Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 32

Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 32

Recap :swarishi conversation and ragini will be leaving in mm..

Hii guys dhamini here. I am really happy bcoz of ur comments. Actually I thought u got bored of long updates but now I think I am wrong that’s all bcoz of me. Tq for encouraging me till now..

Episode starts..

Scene : ragsan
Sanskar :so u got to know the bet. This Uttara Is also na she will talk without seeing any one.
Ragini:that means u really bet on me.
Sanskar :yaah then what u think that I will love u. I cant even think even in my dreams.
Ragini:chii. I began to believe that what ur from outside is not really u there is a nice person inside u but I was wrong. It’s disgusting
Sanskar :but I should say the night I spended with u I will not forget that. But my bad luck I didn’t completed that. I am feeling very guilty for that. Ur very beautiful really but only can be used not for love.
Ragini slaps him harder.
Sanskar :hey how dare u
Ragini again slaps him :the first one is for playing with my feelings and the second one is for talking like this for any girl. And leaves from there.
Sanskar : oho ur saying like that that ur very pativrata types. U also forgot that and started with some one else.
Ragini:u can’t understand any one s feelings. I am feeling like kill myself for lo… she was crying and went away.
Uttara :ok now welcome everyone. So congratulations to u all bcoz of u only we made our 5 successful years. All claps
Uttara :ok now it is the time for some entertainment. The game is that we give all of u two flowers one is red and one is black. The red one u can give it to ur crush or love. The black one is for who u hate the most in this office only. Note that the two flowers should be given to opposite gender. Okk and who get the most red ones will get a special gift that I will say after the game. Now let’s start. All are very exited..

Scene :
Swara gets a call
Swara :hello
Rishi:that means u didn’t saved my no. Till now right. I hurt
Swara : oho I forgot.
Rishi:u hurted me in the 1day friendship. U said u will meet me also. U also forgot that. I am double hurt.
Swara : oho I am really sry. I forgot seriously my besti met with an accident that’s why. She talks very cutely
Rishi: oh u should have said me before. I am sry. Now how is she. I think the bestie for whom u were crying that day right.
Swara : oh yaah. U remember how do know that. Yah she is fine now
Rishi:I know every thing about u
Swara : oh really what do u know
Rishi:u love someone and said yes to marriage with someone. Right
Swara : oh God how do u know That. Are u following me.
Rishi:actually noo. But I like u very much that’s why I want to know about u. That s ot
Swara : oh gosh ur really crazy.
Rishi:yaah I know
Swara :but I stay far from like u guys
Rishi: oyeee I am like pure gold okkk
Swara :ok then make a goldchain for me kk
Rishi:very funny
Swara laughs:ok now I am coming
Rishi:really tq u. Come fast

Scene :at party
Uttara :ok let’s get started. All are coming some gave to their loved ones. Many of boys gave red flower to ragini as crush. Ragini took them with fake smile. Now it’s ragini s turn.
Ragini remembering that day incident after their romance.
Uttara:what bhai I think ur taking this bet seriously.
Sanskar :no not like that Uttara. U know na whom I love. And about this ragini. I should return her what all she did for me.
Uttara :oh thank God I thought u started to like that girl. I really got tensed.
Sanskar :u know na Uttara. I cant even see this type of girl’s and about love it is in her dreams.
Ragini came to give the file and heard that and goes from there crying.
Fb ends
Ragini:actually I don’t love or having any crush. But the flower should be given to someone so I will give it to krishna bhai. On this office I only like him. Tq u for being with me bhai
Krishna gets very emotional. They hug.
Ragini:and this black one. I didn’t thought that I will hate a person like this. But yes there is one who gave me the most pain so now it’s my turn to give a return gift. She goes straight to sanskar and gave him the back rose.
Uttara :u know what are u doing
Ragini:actually I will talk with u in privacy. If I talk to u something here then I think these all will not leave u. So give me way.
Now it’s sanskar s turn
Sanskar :first I will give this black one to the girl who also had a black fate by keeping with me this is for u ragini. Now this red one to my lady love she is non another than shanaya(sesha from nagin). She enters then only. She is the partner of this company . she came in wearing a short skirt. Shanaya comes and hugs sanskar. Uttara comes running and hugs her.
Ragini is heartbroken but didn’t showed it up.
Uttara :actually if Shanaya would come early I know all the red ones will go to her only.
Shanaya:it’s OK dear. No worry. Continue onto Continue.
Uttara :ok yaar now the winner is ragini gadodia. So the gift is u can ask anything that would be acceptable to all for only 1month.
All claps.
The party gets over..

Scene :at restaurant
Swara : oh where is this rishi.
Voice:I think ur not missing me right
Swara :without seeing she days oh rishi. Now I got hurt. And she turns and is shocked to see laksh. Laksh uu here
Laksh :what happened swara. U are calling me laksh not lucky.
Swara :I think u lost that right. Now plz go
Laksh : oh I forgot. Ur fiance will come na. BTW swara u said that u love me and now marrying someone. U gave a big lecture to me that day
Swara : oh just shut up. When did I say that I love u
Laksh:what u said na that night
Swara :really I think u didn’t heard my words crctly. I asked u whether u love me or not. I never said that I love u. OK now get lost from here. My fiance will come.
Rishi :hey gorgeous I am sry. I got a bit late. I think I didn’t disturbed u both
Swara :no no nothing like that. It’s OK. Actually laksh came here to meet someone. OK then come we will go somewhere. I am feeling suffocated here.
Rishi:yaah come let’s go.
Laksh is feeling like breaking his head but controlled and goes from there kicking all the chairs.

Scene :at party
Shanaya makes drinks and gives it to sanskar
Sanskar :he says by mistake tq ragini
Shanaya :I think u forgot me seriously. Right
Sanskar : oh well forgot. How can u forget u. We were on relationship for 5yrs na.
Shanaya: okk fine but who is that girl. She looks like behanji types.
Sanskar :no actually she is very beautiful.
Shanaya :what
Sanskar :no no I was saying that ur the most beautiful. She can’t even stand in front of u. I hate that girl. I hate her very much.
Shanaya :ok OK cool down. I think u should sleep now. I am going
Sanskar : okk meet uttara
Shanaya :yaah fine.

Scene :at hotel
Uttara : oh God what an entry Shanaya. I am impressed
Shanaya:tq u for that but u called me for this much small problem for that behenji
Uttara :u don’t know her she slapped bhai and she also misbehaved with me and explained what all happened in these days and do u know one more thing she is the one from whose name u came into bhai s life 5yrs ago
Shanaya :what are u saying. She is the same girl
Uttara :Haa. Anyways u came na u only solve ur problems OK. I have another important work. BTW what an idea. If u didn’t gave that bet idea means they two would have cane close.
Uttara who is speaking to someone else na she is non another than shanaya.
Uttara :shanaya I know ur a popular model but u can’t forget bhai. Here in bhai s office one girl is there I think she is behind bhai and bhai also giving him more freedom.
Shanaya:don’t worry dear. I will say a plan u follow up. Okk
Uttara :ok. She says the plan.
Next day when ragini came to sanskar s house.
Uttara :what bhai do u like her
Sanskar :no not like that but she helped avi that’s all.
Uttara :bhai but these type of girl’s don’t get fastly attracted to anyboys
Sanskar :what do u mean by that
Uttara :bhai we will make a bet. In 3days u should make her to love u. What do u say
Sanskar :but…
Uttara :what bhai are u afraid
Sanskar :me afraid no never.ok I accepted be ready to loose.
Uttara:yaah let’s see.
Uttara smirks
On that day Uttara saw ragini coming and intentionally talks to sanskar about bet.
Fb ends
Shanaya :yaah for that girl I am alone enough. And what is ur important work
Uttara :this ragini s sister swara. She is behind my bro laksh. These sisters are behind my brothers only so from now u look on ragini and I will on swara.
Shanaya:ok. Btw we both can stay in our farm house come na
Uttara : okk darling. After all ur my best frnd
They both hug

Scene :at gm
Swara returns
Dadi:what is the time swara. Ur now getting married. U should follow some rules and regulations. Do u understand
Swara : oh dadi plz stop it and plz don’t talk to me it’s my kind request. And about marriage he should only follow my rules and regulations otherwise no marriage nothing. Gud nght
Dadi:Chi this is all happening bcoz of that girl only otherwise my swara will not talk to me like that. See sumi and Shekhar. After the girl went only our swara is getting married.
Sumi:it’s not like that maa she is very kind hearted girl.
Shekar :and in this I am with swara maa
Dadi:ok then do what ever u want

Scene :at mm
Dp:raguu why are u sitting in garden cone inside na.
Ragini:frnd come sit here na.
Dp:what happens raguu ur sounding worried.
Ragini:u know what frnd I am really a bad fate girl. First my mom dad whom I love the most left and my bro and now…
Dp:actually ur parents will be proud of u where they were seeing u and what are u saying we are there na. If u once again said that u don’t have any one I will beat u okk
Ragini cries and hugs him
Ap: oho do u forgot me and munni
Ragini hugs Ap.
Ragini:aunty.. Sry sry maa munni
Ap:she slept. BTW what she us doing with u
Ragini :actually her mother is in some problem and she wrote a letter and left. Laksh too helped me and took care of munni
Dp:what is in that letter
Ragini says
In the letter it is written that to ragini and laksh
Manya:we are poor but lived very happily after munni got 2yrs I got to know my husband vikram has an illegal affair and asked him about that from then he daily used to beat me and tortured me. But I was bearing it only for munni. But now he wanted to sell munni to get money so I ran away taking munni. They will search me and will take munni but I can’t let this to my munni. I can bear any torture but not to my munni. Plz take care of her I will some how come to Mumbai and will take her. Till then plz keep munni wid u. I can’t trust any one more than u ragini. Plz do me a small favour. Thank. Uu.
Fb ends
Dp:ragini ur really very great now a days sons are looking after their fathers only. Now a days even relatives are not seeing back at their relations if they are in trouble but u are.. I am not getting any words to appreciate u. We should thank the God for giving me a daughter like u
Ap :really raguu. U became more than our family. Tq for getting into our lives
Ragini: oh God what handsome u became sentii. I cant believe my eyes.
Dp:no no I am not crying. BTW crying once will clean our face.
Ragini :gud and I am lucky to have u but lucky is also very nice. Plz frnd forgive him na
Dp:u asked something how can I say no.. Okk
They all hug. Laksh is seeing this from his rooms balcony and smiles seeing their bonding

Episode ends…

Precap:ragini tortures sanskar.. Swarishi and swalak romantic dance..

Guys I think ur confusion got cleared now. If there are any u can ask in comments. I hope u will encourage like this only. Thank uuuuuu


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