Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 31


Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 31

Recap:ragini avoiding sanskar. Swara said yes to marriage.

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Episode starts…

Scene :at party
Ragini:krishna bhai I should go to pick munni and I may not attend the party.
Krishna:but what happened to u suddenly. Y are u avoiding sir.
Ragini : plz bhai if sir asks u plz manage. I am going.

Scene :at gm
Swara gets a call
Swara :hello
Rishi:I am ur biggest fan. Plz will u marry me.
Swara :excuse me who is this and what nonsense are u talking.
Rishi :what is this swara u betrayed me. Why swara why and acts like crying.
Swara :what rubbish are u talking. I don’t think I had met u once also and betraying.
Rishi:u said that u will also marry me.
Swara :what the hell are u talking. I think ur not in ur senses. I will cut the call
Rishi:hey wait wait. U didn’t recognised me. I say that u are a big rockstar. U can’t even remember ur fiance.
Swara :fiance..???

Rishi:hey ur a big tubelight. Now only in the restaurant u said that ur my fiance.
Swara : oho are u Rishi.
Rishi: oho thank God. I thought I should come and show my face to u.
Swara :very Funny. BTW from where did u get my no.
Rishi: oh God plz show some mercy on me. I think u are lady ghajini.
Swara : oh I forgot. I only gave na. Actually I said that in some frustration. I think u don’t mind
Rishi :no I fixed u my fiance. How can I miss a gorgeous like u.
Swara : oh stop it yaar. I am not that gorgeous okk.
Rishi:who said to u. Actually when u fall on me. I really thought some angel falled on me. I didn’t see any girl like u till now.
Swara : oho so ur trying to flirt with me.
Rishi:no yaar I am just praising my gorgeous. BTW u don’t cry bcoz ur tears are so precious like diamonds. If u again cried means all people will be near u only
Swara :why
Rishi:bcoz of diamonds. But I will be there for ur security. U don’t worry.
Swara : oh God I think ur praising me so much. I don’t think I am such worth.
Rishi:ok fine I don’t believe na. OK come to the restaurant where we met. Okk
Swara : okk actually I also want a company. I will be there. Byee
Rishi:byee gorgeous see u.

Scene :at school
Avi:laado u will not talk with me too.
Ragini:no avi how can I stay with out talking to u.
Avi:then why are u didn’t talk to me yesterday
Ragini : oh I am sry handsome. OK I will leave.
Avi:laado ur not talking to papa naa.
Ragini:byee avi. Ur papa is coming. Come munni
Sanskar :what happened avi why are u so dull
Avi:laado is not talking with me nicely. She is very hurt. I don’t know why. U know papa
Sanskar :I also don’t know. She is behaving like this only with me. OK come we will go.

Scene :at market
Ragini: oh I forgot that I am not living in swara. Now where I should take munni.
Munni:laado I am hungry. I want chocolate.
Ragini:ok go get it and gives money.
Ragini is only standing in the middle of road and thinking something. A car is coming towards her. She is lost somewhere. She is not hearing the horn too. The car hits her a little. She falls and faints. Munni comes and starts crying.

After sometime

Ragini wakes up and sees swara beside her.
Ragini wakes and hugs swara :I know u won’t leave me
Swara :I won’t leave u. U only left me.
Ragini :it is not ur house. Whose it is.
Voice :u forgot our house raguu
Ragini:friend uu aunty
Dp:Haa I only hitted u. I am sry but where are u lost and even can’t hear the horn.
Ap:ji u stop all this. Ragini beta are u fine. First drink this soup.
Swara :aunty she will not eat like this and takes the bowl and feeds ragini.
Ap:what happened ragini. Why are u so sad
Ragini:nothing aunty
Swara :she won’t say. I will say aunty. And says how dadi thrower her.
Dp:now onwards ragini will live with us only.
Ragini:no frnd I will go somewhere
Swara :uncle ur right. Ragini don’t be that mahaaan u won’t get any award OK. Shut up and stay here.
Dp:hey ur so nice like me only. From now ur my girlfriend. What u say
Swara :oho nice offer but I should think once about it.
Dp: oh hello u don’t get a bf like me anywhere OK.
Swara :yaah ur right. Ur so handsome in this age also
All laughs.

Dp:what age I will be 2-3 elder to u that’s all.
Swara :yaah yaah I can see that. All laughs
Ragini:munni.. Where is munni
Munni:I am here only laado. They are not allowing me to see u. I am so small na all pushed me.
Ap:heyy she is that girl only na in the bus
Munni:Haa this grandfather said that he will give me chocolate but didn’t gave me.
Dp: oh I am sry. BTW I won’t give u u called me grand father.
Munni: if there is some hair means I would have not called u like that. All laughs. Dp keeps his hands on his head.
Munni:actually ur head is like a mirror. I can see my image in it. How smooth it is. All laugh very loudly.
Ragini :hussh munni u should not say like that. Say sry
Munni:she catches her ears and says sry making a cute face.
Dp : oh so cute. OK I forgave u. But if u give me a kiss then only
Munni: on ur bald head.
Dp:uu choti I won’t leave u. Wait..
Ragini gets a call
Ragini:Hello krishna bhai. What happened
Krishna:ragini actually a file is missing. U should come here urgently. Sir is scolding me. Plz come fast.

Ragini:ok OK I will come now only. U don’t wry.
Call cuts.
Krishna :sir she is coming
Sanskar :good job. If she won’t come then I will see u..
Krishna :no sir she is coming.
Ragini:I should go to office urgent.
Swara : oh God ur Boss is really a ravan. Bur u won’t allow u. U got hurt.
Ragini :no swara I am fine. I should go otherwise that ravan will scold bhai. I should go. BTW how did u come here.
Swara :I was also near that market only. I saw crowd and came to see u and uncle took me also here.
Ragini :ok swara u stay here for sometime. Maa and frnd are very nice. U talk with them. I will go and come fast.
Swara :ok but on one condition that I will drop u.
Ragini:ok come fast.

Scene :at office
Ragini:tq u swara I am going. U also go
Swara :I will wait here for u
Ragini :no Shona if I got much work means. U go I will come asap
They both hug.
Swara is on bike wearing a helmet. Sanskar misunderstanding that
Swara leaves. Ragini while going inside someone holds her hand. She turns and sees sanskar
Ragini:sir what is this
Sanskar :u are asking me. U say who is that guy dropped u.
Ragini:sir why do u want to know about my personals. BTW it’s none of ur business.
Sanskar :what the hell happened to u. Why u are behaving like this. Do u don’t love this guy na.
Ragini:ur right I love him. Happy

Sanskar :what then that night
Ragini:I already said that it is just like that. Forget it.. What happened. BTW I think it is not new for u and goes from there angrily.
Sanskar looks on
Krishna :thank God u came
Ragini :which file u want.
Krishna:actually it is sir plan to call u on party. That’s why I am sry ragini
Ragini:what he is thinking of himself. I am going. Party starts she is trying to open the door but it is locked.
Sanskar :now where will u go
Ragini: oh so this is also ur plan. Why are u doing this. I want to go plz open this
Sanskar drags her to a room and locks that room
Ragini :sir what are u doing
Sanskar :I want to talk to u
Ragini :I don’t want to. I am going and starts to leave but Sanskar stops her and pins her to the wall
Sanskar :ragini why are u behaving like this. I cant forget what happened that night. I lo..
Ragini:sir plz stop it. I don’t know that u will play with a girls emotion for a bet.
Sanskar :what are u talking. I don’t know any bet..
Ragini:sir plz stop acting I heard everything when Uttara mam is talking to u.
Sanskar :so u got to know that and smiles evilly. It is a bet but what a night really u are very beautiful I still remember that night. Oh God
Ragini:slaps him hard…..

Episode ends…

Precap:swarishi gets close… sanskar gives a flower to..

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Credit to: Dhamukohli

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