Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 34


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 34

Recap:ragini sticks sanskar to his chair. Laksh drinks and dances with swara

Hii guys dhamini here. Actually my phone didn’t showed me that I have already updated that’s why posted it again. Once again tq u guys for ur lovely support.

Episode starts….

Scene :at office
Sanskar :what the hell is this ragini u have put fewiquick in my seat.
Ragini:sir this not hell. Real hell is on the way.
Sanskar :u I want leave u
Ragini :arey sir u are not understanding ur situation. First u should make thus chair to leave u.
Sanskar :uuu he is very angry.
Ragini:sir ur time is up. Now
Sanskar :no u will not do that
Ragini:yes I won’t do that bcoz one is enough for u today. We will see this one next time. Okk. She laughs and goes
Sanskar is struggling. He finally puts his full effort and gets up buts hears some sound bcoz his pant tored. Ragini watches this and laughs.
Shanaya comes then only.
Shanaya:what happened darling
Sanskar :no no nothing can u plz bring me a pant plz from down my cabi
Shanaya :I will bring it but what happened to this and was seeing at his back bit sanskar hides behind the curtain
Shanaya brings the pant. He wears it.
Shanaya:say na what happened
Sanskar :he says what all happened.
Shanaya :what is this darling how dare she and u are not even punishing her.
Sanskar :yes I should
Shanaya :u leave it on me. I will do Something. U don’t take tensions and kisses his cheek. Ragini is seeing at then with teary eyed. She remembers he kissing her. Sanskar intentionally kisses her forehead to make ragini jealous.
Humari adhuri kahani plays….
Scene :at pub
Swara :lucky come we will go to ur home
Laksh:in drunken state swara no I want to talk with u.
Swara :we can talk tomorrow. U plz come
Rishi:hey swara u take him in this room. After he gets right u take him.
Swara :u also come na
Rishi:I am sry yaar I should go somewhere. It’s urgent.
Swara : oho. OK u go
Rishi leaves. Swara takes laksh to a room.
Laksh holds her hand:swara u plz don’t go with Rishi okk
Swara :why I shouldn’t
Laksh:bcoz I don’t like it when u talk with someone other than me.
Swara :why laksh he is my fiance and soon we are getting married. Then I will be with him only na
Laksh:no swara u don’t know we are made for each other. No third person can enter. No no bhai can be there. U know I love bhai very much. He always treats me like his son. I am missing him. He always saves me from dad from childhood. But.. He is not like that anymore. My sandy is died.
Swara :no lucky don’t say like that. I am there na. I will make u both again brothers.
Laksh:he is crying. Jaan my name is lucky but that lies only u are with me. Plz don’t leave me.
Swara :I won’t leave u. I will be with u forever. I lo..
Laksh:tell na why have u stopped. U know I love u swara.
Swara :what are u saying lucky. But u love ragini na.
Laksh :u know jaan. It’s just attraction. I understood that I am nothing without u. I cant see u with anyone else. When I hug u it’s like I don’t want to separate u from me and be like this only forever. But this doesn’t happened when I am with ragini. I love u swara. I love u very much. He hugs her tightly.
Swara also hugs him and cries listening to him. Agar tum saath Ho plays..

Scene :office
Shanaya talks to someone in phone :u know na what to do.
Voice:yes mam. Ur task is completed
Sanskar comes to ragini s seat and is searching for the photo. At that time ragini is in wash room
Ragini:sir are u searching for this and shows photo.
Sanskar :he gets up and quickly takes the photo. Ragini laughs.
Ragini:sir ur betrayed. I have so many copies. And laughs
Sanskar :what. Actually u don’t know what betrayal means. Do u remember what I did. That is a betrayal. I won the bet. U know uttara said that ur type of girl’s doesn’t fall in love easily. But see me only in one night I made u fall for me. By doing this cheap things u think ur taking revenge. No never. The pant I can change. That old lady she goes after 1month. What u will do then. But what I did I can’t forget in ur life. He smiles evilly and goes.
Ragini cries:no I should not cry. Be strong ragini. U can’t accept defeat for what he did.
Sanskar goes to washroom and comes. He comes out :my dear staff attention plz
All are laughing seeing him.
Sanskar :I am giving u half day leave. U can go. I am very happy today. So enjoy..
All are laughing. He doesn’t understand.
He goes to his cabin. He sees his face in the phone and sees that his face is blackened. He is looking like buffon.
Ragini:sir I think u need this and shows kerchief.
Sanskar fastly grabs the kerchief and was cleaning now it becomes more funny.
Ragini:hello staff see our Boss. He is so happy. See him. All are laughing loudly.
Someone whispers:see the angry man became a joker today.
Sanskar hears this and gets angry in the mirror in anger he breaks that mirror.
Ragini : oho sir u hurtrd urself.ok u made my task more easy. But she goes to him and does first aid.
Sanskar :u wanted this only na then y are u acting as if u care for me
Ragini:sir u know what my mom used to say u should help for ur enemy also. There ur enmity should not come. Humanity matters. That’s why I did and about caring u I even do this if it was a dog too
Sanskar feels somewhat hurted.
Ragini:hey guys wait one more is also there.
Sanskar :what is left now. U already made me joker and now u want me to do circus.
Ragini:that u will do automatically now sir. Don’t worry
Sanskar :what are u saying. What u did.
Ragini:wait sir. I think it started till now
At that time only he gets itching all over his body. He is jumping here and there. He is scratching here and there. Ragini sees it very happily.
Ragini:tq u swara. If u didn’t give me strength I would be a looser forever. She remembers that day when both swaragini are crying
Swara :laado ur problem is just. U don’t want to work and ur Boss made a agreement. That s it na
Swara :if he only throws u out.
Ragini:it can’t happen Shona . he wanted to take revenge from me.
Swara :everything is fair in love and war. And it’s ur war. And says that If u make things complicated for him and he fears that if u come near him. He should fear now what she will do with me. Then he automatically throws u out. U can be free
Ragini:superb idea Shona. Love u
Swara :love u too laado
Fb ends
Shanaya comes then only and sees his circus.
Shanaya:what happened darling why are jumping like that and ur face what has happened
Sanskar :all this ragini did
Ragini:hai miss shanaya ur darling is just warming up. Don’t worry. All laughs
Shanaya:shouts all get out now. Get lost. All leaves
Ragini:mam 1min
Shanaya:u just get lost. I will see u afterwards.
Ragini:actually I don’t want to talk with u. With Mr. Dhoka
Ragini:excuse me sir. I know sir ur very busy now. But I want to reply u. Actually u lost the bet bcoz I didn’t proposed to u. And yes I know that these doesn’t matter and u will forget easily but I just wanted to teach u a lesson. And what u said is right I can’t forget this betrayal in my life. But it will be a bad memory to me and I just hate love and I hate u the most.
After sometime shanaya makes sanskar feels better by keeping ice cubes.
Ragini:may I come in. She gets in and gives a neem herbs and says mam give this to him. Itching will be reduced.
Shanaya throws it away :get lost and thinks now u go but I don’t think u will come back and smiles evilly. Ragini goes. She is packing her bag and was leaving.
Shanaya goes to call someone. Sanskar sees ragini leaving and takes the herbs and angrily goes to her. Shanaya doesn’t notice this.
Ragini is waiting for lift. It comes and she gets in. While the door is closing Sanskar keeps his Shoe and stops it.
Ragini feels scared :hey ur leg would hurt as she didn’t notice that man. Sanskar gets in ragini is shocked.
Shanaya :hey now u do what I said to do.
Voice:ok mam tomorrow she will come dead. I don’t worry.
Shanaya:good and ur money will be reached.
Scene :at swalak
Swalak separates from hug.
Swara :u know lucky this is the happiest moment on my life but I am very angry with u. Why didn’t u say it before. Ur head is really a tubelight. U always get to know what u want only after loosing it.
Lucky: oho jaan take a breathe. U know what how much we will be far we will love the most.
Swara :but I cried a lot.
Laksh:ok for that I should do something right and he comes close to her
Swara :what are u trying to do lucky
Laksh :what are u thinking that only.
Swara :lucky..
Lucky quickly keeps his lips on hers. Oo saathire plays…
This was a very passionate kiss. They are not even leaving themselves though they can’t breathe.

Episode ends…

Precap:ragsan romance and mudfight. Swara is shocked bcoz of two reasons……

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Credit to: Dhamukohli

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