Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 29


Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 29

Recap :swara upset with laksh M
And was also hurt. Ragsan romance..

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Scene:at gm
Ragini and munni came. Ragini gave some snacks to munni. She goes from there and was crying vigorously. At another room swara is crying since morning and locked her door.

Scene :at mm
Uttara came to mm. Ap and dp are happy seeing her. They all hugged each other.
Dp:Uttara when did u come
Uttara :today only.
Laksh :no she is lying she came 2days back only. Am I right Uttara.
Uttara :bhai..
Ap:what is this Uttara u came 2days back means why u didn’t came here
Uttara :I was at sanskar bhai s house.
Dp:so he became more to u than us.
Uttara :no papa it’s not like that.

Dp:then what Uttara. U know na he blamed us for..
Uttara :ha I know papa but bhai is right and u are wrong and it’s bcoz of u we are staying away.
Dp:Uttara stop it he is shouting do u even remember that u was talking to ur papa
Uttara :but wrong is wrong na papa
Ap:hi Plz stop it. U go to office. Uttara go to ur room and freshen up
Dp leaves. Uttara also goes to her room and talk with someone whom she was talking before.
Uttara :u know today I managed but I don’t know what will bhai do. U come here fast.
Voice:yaah Uttara it’s my turn now. I am coming tomorrow.
Uttara :ok I am waiting. Cone fast dear. Byee

Scene :at am
Avi: papa what happened to Lando why she behaved like that
Sanskar :I also don’t know avi mrng she is very happy at office and he starts blushing. He is remembering what happened at office.
At office ragini came smiling remembering her incidents with sanskar. She sits in her seat in front of sanskar s cabin. Ragsan saw each other a cute eyelock takes place.
Krishna :sir this is a very important file sir but there are some mistakes. We should crct and give it to them.
Sanskar is not listening to krishna he was continously staring at ragini. Krishna sees this and thinks that Sir is smiling I know ragini will change him.
Krishna:sir.. Sir are u listening.
Sanskar :ha ha I am listening. Call ragini here now

Krishna calls ragini
Sanskar :krishna u were saying something tell that to her. She will do. Is it OK ragini
Krishna:sir that I can say it in her place only na sir. Ragini giggles.
Sanskar :if this is a problem. See ur stomach it is coming out of the short. Do some walking it doesn’t hurt. Okk
Ragini couldn’t control her laugh. She is enjoying his attention.
After sometime sanskar calls ragini
Ragini:sir can I come in
Sanskar :come in
Ragini:sir the file will be completed in 30min.i will complete it sir.
Sanskar :I know u will complete that but the one which stopped yesterday night.will u complete it
Ragini remembers yesterday nights scenes and starts blushing.
Sanskar :ragini are u listening to me
Ragini:yes sir we were stopped at ur afraid of darkness. Ur very scared know sir I will tell it all our staff. I will complete it sir. Ragini is going but sanskar stops and pulls her close. Ragsan are facing each other now.
Sanskar :so it becoming naughty. OK then I will only complete where we stopped and starts coming close to ragini. Ragini is moving back and hit the wall
Sanskar :now where will u go

Ragini :sir…this is office. Anyone might come.
Sanskar :then I will give leave to all. What say
Ragini:sir… sanskar keeps his fingers on her lips.
Sanskar :shh..
Ragini:krishna bhai u came. Sanskar is shocked and turned and saw no one is there. Ragini runs out smiling. Sanskar also smiled.
Sanskar :what happened to her suddenly.

Scene :at gm
Ragini goes to see swara
Ragini:shona open the door. U didn’t eat since morning. If u won’t open the door then I will also not eat. OK fine I am going.
Swara opens the door :laado (very sadly)
Ragini:gets in closes the door what happened shona why are u crying. What happened yesterday in party.
Swara :nothing laado. Leave it naa. Come let’s eat. I am very hungry.
Ragini:don’t lie to me shona I know something has happened and u are hiding with me. Say na
Swara :she hugs her and cries laado
Ragini :shona why are u crying say na what happened.
Swara :laado lucky doesn’t love me and he loves someone. I don’t know when I started to love him but now..
Ragini:what shona no he loves u very much. Shall I talk to him
Swara :no plz. Actually leave it. Don’t talk to him
Ragini :ok I won’t but u

Swara :laado leave it. I don’t want to waste my tears.
Ragini:shona ur very nice girl. He someday comes to u and he pleads u to accept his love. I promise u this will happen for sure.
Swara :ok leave it now. That can’t happen
Now say about u. U came mrng very happy and now what happened.
Ragini:what happened to me. I am fine
Swara :u can’t hide from me say na
Ragini:she cries and says I don’t want to see his face.
Swara :who ur Boss
Ragini :Haa he only.
Swara :if that is the matter u can resign na
Ragini :yes but I can’t bcoz he by cheating made me sign an agreement for 6 months if I want to leave means I should may him 1lakh.
Swara:what kind of a agreement is this and by this he want to take revenge for that dhaba s incident. I won’t leave him. He is finished he made my laado cry. BTW laado can’t u say this before I would have thrown the money how much he want on his face.
Ragini:shona plz till now u did so much to me. Now it’s enough I can manage.
Swara:chaa oh my crying baby how do u think like that. I will help u.
Ragini :no shona plz

Swara :ok I will help u by not giving money but by my plan and says something to her.
Ragini :tq u very much shona. U were really my soul mate . U have solution for every situation.
Swara :I know that. God bless u my student. Do well OK. And both laughs
After that ragini is very happy. They both feed to each other and sleeps.
While sleeping they think

Swara :I am sorry laado I only said half truth to u as I can’t say full truth. If I said u will hate ur self and I don’t want to loose u. Lucky is not that important than u.
Ragini :sry shona I said only half truth to u. Plz forgive me. U gave me this much and I didn’t said fully to u. I don’t want to see his face after what he had done for me. Actually why blaming others my fate only not nice. First my parents left then my brother then the one who I loved and now also I am a looser. I cant get anyone s love. This is my second betrayal but I should not loose hope on my life. Tq u shona for giving me another life. I love u very much shona. Tqs for coming into my life again.

Scene :mrng at gm
Sumi: oh God tq for giving ragini to my swara.
Swara:ur welcome sumi. I will bless u but for that u should give me all the sweets. Okk.
Sumi:shiatan u waked up. Oh my god u waked up this morning.
Ragini:maa u said that today is a pooja that’s why I waked her up.
Ragini is wearing a pink half saree with her hair open and very light makeup.
Swara : oh what pooja. Laado u said that u will give sweets that’s why I woke up. But this no I am going gud Night.

Ragini:maa I will get her ready. U don’t worry.
Ragini goes to swara s room
Swara :no laado plz
Ragini :shona plz come na maa kept this pooja for peace in all our lives.i think by this pooja we will win on our goals. Plz shona come for me na.
Swara :ok u said na for u I will come.
After getting ready
Swara :laado this I won’t wear it plz laado. I will wear jeans.
Ragini sees her pleasingly

Swara :ok OK u know very well to blackmail me. Come and make me ready now. Ragini : okk tq
All the neighbours are coming to arrive. The pandit said to call her daughters .
Sumi :swara ragini come down. The pooja is starting. Come fast.
Swaragini :we came maa
Sumi and all the others are mesmerised to see two angels coming down. Swara is wearing green and blue half saree.
Sumi:swara ur looking very beautiful . tq u ragini I know u will make her ready which I can’t do. U can do. U both are looking like stars which came to this house which lightened by ur presence. She kept a black dot for both.
The pooja started. After sometime the pooja got over.
Laksh :ragini I want a help from u.

Ragini:laksh Plz don’t talk to me. I didn’t expected this from u. I thought u were a nice frnd but u hunted swara a lot. I won’t forgive for that and leaves
Laksh thinks that swara had said ragini and goes very angrily to swara
Laksh:swara what have u done and catches her hands very tightly. He is very angry
Swara :now what laksh. Go from here. I don’t want to talk to u. Leave me it’s hurting.
Laksh : oh what an acting drama queen. I know u will do dramas but I am not coming in to ur trap. Did u listen
Swara :what are u talking about laksh
Laksh:u only said ragini na that I don’t love u bcoz of ragini.
Swara :what nonsense are u talking laksh I didn’t said anything to her
Laksh : oh just shut up swara. I know u very well. U can go to any level for the thing u wanted. And goes from there
Swara cries:what ragini got to know everything. No now I am not thinking about me or laksh but ragini. Plz God I didn’t asked u anything till now. Plz don’t hurt my laado. Plz God till now she faced many problems. I don’t want any other problem to come. She comes out of the room and goes running to find ragini.
Laksh :ragini I am sry actually I only want to say to u but I didn’t did anything intentionally with swara.

Ragini:smiles and thinks he is very tensed of swara and says I was just joking.
Laksh:that means what u said to me before was a joke
Ragini:she is laughing Haa laksh. See ur face it is like u will cry in any time.
Laksh :what have u done ragini bcoz of that I scolded swara. Already she is hurt and now. He is very angry. But ragini is enjoying this bcoz she is happy for swara.
Laksh thinks swara said that she didn’t said. I only overreacted. And was going to see swara.
While running she slips bcoz of her half saree but a guy comes and catches her from falling.
Swara closed her eyes. The guy staring at her. He is mesmerised to see swara.
Swara : opens her eyes slowly.hey tq u actually I was in a hurry.
But the guy is continously staring at her.
Swara :hey hello leave me.
Guy:comes to his senses. Oh sry.
Swara runs from there. Laksh sees this and was angry.
Guy name is rishi played by Purab from kumkum Bhagya.

Episode ends….

Precap:laksh is jealous of rishi. Swara says yes for marriage to sumi. Ragini goes in half saree to office.

I know this is very long. Sry for that. If it is anywhere boring plz let me know. Once again tq for ur lovely support. Thank uuuuuu.


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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