in ur dreams
Ragini:u wait and see one day I will become my servant by ur wish only
Sanskar :I think u dream in afternoons too
Ragini:u just watch it Mr. Ravan kumar
Sanskar :ok leave it. Talking to u is waste of time and was trying to remember shanaya number but he is not remembering

Ragini:what sir not remembering ur darling’s no. Very sad and giggles
Sanskar :Haa Haa laugh see we will be here only.
Here shanaya us searching full sanskar where is he. She calls and finds that he forgot to carry it.
Sanskar :wait I will call krishna
Ragini:are u mad. He is enjoying with his family peacefully without u and u will disturb him
Sanskar :he calls krishna
Krishna :hello ragini is everything fine. Is ur ravan kumar not irritating u na. Ragini puts her hand on head. She is about to say something but sanskar keeps his hands on her mouth closing.
Krishna :I think ur successful in ur mission. U should give me a treat for ur success.
Sanskar :Haa Haa why not once u come here u will get life time treats.
Krishna :sir… sry… sir….. Actually I am not krishna I am……. Mohan. I don’t know anything. The call by mistake
Sanskar : oh just shut up Krishna. I will see u after but before I should get out from this
Krishna :sir sry air what happened
Sanskar :here ur sister made me stuck in lift. We both are stuck
Krishna: oh is she fine..
Sanskar :that means I don’t even care about me
Krishna :not like that Sir she had a phobia. She can’t stay long in the closed place. She gets breathing problem
Sanskar :what.. She is fine only.. And sees that he is still holding her mouth and she is unconscious… he drops the phone saying ragini…

Scene :swalak
Laksh is opening the zip slowly. Swara goes from there
Lucky :what happened jaan. If u feel uncomfortable
Swara :keeps her hand on his mouth. No lucky but I am feeling that someone is in trouble.
Laksh :swara and he feels dizzy and falls asleep
Swara goes out and says to ajay
Swara :Ajay plz take care of lucky I am going
Ajay:what happened to him

Swara :he is drunk that’s all. U plz drip him in his house
Ajay:where are u going
Swara :arey I am going to home. Urgent
Ajay:arey what swara I came here to enjoy but u made me watchmab
Swara :arey dumbo shut ur mouth and go to lucky
Ajay:BTW what happened Inside. U took so long
Swara remembers what all happened and blushes
Ajay :arey swara ur blushing like a girl or am I feeling like that
Swara :stop it dumbo. Go now

Scene :at gm
Swara enters in to the house and is shocked to see that it is fully decorated and rishi is also there
Dadi:come dulhan welcome
Swara :what dulhan what is happening here. Rishi what are u doing here
Rishi:actually I came here to congratulate on ur wedding.
Swara :u also know it but I don’t know
Sumi:now stop it rishi beta
Swara :maa do u know him

Shekar:yaah don’t we know our son in law
Swara :what she opened her mouth
All were laughing
Rishi:I said u na aunty it will be a fun to see her expressions
Mrs. Sharma:now stop irritating my dil
Swara is in shock:actually I..
Dadi:go and get ready today is ur engagement
Swara :that means u are
Rishi :Rishi sharma who is going to marry the most gorgeous girl in the world
Swara :what that means u cheated me. U said that u are my frnd. U cheated me.
Rishi:arey swara first I want to do friendship with u so that we will not get further complications
Swara :so u thought all and send ur parents to talk about marriage.
Dadi:arey swara he thought for ur convince only and did this. BTW u also agreed na now what is the problem
Swara : plz dadi don’t talk. Maa I don’t want to do this marriage plz send them all. Plzz
Sumi:swara but.. Swara gets in to the room and locked from inside.
Shekar :Rishi beta don’t get her wrong. When she will be in shock she will do like this only
Rishi:aunty leave it. I don’t want to force on her. We will leave now. Come mom and dad

Scene :ragsan
Sanskar :ragini what happened to u wake up. Oh God now what the lift also closed.
Ragini plz get up. Ragini opens her eyes a little

Sanskar :ragini thank God plz don’t close ur eyes. I will take u out. It’s all bcoz of me I should not have closed ur mouth that tightly
Ragini:sir… half opened eyes and has troubling in breathe sir I want to ask u something
Sanskar :what ragini we will talk after wards. U will be fine. Plz don’t close ur eyes
Ragini:sir plz listen
Sanskar :ok say
Ragini:sir I don’t want to die in ur hands.
Sanskar :what. Ragini is laughing in the lap of sanskar
Sanskar :what ragini always fun see at u once
Ragini:sir I am sry
Sanskar :for what.
Ragini:what happened today. I know I did very bad. I am really sry. She is about to catch her ears..
Sanskar :ragini plz don’t talk like that. Nothing will happen to u. I am there na.
Ragini:no sir I think I should go. It’s time for me
Sanskar :ragini plz shut up
Ragini:sir once smile na. U will look so good when u smile and closes her eyes.
Sanskar :no u can’t live. See I will smile too noo no I will laugh plz open ur eyes.
Sanskar :shouting somebody help we are stuck. Plz help. He is constantly hitting the door.
Sanskar :ragini plz get . Plz wake up. Take revenge on me. Stick me to my seat or make me joker and make circus feets with me. He is crying very much. Ragini I will accept ur all rules. I will make this floor permanently for girls. I will listen to u before taking any decision. I will also accept laksh. Plz ragini get up. Ragini I can’t live with out u. Ragini I love u. I love u very much. U cant leave me.

He don’t know what to do. Ragini is breathing heavily. Sanskar thinks something and immediately hugs ragini and gives mouth to mouth respiration. Their lips were touching. (khamoshiyan plays…
Ragini coughs suddenly. Sanskar runs to the door and is hitting the door with his hand shoulder legs. Blood is coming from his hand which is already hurt. He finally opens it. He takes ragini out by lifting her in his hands..

Episode ends….

Precap:sanskar makes ragini waitress… swarishi engagement happens……

Credit to: Dhamukohli

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