Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 3

Swaragini-(Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 3
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Hii guys tq u very much for your support and there are many twists ahead and about pairs I will tell on my 10th episode. So till then enjoy.. And munni is 5years old and played by the girl on my story dp. And one more thing laksh is talking to some girl in phone it’s not ragini.

In the bus:
Episode starts with laksh is talking to someone on phone and ragini hears thinks that he has gf. Munni goes to her mom manya.
Laksh:why are u staring me
Ragini:don’t get any ideas I am just seeing.
Laksh:what ideas what are u thinking I am not that kind of man I know I am very handsome but u publicly. Ragini is angry
Ragini:haahaa very funny but u forgot that u are a gorilla and I am a girl. It’s impossible do u get that and she laughs

Laksh:ha laugh even I won’t have any interest.
Suddenly bus stops and all passengers woke up it is around 5.driver is shouting what are u doing in the middle of the road. The goons hit him and conductor and entered into the bus. They were the same who were behind ragini. Ragini sees them and hides behind laksh. All passengers don’t know that they were goons. Ragini is fully tensed she is getting wet due to sweat. She is peeping behind laksh.
Laksh:now only u said that I am gorilla and now u are catching me. He didn’t saw her face.
Ragini:plz help me they are searching for me. If they caught me then they will kill me. Plz same me plzzz….
Laksh:what why are they looking for u. Did u run away from ur house.
The goons were searching one after the other seats and raglak were at back. They were coming.
Ragini:shh…. Plz hel……
The goon saw her and caught her and says to the head that the girl is here only. The head is sahil(played by harshad from kyy)

Sahil:okk then take all of them to the godown.
Goons yes Boss.
The goons showed guns to all of them and said be quiet we want only this girl if u won’t listen to us then u all gonna be die.
Ragini:plz leave them u only want me know I will come plz leave them see there are also small kids they are getting scared.
Goon:shut up u can’t decide any thing our Boss should decide if we leave them and if they call to police. Soo don’t think we are stupid.
And he is about to take ragini then laksh stops and asks.
Laksh :what happened yaar why are u taking her.
Goon hits him and says it is none of ur business. And he takes all of them to a godown.

All passengers are tied and their mouths were shut and ragini is tied on a chair. She is crying. Sail comes.

Sahil:so here u are from last night we were searching u. Why Baby why are u crying why are u scared.
Ragini:u want to kill me know but what have these people done to u plz leave them I am begging u.
Sahil: oho just shut up even this much goodness is also not nice. And coming to these people I don’t do anything to them but after ur death.
Laksh is shouting as his mouth is tied he cannot talk. He is gesturing sahil to plus once open this. Sahil signs his goons to remove the cloth from his mouth. The goon does
Lucky:actually she doesn’t want to get married to u then y are u forcing.
Sahil:hey what are u saying I didn’t kidnapped her to get married.
Laksh: oho I thought actually these action scenes would happen only if the girl runs from her marriage.

Sahil:yaah but this is not any movie BTW ur idea is not bad. After she died also my family reputation will not get back but marrying her and torturing I will get peace.
Ragini looks at laksh angrily.. Laksh saw this and bit his tongue.
Laksh: oh God what I have done I gave him idea. But he asks but what is the matter.
Sahil :BTW who are u. I have seen u somewhere.
Laksh:thank God I was at last recognised I am laksh maheshwari the rockstar.
Goon:yes yes my wife is a dieheart fan of him. Boss if u give permission then I will kill him.
Laksh:what u said that ur wife is a fan of me. But u want to kill me.
Sahil:he asks the goon why.

Goon :actually when his performance comes on TV my wife used to glue in front of TV and she even doesn’t cook for me and I also missed my cricket matches also. When I want to get close to her at night she used to dream about him and murders laksh u are very handsome. Laksh I love uu. That’s why I want to kill him.
Sahil laughs and says oho so

he is very famous.
Laksh :see ragini see I am very famous u didn’t believed me naa.
Ragini: oho we are kidnapped and ur thinking u are famous when u die then u will really become famous as so many gorillas could miss this handsome gorilla.
Laksh:ragini u again started plz stop na what will my fans think about me.
Goon2:sir I want ur autograph.
Laksh :dekha my following.
Ragini:Haa Haa only these kind of people will like u bcoz gorillas like gorillas only know.
Goon2:what is meant by gorilla.
Lucky:aaaaa… gorilla means ha.. Handsome. U r soo manly.
Goon2: oho really my frnds also used to say. Laksh thinks oh God what are u doing I am in between these uneducated people and he thinks he is manly.. Ha ha he looks like the grand grand father of gorilla.

Laksh:even she is also saying not bad because u are my fan.
Ragini:bhaaiya he is lieing gorilla means kaala Bandar (sry guys I don’t know what it is called in hindi).
Goon2:is it u think I am bewakoof. He says angrily.
Laksh:issi like tho tum mana ki tum handsome Hoo. Tum to baht baga bewakoof hoo and laughs.
Goon2:Boss give us permission I also want to kill him.
Goon1:no first I have asked.
They argues
Sahil:stop it ediots what have we came her. It doesn’t look like we kidnapped but it is like a circus. Make arrangements to the marriage I want to marry her today itself.
Ragini cryingly says :see what have u done I kept u the correct name gorilla. Now I should marry him.. U ediot.

Laksh:I thought to help u but reversely more problems came. Goons now also tied laksh.
Ragini:abb meri zindagi karab hojayega dekna tum such mein gorilla banogi dusri janam mein..
After sometime ragini is taken to a room to change to bridal dress. She cries..
Sahil:if u didn’t get ready in 30min then the small kid will be died. U don’t know me I will keep my words.
Ragini:ok I will get ready plz don’t do anything to her. She is very innocent.
Sahil goes
After a while laksh comes inside and sees ragini in the bridal dress and gets mesmerized. She didn’t saw him. Laksh thinks control yaar lucky.
Ragini:how u came here.
Lucky:tume mere saath jana he yaa iss shadi karani hein.
Ragini:but sahil

Laksh:his game is finished. Come fast nehi toh tum apne suhaagrat ke liye tayaar Ho jao.
Laksh takes her to the bus and bus started moving. Ragini is in shock.
Laksh: oh God ek rock star ko aaj kya kya dekna pad raha hein.
Ragini:have u fought with them.
Laksh:no more than that.
Laksh:nothing yaar I said only one thing and they only did my work.
Laksh says to abhay that see the goons they did all the work they did very great job by kidnapping all the 35members but see at last Sahil is marrying her without any effort. See yaar she is very pretty. If they brought ragini to me then I would have paid them each 1lakh.
Goon to another goon:dekho toh our Boss only gives 10k.
Laksh and abhay smirks.
Laksh:dekho ab Yeh mera kaam Karenge.
Abhay:u are very intelligent.
Laksh:yes I know.
Sahil is getting ready for the marriage so he is unaware of what is happening out.
Goons all decided to help laksh.
Goons:u will really give us 1lakh to each.
Laksh:yaah 100%.
Goons:ok then we will get her.

Laksh:no no u just lock the door of Sahil and stay there. Remove our ropes too. They did and went to look after Sahil. Laksh took ragini and came into bus.
Ragini: oho u have brain.
Lucky :what did u thought of me.
Ragini:u gave them really 1lakh.
Laksh:noo I said to see Sahil and those foolish goons went there without asking money.
Ragini:uu are very rich know then
Laksh:yaah I am but kidnapping is not correct that’s the reason I didn’t gave them. OK leave it why Sahil wanted to kill u.
Ragini:actually my best frnd niharaka who is very rich loved varun. But there parents didn’t agreed to their marriage ad varun has no money. But I got them married in the court without knowing to their family. Sahil is her brother. After the marriage they went to London as varun got job their. He is an orphan but very intelligent. After some days Sahil got to know his sister married him and all people scolded and spreaded bad rumours so their family reputation had lost. After some days Sahil got to know I was behind the marriage and wanted to kill me.
Laksh thinks how can she is very pure hearted she didn’t cared about her life and got them married:oho that’s why u are going to Mumbai. What will u do there and what about ur parents if Sahil kidnapped them.
Ragini:there is no one to me to take care of or to die for me. Tears rolled in her eyes.
Laksh: oho I am sry.
Munni:u are not only didi I am with u and this lucky also. What do u say gorilla.
Lucky:uu badmash.

Ragini laughs seeing their fight and says to lucky leave her plz.
Lucky:ok u said know that’s why. Heyy munni I will see u after sometime.
Munni makes faces:haa Haa see mere pass didi hein.
Ragini:yaah I am with her.
Lucky:how mean I had saved u from that Sahil and u are not supporting me.
Munni:ha ha at that time I was sleeping. If I was not then I would have saved my di.
Ragini:hoo u are soo sweet.
Munni:who to mein hoon.. And sees lucky and laughs.

Episode ends with all smiling faces.

Precap :some tragedy happens….. Entry of swara and sanskar..

Sry for boring u with such a long update if u are not comfortable then say me good or bad everything u are welcome because I just want to improve my English and also to entertain u people. Sry for making swasan entry late but next episode there will be some suspense till then enjoy. Take care byee. Tqq everyone and silent readers too for encouraging me and there are going to be many twists. I am sure u will enjoy.
Thank uuuuuu

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