Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 30

Swaragini – (love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 30

Recap :swalak and ragsan hatred.

Episode starts..

Scene :at gm
Swara :laado I got u. Plz don’t leave me . she is crying continously
Ragini :Shona I won’t leave u. What happened
Swara :no all happened bcoz of me only.
Ragini hugs swara :what happened laksh scolded u. I know he loves u. He is very tensed for u. Actually I jokingly scolded him but he took seriously and scolded u.
Swara :means u don’t know anything.
Ragini :about what
Swara :nothing laado. Promise me that u won’t leave me whatever happens.
Ragini:I promise u. I too don’t have anyone except u na.

Swara hugs(swaragini bg plays)…
Sumi:I thought I am also ur maa. But I hurted ragini.
Shekar :me too. I thought I am papa to u but u said u only have swara. I also got hurt. I will also say to munni. She will also scold u..
Swara : oh God u both shiv Parvati started emotional drama.
Ragini:stop it swara. Actually swara is not there without u. So swara means u both. And l live for swara means I live for u both.
Sumi and shekar gets teary eyed. They all hugged.
Voice:what is this girl doing here.
All are tensed.
Voice:swara u lied me bcoz of this girl.
Swara :dadi plz listen to me.
Dadi:what I should listen. U lied me that my frnd died but when I went there I got to know u lied. But when I came here. I got to know that bcoz of this ragini u lied to me.
Shekar :no maa she went from here but we only bought her here.
Dadi: oh so she made all of u get prepared for this na.
Swara :no dadi she doesn’t want to hurt anyone. She is my frnd and my sister. She will live here only.
Dadi: oh so ur fighting with me for this orphan.
Swara :dadi she shouts. Don’t again tell her orphan.
Ragini stops her.

Sumi:yes maa she is our daughter.
Shekar:and maa I think u forgot that we are now here means bcoz of ragini s parents.
Dadi:I think u don’t want to see ur daughter happy.
Swara :dadi what happened to my happiness.
Dadi:u don’t know. Ur marriage alliance had broken after her arrival only. She is a bad fate girl. She lost all her family and now came to destroy our family too.
Ragini is crying very much
Swara :no dadi it’s not bcoz of ragini but bcoz of me. It’s my fault.
Sumi:Haa maa ragini didn’t did anything
Shekar:ha maa she is a very nice girl. She doesn’t want anyone to hurt. Plz maa stop it.
Ragini: she shouts dadi is crct. She is elder here. She won’t say anything wrong. She is crct I lost all my family and I am a bad fate girl but I didn’t came here to destroy. Thus family is like a temple for me. I am leaving. I don’t want anyone to fight with dadi. She is crct only.
Swara:no ragini she is not crct. Dadi plz stop her. Laado I won’t allow u to go.
Ragini:no swara she is not wrong. Thinking about her grand daughter happiness is not wrong. Ragini hugs everyone and takes their blessings.
Ragini takes her bag and goes to Dadi.

Ragini :dadi plz bless me.
Dadi moves away and doesn’t bless her. Ragini smiles and goes. Swara u won’t hug me last time.
Swara :no ur not my laado. My laado promised me that she won’t leave me. I don’t know who u are. Go from here. Ragini goes running.

Scene :at office
Ragini comes wearing half saree only. She sees that whole office is decorated.
Ragini:krishna bhai what is going on.
Krishna:actually today is the 5th anniversary of this office. So for that this preparations are going on
Ragini: oho OK I will do any work
Krishna:ragini ur looking beautiful today.

Ragini:actually there is a pooja in our.. My frnds house that’s why.
Sanskar comes then only and he doesn’t see ragini. He is talking in his phone and strikes to ragini. Sanskar catches her at waist. There is a eye lock. Sanskar is mesmerised to see her in saree. She is looking gorgeous. But ragini gets up immediately and goes from there.
Sanskar :what happened to this girl. Why she is behaving strange. He calls her. But she comes after 1hr.
Sanskar :what ragini when have I said to come
Ragini:I was busy in some file sir. She has no expressions in her face
Sanskar :what happened to u ragini. Why are u behaving like this.
Ragini:sir why have u called me here.
Sanskar :ragini what happened to u. Till yesterday morning u were not like this na. Suddenly what happened to u.
Ragini:sir I am ur employee. U should not have any objection with my expressions or behaviour. U only should see my work. I don’t have any time for this. I have so much work.
Sanskar :he hold her hand and pinned her to wall. He is very angry what happened to u ragini. Plz tell me.

Ragini :sir plz leave me.
Sanskar :no I won’t leave u. Why are u avoiding me. I want to know the reason.
Ragini :sir why do u want to know. Whom am I to u.
Sanskar :what do u mean. That night what happened..
Ragini:sir I don’t remember what happened yesterday. Plz leave me
Sanskar :what. OK go I leaved u.
Ragini went to washroom and was crying.

Scene :at gm
A couple comes and introduces themselves as Mr. And Mrs. Sharma
Sumi:ji namesthey.
Sharma:actually we came here to talk about our sons marriage with ur daughter swara.
Shekar :what we don’t our daughters get married now.
Sharma :it’s OK we will wait. Actually my son liked swara a lot.
Dadi: oh it’s great. We accept this alliance.

Swara :dadi I don’t want to get married.
Dadi:swara u don’t know anything. U go inside.
Swara :ok then I don’t know anything na. U only do marriage then and goes from there.
Dadi:Mrs. Sharma don’t mind her words. We agreed for this.
Mrs. Sharma: oh tq u kaki. My son will be very happy.
Dadi:where is he.
Mr. Sharma:actually he is in London. He will come in 4days.he is a very big business man there.
Dadi: oh great. We are really happy. I will make swara agree. U don’t worry.
They leave.

Scene :at restaurant
Swara is crying seeing her and ragini s photo :u lied to me ragini. I won’t talk to u.
Rishi:hey gorgeous why are u crying.
Swara suddenly hugs him:I don’t know why my happiness will be only for sometime.rishi is shocked. He also hugs her.
Rishi: plz don’t cry.
Swara realises he is someone : oh I am sry. I think I have to leave now.
Rishi:hey plz stay na. We will have some coffee. Plzz
Swara :ok fine.

Rishi:I am rishi. U
Swara :u don’t know me.
Rishi:why are u that famous.
Swara :she made him to turn and looks at the poster. Where it is written swara and laksh performance.
Rishi:oh that means ur a rockstar.
Swara : oh God u realised very quickly.
Rishi:Haa Haa okk. Actually I won’t see these performances.
Swara :why
Rishi:ok say me one thing.do U love someone.
Swara :no
Rishi :do u believe in love.
Swara :no
Rishi:then by ur love albums ur making people fall in love. But in true u only doesn’t have any belief. These are just not real. That’s why I don’t like.
Swara :well said. Frankly speaking u said true. Okk see u byee
Swara :let’s see. They both smile.
While swara going. She is stopped by a hand.

Swara : oh u missed me in 1min.she turns and sees laksh and gets shocked.
Laksh:what have I disturbed u.
Swara :what are u doing here laksh
Laksh : oho I am sry I think I disturbed u love birds right.
Swara :what rubbish are u talking laksh
Laksh : oho then what are u doing with him
Swara :laksh it’s non of ur business.
Laksh :he holds swara tightly what ur mine swara. It’s my business. Say
Swara :what a joke laksh. What did u said I am urs. Very funny
Laksh :it’s not funny. Say me whose that guy.
Rishi comes :hey who are u. Swara is he troubling u.
Swara :no he is my fr..he is my co-star. And yaah laksh I forgot to say meet rishi my fiance.
Laksh:what is wrong with u swara. What are u saying. Are u out of mind. I thought
Swara :what did u thought. OK it’s non of my business. Hey rishi give me ur no. Naa.
Rishi is in shocked state and is freezer.
Swara :rishi.. Rishi..

Rishi : oh yaah actually I didn’t brought my phone. U give ur no.
Swara : oh she gives her no. Written in a tissue. OK byee talk to u at night. Okk
Rishi:yaah byee and swara winks at him. Rishi smiles. Laksh feels jealous. Swarishi leaves..

Scene :at gm
Sumi:swara I don’t know what to say but I enquired about them. They are very nice and modern. Plz once think about it naa

Swara :maa I am ready
Sumi:ok I am leaving. I think my ears got damaged
Swara :no maa u heard right. I accept this marriage. Say to them.
Sumi:what do u really okk with it. U don’t want to take any decision in hurry or by anyone’s force.
Swara :no maa I took the decision with very much thinking.
Sumi:ok then if ur OK with it then I will inform them.

Episode ends…

Precap: party… sanskar shocked ragini crying…

Guys thank u very much for ur support. I think u are happy with this track. I am sry for less ragini scenes. But in next episode it will be for sure. Thank uuuuuu


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