Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 33


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 33

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Recap:uttara and shanaya plan for swaragini. Laksh is feeling jealous seeing swarishi

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u for ur amazing response.

Episode starts..

Scene :at gm
Sumi:swara wake up naa
Swara :what maa what is the hurry
Sumi:arey that boy is coming to see u
Swara :u see maa it’s enough
Sumi:but u should only marry na
Swara :maa I said yes to marriage na. Now plz na don’t force olzz
Sumi:ur wish. Did u meet ragini
Swara :yaah she is living in laksh s house
Sumi:what laksh. U will call him lucky na
Swara wakes up immediately :maa plz all times will not be the same. She remembers hers and laksh s masti fun romance and hatred and gets teary eyed. Maa I am going out and goes to get ready
Sumi:I think they fought that’s why she is behaving like this

Scene :at office
Sanskar comes first and doing some work. After sometime he hears a lot of noise and comes out of his cabin to see. He comes out and gets shocked to see all girls are gossiping.
Sanskar :shouts what is going on. Is this office or ur house and where are male officers. Urs down floor na. Y u came here. Get lost right now
Girls :sir the male officers are in down floor and we shifted here.
Sanskar : oh who gave u permission for thus
Ragini:I am
Sanskar :uuu I think u should need some more treatment
Ragini: oh I think u forgot that I can do what I want for 1 month
Sanskar :oh soo this is ur revenge na
Ragini:yaah ur absolutely right. Come on girls clap. Yes ur crct u did so much to me. So it’s my turn. Be ready
Sanskar : oh so u think u will take revenge on me and I will just see and do no thing. OK try how much u can. All the best
Ragini:I don’t need that keep it with u only bcoz I am the best.
Sanskar goes angrily. Ragini smiles

Scene :at restaurant
Rishi:hey gorgeous
Swara :hii actually I enjoy ur company very much. U know there is only my two frnd with whom I can be so freely
Rishi:I think I have became one with those two.
Swara :yaah it’s ragini and lu..never mind.
Rishi:actually u know what ur very good and kind hearted girl. I never got attracted to a girl like this
Swara : oho Plz stop flirting OK. U know na I am getting married
Rishi:yaah I know my bad luck BTW if I had a chance means will u Marry me..
Swara : oh ur so cute. But this can’t happen.
Rishi:if it happens means just think will u marry me
Swara :ur very nice and any girl can u like u but me I can’t
Rishi:bcoz u love someone right
Swara :yes.
Rishi:it’s OK u know I am going to London in 2weeks
Swara :why yaar this urgent
Rishi:u know I Live in London only. I came here for some work. If that finishes I will leave
Swara : oho so u also leave me
Rishi:if u ask this cutely means I should change my plans
Swara :not needed. OK from now till u go we will have super fine. Okk
Voice :it’s not possible

Swarishi turns and see laksh
Swara :laksh
Rishi:why is not possible.
Laksh :actually today is our performance
Swara : oh yaah I forgot. Heyy rishi u to come na. We will enjoy
Rishi:u know na I won’t like those performances.
Swara : oh hello this much attitude u know swara is asking u the great rockstar. Plz come na
Rishi:anything for u gorgeous
Laksh is fuming in anger:swara I need to talk to u
Swara :rishi I will be In a minute
Rishi:no worries

Laksh :what is this swara u don’t even know him properly and u are very frndly with him
Swara :u know laksh till a few days I thought that my best frnd will be with me forever but u know what now I am not like that and BTW he is a very nice guy. I like him very much.
Laksh :no swara I am with u forever plz don’t do this with me. He is almost crying. I know I am wrong that day I hurted u a lot. Plz forgive me
Swara :she gets teary eyed. U know what lucky I hate the boys who cry.
Laksh:smiles that means u had forgiven me
Swara :yaah. They hug.

Scene :at office
Sanskar calls krishna but a old lady comes
Sanskar :hey who are u. I called krishna
Old lady:I am ur pa. Say me what u want
Sanskar :what the hell. Who said that to u
Old lady:yaah beta don’t worry he took leave and ragini said me to be ur pa
Sanskar : oh so this girls plan
Old lady:sir what should I do
Sanskar : oh yaah u go and call ragini inside
Old lady:ok and she gets up from her seat in 10min.by which sanskar is so much frustrated.
Ragini:yes sir
Sanskar : oh u came. OK take this file it has so many crct ions. U should complete it and submit in 30min.okk

Ragini:what but this is 200pages and it can’t get completed in 30min.
Sanskar :so u accepted ur defeat before starting only na
Ragini: oho don’t be in dreams. I am not of that one who get scared of u. And u gave me 30min na I will do it 20min
Sanskar :ok then what are u looking at me. Just go
Sanskar goes out for some work and comes in 10min and sees ragini in his cabin
Sanskar :what u completed
Ragini :it’s just beginning. BTW it is completed.
Sanskar :let me check
Ragini :ok OK u check it will take 1hr.i am leaving
Sanskar : oh hello u just wait I will check and see u. He checks and he doesn’t find any mistake. He is really impressed but doesn’t show.
Ragini:what happened sir. Didn’t find any mistake

Sanskar :but I don’t believe that u alone did it.
Ragini:u can check of u want in cctv footage.
Sanskar :ok OK go. U only do destructions but this is good
Ragini:tq u very much sir. Peon comes and gives coffee but by mistake it falls on his coat
Sanskar :hey u poor fellow u know how much this cost is. U can’t afford it in ur 7 lives. Ur fired get lost.
Peon:sir I am sry sir. Plz it will not happen next time. Plz sir my family is surviving with this money only sir.
Sanskar :just shut up. U think I am a emotional fool. Get lost
Ragini :kaka u can stay here only. U don’t need to leave.

Sanskar :what rubbish. What I say is final
Ragini:sir I think u should keep the recording of my winning surprise.
Sanskar :uu
Ragini:kaka u can do ur work
Peon:tq u beta God bless u
Ragini smiles. Sanskar is very angry
Ragini:u know what sir how much money u have also u still breathe the same air which the poor also breathe. And BTW ur dress is very cost na but 5 rupees can destroy it.
Sanskar :what rubbish. This is a branded one and this stain will also be removed.
Ragini :ok sir fine. Leave that I have a surprise for u
Sanskar :what
Ragini:my rememberable gift to u and shows the photo in which says is wearing a lungi.
Sanskar :don’t u dare to show it to anyone

Ragini:ok sir we will make a deal. If u don’t want me to show this to anyone then in 10min u should come to my seat.
Sanskar :what a funny deal. I think u don’t know nothing about deals. I think u don’t know the d of deal.
Ragini:ok sir let’s Start. Do u accept it
Sanskar :u don’t have any brain. OK anyway deal. And in 10sec I will come to ur seat
Ragini:that’d great but 10min will be waste na. U sit in the chair take rest and come peacefully ok
Sanskar :yaah it’s a great idea.
Ragini:ok sir I will be waiting
Sanskar sits in the chair

Scene :at restaurant
Rishi:I think I didn’t disturb u

Swara :no not yaar
Laksh :yes and BTW we didn’t met nicely till now na. I MA laksh maheshwari
Rishi: oh yaah ur swara s best friend right
Laksh:yaah I am.
Swara :ok now we will go to concert. Come

Scene :at concert
Swalak preform an starts they sing dance peh chance Mar le. They perform very well.
After that 3 go to pub
Rishi:hey gorgeous u wanna dance with me
Swara :Haa OK
They go on dance floor they dance on tu zaroori from zid. They dance very nicely and romantically
Laksh sees this from far and gets angry. Ajay comes
Ajay:hai lucky what happened came to pub and sitting silent
Laksh :hey Ajay u here nothing like that and again sees swarishi laughing and dancing
Ajay :hey who is that guy. He is very handsome is he her boyfriend
Laksh :no yaar actually fiance.
Ajay:what swara is getting married

Laksh :yes he says it in very dull
Ajay:what happened to u. Y ur dull
Laksh:nothing I don’t know why but I can’t see swara with someone else
Ajay:that’s bcoz u love her
Laksh:no yaar. He drinks so much and goes on dance floor. He drags swara and says to dj change the music.
Swara :what is this laksh. U go there ur drunk. Ur not in ur senses.
Laksh:no I am alright cone let’s dance
They dance on dil ibadat from tum mile
Swalak dance very sensuously by which all the couples who are on the dance floor stopped and seeing their mesmerised performance
Laksh lifts swara. He also kisses her at neck. Swara to kisses him on forehead but are stopped by the claps.

Scene :at office
Ragini smiles seeing sanskar. Sanskar gets angry and sees the time and says he still have 5 more min but what does this girl want to do and tries to get up but fails. Ragini is enjoying his efforts
Ragini:sir u only have 4min
Sanskar :but why am I not able to stand
Ragini laughs hard

Sanskar :hey why are u laughing. Wait. What have u done
Ragini:she throws a fevi quick. Yes sir ur right
Sanskar :what is this
Ragini :says
Ragini goes to her seat and thinks that how can I complete it and sees the file and thinks that this I have already typed on pc. So from pc she notices all the mistakes which are underlined red and corrects them. She completes her work and thinks I have 2min more now it’s time for my revenge.
Ragini:Mr. Sanskar maheshwari ur finished. She goes in to his cabin and sees that sanskar is not there and puts fewiquick in his seat before he comes
Fb ends..
Ragini :so how is that by knowing flashback u wasted 1min.so now u only have 2min
Sanskar is tensed

Episode ends…

Precap :ragsan locked in lift. Swalak in one room..

Guys how is this. I think u enjoyed. Next episodes will be more Fun. Keep reading. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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