Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 27


Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 27

Recap :ragini becomes host and mesmerised every one and swalak performance.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u for loving my ff. If it’s somewhere boring or u feel bad and wanted to give suggestions are always welcome.

Episode starts…
Sry guys I forgot to write some portion after Uttara s performance.
Mrs. Raichand :now it’s time for the result. Till now I dint saw this much romantic performance. I am very glad that I am judge for this mesmerizing performances. Actually I can’t choose one bcoz the winners are two couples. I and Mr. Raichand were thinking a lot to select only one from both. But in vain.
Mr. And Mrs. Raichand :the winners of this night who made the moon visible in this party are ragsan an swalak
They are shocked. All called then on the stage. They came.
Mr. Raichand :yaah it is the two brothers and these are also looking like sisters.
Swaragini :yes we are sisters…

Mr. Raichand : oh this was amazing experience in my life time. Two hot and handsome brothers and two beautiful gorgeous angels like sisters.

Scene :at party
Ragini went to change the dress but before changing only the lights go off. Same with swalaksan
Ragini:she is very afraid. So she is reading hanuman chalisa.
Laksh:bhai are u here.
Swara:ragini where are u.
Sanskar : oh God it’s very dark. I think all left.
Ragini sees a shadow and thinks there is someone and holds a rod.
Swara :I think I should go but the door doesn’t open.
Laksh:he sees a shadow and thinks I think bhai only.
Ragini:hey u don’t dare to come to me. Stop there only. I will beat y really. No don’t come and hits someone with closing her eyes.
Laksh:bhai I know u also want to become United know. Thank u bhai and hugs tightly
Swara :hey who is it. Leave me.
Sanskar :aahhhhh. Whose is that once I see ur face. Ur gone. Oh God my head.
Ragini:this voice seem to be very familiar.
Sanskar :switches on torch in his phone and sees a girl.
Ragini : aahhhhh and again beats him.
Laksh:what bhai ur voice became girly and this much hair. And ur looking so small. Bhai now leave it na. Come bhai come from today we will forget everything. Plz bhai.
Swara : oh God this is lucky. Arey he is thinking I am his brother.

Laksh:arey bhai talk something. U have forgiven me na.
Swara :arey lucky it’s me swara not ur brother.
Laksh:what swara u here. What are u doing here.
Swara :I came as ragini called me. BTW can’t u make out difference me and ur bro.
Laksh:yaah that is what I am thinking. Bhai is 6feet and u 4feet.
Swara : oho shut up I am not that small I will be 5feet change.
Laksh:what change. Give that to beggar. Ur mostly 5feet only.
Swara : oho lucky if u talk like this with ur bro also. He will kick u
Laksh:I know. I can’t talk like this to anyone except u jaan.
Swara :chaa. So much butter.
Laksh:ok wait without lights also ur fighting with me.
Swara :no u only first started.
Laksh:no u
Swara :no u

Laksh :ok Mata come we will go out and fight peacefully.
Swara :very funny. The door us not opening. I have tried. Now we should fight here only.
Laksh :what without light. I feel very scared without light.
Swara :Acha. But u will say that ur very strong and can Live in desert also.
Laksh:Haa yes bcoz there u won’t be there na. But now God plz take care of ur son otherwise tomorrow keep a welcome party for me.
Swara :very funny. Ediot..

Scene :ragsan
Ragini:how dare u. After hitting also ur raising ur voice. U will not listen like this and continue hits him.
Sanskar : oh so this girl is thinking I will harm Her.hey wait I won’t harm u. Plz stop hitting
Ragini: oh so this is ur style. U will say that I will not harm means I will believe u. Wait I will show u. Help help…..
Sanskar :goes towards her and keeps his hand on her mouth.
Ragsan feels something strange.
Security hears some noise and turns his torch and sees. This torch makes him to look her.
Ragsan looks at each other. A sweet eyelock takes place. (Saibo plays….
After 5mins
Ragini comes out and tries to remove sanskar hand but he is staring at her and is lost in her. Finally ragini removes his hand
Ragini :sir u… what have u done
Sanskar now came out :what what I have done.
Ragini:sir security went away..
Sanskar : oh is he ur bf
Ragini:sir it’s not a joke.
Sanskar :do u get laugh

Ragini :no
Sanskar :then it’s not a joke
Ragini : oh God sir this door got locked and if we would have called security he would have helped us. But u closed my mouth and u even didn’t ask help.
Sanskar :what door is locked.
Ragini:hush… sir
Sanskar :now what
Ragini:what do I know first we should search for switches. Sir u go that side and I go this side.
Sanskar :I would think ur a mad girl. No I was wrong ur really a mad girl
Sanskar :how will u search switches in dark. Ragini keeps her head down. OK wait u had phone
Ragini:yes but don’t know where it has gone.
Sanskar :that is also like u only. OK fine u stay here I will go and search. Oh God my battery dead.
Ragini:now what we will do. This is all bcoz of u only if u would Not have stared at ne and allow me to call security. We would be out.
Sanskar :ha ha u did all and blaming me. Who said u to shout and hit me without seeing.
Ragini: oh I thought somebody came…

Sanskar :so if it is me. U would not have hit me..

Laksh:u only ediot. U know na I came in this room for bhai but u also came here.
Swara: oh hello. I don’t have any interest in running behind u okk.
Laksh :ha ha OK where is my mobile. I think I left it outside only.
Swara :if it is there also no use. It is also like u only top portion empty.
Laksh:ha finished. Give me ur phone I will search switches.
Swara :oh God where us my phone.
Laksh:ha ha …. Very nice u don’t have phone and was taunting me. I am better I had only top empty. But urs full on empty.
Swara :that is bcoz of u only. U hugged me… no no squeezed me by which my phone had fall some where.
Laksh:what. OK fine leave it. Now what we will do.
Swara :ha ha why not I will sing a Lori to u. U sleep well. Kkk
Laksh : oh jaan I don’t know u love me this much. It’s a great idea. Come on sing
Swara :angrily I don’t love u okk. Understand that

Scene :ragsan
Ragini :ha bcoz ur… my boss.
Sanskar : oho. Now what we will do.
Ragini:Chi this all happened bcoz of that stupid file. No no it all happened bcoz I was working in ur office. My bad luck
Sanskar :what.. I said u to leave after giving file. But u want to host na
Ragini:sir I don’t want to do those cheap goings. But if I did it bcoz of ur respect. That’s all. Otherwise I would have gone from there.
Sanskar :so u did this for me.

Ragini:no for my sake. I’d I would not have done that means. U would have took it revenge NY cheating and making work under u for 1yr.for u only ur revenge matters. Someone s feelings. Oh God I also na talking to whom who cant even see his brother s feelings and his sons.
Sanskar :he got hurt by her words.
Ragini:what sir. What happened I thought u would scold me shout on me or thrower me.
Sanskar : oho just stop it and he breaks all the things in the room
Ragini :sir what are u doing. Sir stop it.
Sanskar ignores her and lightens them.
Ragsan are standing facing each other on opposite sides of fire.

Scene :swalak
Laksh:what happened yaar swara. Why u became serious I normally said
Swara :no now u should say only this to ragini
Laksh :why I don’t think she will feel bad. She understands
Swara :but this is enough now.

Laksh:arey from few days ur behaving with me this way only. What happened yaar
Swara :nothing. OK now u will talk like this only the whole night without lights.
Laksh:but where this light comes from
Swara :it is my mistake to ask u. I will only do something wait. She gets some candles and lights them with laksh s lighter. They are in middle of a circle of candles.

Scene :ragsan
Sanskar : oh just shut up ragini.
Ragini:this is the reason. I won’t like to talk to u. U only see ur pov.u can’t even try to understand or listen to them once.
Sanskar : oh now don’t start ur lectures. Okk
Ragini :it’s waste of talking to u. And I am a fool to make things easier for u. U know how is ur bro felt on this 5yrs without his mistake. U know avi who is missing his all and was crying in the class. But u can’t understand bcoz ur heart is made of u stone. And ur also a stone which doesn’t have any feelings and wants to make avi also like that.
Sanskar :what did u say that means u know I and lucky
Ragini :Haa I know everything. He said to me
Sanskar :but How do u know him
Ragini :it’s non of ur business

Sanskar:he gets very angry and holds her hand tightly and pins her to the wall and asks it’s my business. Until u work with me everything of urs is my business. Do u get that. And I gave some freedom and u get into my family, my avi.
Ragini:sir if u say my means it doesn’t become urs. The other person should also think that ur mine. Then only it will happen but u. Ur not even expected to be someone’s. I feel like suffocated beside u.
Sanskar :hey uu just shut up. Not a word again. If u
Ragini:what sir if reality is shown. Ur feeling guilty for ur mistakes sir.
Sanskar :shut up. He shouts very loudly. Ragini gets scared.

Laksh: oh God swara is very talented yaar. It looks like we are having a candle right dinner.
Swara :enough laksh. Plz I am very hungry and u will say dinner means..
Laksh : oh God plz save me. Plz swara don’t eat me
Swara :I won’t eat u. Ur very cheap.
Laksh:what I am cheap. U don’t know how am I worth in market.
Swara : oh I don’t know u will do that kind of business too
Laksh:Chi swara. Stop yaar.
Swara :I am hungry

Laksh:I think I had a chocolate.
Swara :lucky give it fast and she is checking his pant, shirt without allowing lucky to take it. Yaah I got it yipee
Laksh :swara sharing yaar. I am too hungry.
Swara : oho no its not sufficient for me only. Si forget it
Laksh:no swara give it to me. They are very close to each other unknowingly.
When swara nodding her head in no. Laksh comes to take that which she kept at her back. While doing this suddenly their lips touch. Dil sambhal jaan Zara plays…

Scene :ragsan
After a long time of silence
Ragini:she us murmuring something
Sanskar :he gets irritated. Now what stop that murmuring. Every time talking some bakbak
Ragini:sir actually I was very hungry. If I am hungry I will talk like that only to avoid that. As ur not talking I am speaking with myself.

Sanskar : oh God strange human
Ragini:sir now I can’t stop
Sanskar :ragini what are u going to di
Ragini:She comes close to him and says sir if u will talk or give me food.
Sanskar :what are u demanding me. Both are not possible
Ragini:sir think while speaking anything.
Sanskar :are u trying to scare me
Ragini :I am not trying sir I am scaring u
Sanskar :what the hell how dare u
Ragini :actually I won’t scare someone who is already scared.
Sanskar:what.. Me.. Me.. Scare… never
Ragini:sir don’t try ur caught. I know ur afraid of darkness.
Sanskar :what.. How
Ragini :sir actually I don’t know but u only said na now. I just thrower a stone and it fell exactly in the well.
Sanskar :if u talk more I will kill u with that stone only.
Ragini:no sir if I dead then I will become devil and won’t leave. That time no sir nothing she changes her voice and speaks in a scary voice. Sanskar gets really scared but doesn’t show.
Sanskar :ragini stop this nonsense.

Ragini:then u should accept some of my rules.
Sanskar :in ur dreams..
Ragini:sir if it is no then I will throw that pot in this fire then there will be no light.
Sanskar :what u won’t do like that
Ragini :yes I can find sir. She goes and takes the pot.
Sanskar :stop OK say what rules.
Ragini:sir u should first listen to me then only will take any decision. OK.
Sanskar :agreed
Ragini:and there should be all girls in ur floor except krishna bhai
Sanskar :what noo
Ragini: OK then I will pour water
Sanskar :no no accepted
Ragini:u should accept ur bro
Sanskar :now it’s going very high. Stop it.
Ragini:ok ur wish
Sanskar :ok pour then. I know ur also afraid of darkness and u will not put the fire off.
Ragini:oh God he is true. But ragini don’t let Down.no sir I am not afraid.
Sanskar :ok then ur wish
Ragini:ok sir then it is done and was pouring little drops of water.
Sanskar : oh God she is really crazy. She is really pouring. Ragini stop he catches other side of pot.
Ragini:then about my rules

Sanskar :no..
Sanskar :no no stop. OK ur 3 rules are accepted.
Ragini:really. Until then they two are pulling the pot but in excitement ragini leaves and water falls on both of them
Sanskar :I know this will only happen. See now what have u done with ur childishness.
Ragini:it’s also ur fault. U should have accepted before only.
Sanskar :uu. He comes to her but slips and falls on her due to water.
Now sanskar is on top of ragini. They have an eye lock. Dil sambhal jaan Zara plays.. As the security is playing on radio.

Scene :swalak
Actually only their lips touch. But they separated and they are now embarrassed.
Laksh comes close to swara. He again kisses her. Swara also reciprocates. This time it is a very long kiss. Laksh is pressing her waist very tightly. Swara is running her fingers in his hair.

Scene :ragsan
Sanskar has his hands on ragini s wet waist. Ragini has her hands on sanskar s shirt.
Sanskar came close to her to kiss but ragini moves apart. So sanskar kisses her on neck. Ragini is feeling very happy but doesn’t know why. He touches her bare belly by which ragini immediately gets up and sits. Sanskar also gets up and moves her hair front and starts kissing her neck catching her belly. Now he kissed her cheeks. Ragini stares at him lovingly.

Episode ends with swalak and ragsan romance.

Precap :embarrassed movements…..

Guyss I hope u liked this . one more thing Uttara will b e villain only for some time. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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