Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 26

Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 26

Recap :swara thinks to sacrifice her love for ragini. Uttara creates problems for ragini for which sanskar scolds ragini

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Scene :at party
Ragini:sir.. I don’t.
Sanskar : oh hello nobody asked for ur permission. Mr. Raichand is crct. U should only rectify ur mistake.
Ragini:sir but
Sanskar :just do what I say. Go and get ready. The party should get started in 5min.go fast.
Ragini:she goes to trail room to change.
Sanskar :raichand u don’t get worry. BTW who are performing
Raichand :there they came.
Sanskar :he is shocked to see. They are swalak. What these are going to perform.
Laksh:yes we are. Do u have any problem
Sanskar :no nothing.. Laksh gets emotional.
Richand:go and call her fast to his pa
Pa:sir she is coming..
The lights go off. The spotlight falls on ragini by which she keeps her hands on her face. Hiding her face. After that she is revealed she is awesome. No one can say that she is not looking good. She is wearing a blue colour saree with stonework. She is looking gorgeous and stunning.
Sanlak are mesmerized at ragini.
Mrs. Raichand: oh my God she is very beautiful like a angel from heaven. Thank u so much hubby. Sanskar hears it
Raichand:tq Mr. Sanskar bcoz of ur employee only my wife is very happy. She must be not happy if it was Rita. She is really looking very gorgeous.
Sanskar :Haa… it’s ok

Swara:lucky close ur mouth plz.
Laksh:u know we are going to perform in bhai s party.
Swara :no yaar I know that it’s raichand s party.
Laksh :but I got here two things one is my bro and ragini. She is looking amazing.
Ragini sees swara and gets happy.
Ragini:she is very tensed to see so many people. But swara signs her to start. Don’t worry and says all the best.
Ragini:ok now ur wait is finally over. This party is held on the occasion of Mr. Ra.. Sanskar maheshwari getting the very big contract of Mr. Raichand s. So first let’s congratulate Mr. Sanskar maheshwari. All claps aloud.
Ragini:ok now I would like to present the musical performance by our stunning couple who are very popular. So welcome them swara and laksh with a very big round of applause. All are shouting….
Swalak comes on stage while ragini is also there. While ragini is going she slips but laksh holds her. There is a small eyelock by which sanskar is frustrated and swara gets terry eyed but smiles. Ragini leaves.
Swalak starts to sing Zehnasee…..
Uttara:bhai did u see all are laughing at our arrangement of party
Sanskar :what happened
Uttara :see that girl ragini. She is wearing a village girl types clothes. How cheap.
Sanskar :u know Uttara actually I don’t like these type of girls but she is really very beautiful. I don’t think it is cheap. See all are chearing for the host only.

Ragini is looking at sanskar angrily.
Swalak performance is over. All are clapping and already asking for another one.
Swara:lucky u can sing any song so that ur bro will remember the happy memories of u both.
Laksh :tq jaan. It’s a very nice idea.
Swara :all the best lucky.
Laksh:if ur with me I don’t have to worry. Tq u jaan. OK guys I am going to sing a song which I and my bro used to sing in college. I want to sing that for u guyss..
He sings kabhi khushi kabhi gham song..
Sanlak both gets emotional remembering how they performed this song.
Song is over. All are very excited and were shouting lucky lucky..
Laksh:I think my bro will hear this and can forgive me. Plz bhai where u would be I think u will remember me after hearing this song and looks at sanskar. But sanskar goes from there. Laksh cries ragini consoles him.
Swara:Mr. Sanskar I think I am talking to u for the first time. Do u know me
Sanskar :Haa ha I know u ur with him na. I know u both will do all the concerts.
Swara :that means u didn’t missed ur bhai s performance. Am I right
Sanskar :it’s not like that I said ur together but I didn’t said that I watched them. It’s just a misunderstanding.
Swara : oh is it just a misunderstood then why u were crying and came out.
Sanskar :hey u get lost from here. I came here to attend a call. Don’t imagine anything else. Just get out and I don’t cry for anyone. Did u get that.
Swara:ok it’s up to u. But I want to say one thing. If his dad did some wring that doesn’t mean that u should punish his son for his mistake. I know u also not feeling good by avoiding ur bro. He is crying every day for u. Plz understand I can’t see lucky in pain.
Sanskar :hey u ur talking too much

Swara :shouts can’t u see ur brothers pain. How disgusting I thought u would understand but u actually lucky is crying for a wrong person who is not a man. Ur just a stone with no emotions. Can’t y get tired of it. It has been 5yrs.btw why am I wasting my time. I am leaving. Swara leaves. Sanskar is crying remembering him.
Ragini sees this.

Swara:Laado where is munni and avi.
Ragini: oh that krishna bhai said that he dropped them home.
Swara :okk

Uttara:hey guys I know that ur enjoying the party.i want say that I am very glad that my one brother got contract Mr. Sanskar and my another brother came to perform in his bro s success Mr. Laksh. I am very proud to say that I am their sis.
All are giving very big applause.
Uttara:ok now we will play a game. In that u have to pic a chit and who two get the same no. They should dance. And our judges are Mr. And Mrs. Raichand. They will say who won. OK now are u ready.
She gives the chits to all. Ragsan get different but they look at each other. Uttara thinks they got same no and deliberately hits ragini and exchanges hers with ragini.
Uttara calls every no. 7 swalak comes on and are shocked. Ragini is happy. Next no. 3.ragsan come on and are shocked. Uttara calls her no. 5 a old man comes. She is shell shocked. All are laughing.
Uttara :this all happened bcoz of that girl only. U..
OK now come let’s start the dance. All couples get on stage.
Swalak dance on aaj phir Tum….
Laksh also slowly realising that he feels something for swara but he ignores it.
They dance like they lost in each others.
It’s now ragsan turn.
Ragini says I don’t want to dance with u.

Sanskar :same here I am also not dying to dance with u. Tum he apna bananey ka plays… all are shouting dance. As having no other option sanskar comes forward and catches her waist. Ragini feels his touch and immediately removes his hands as it is first time for her.
Ragini:sir what are u doing
Sanskar :what if I not touch u how will we dance by touching our legs.
Ragini:no sir but..
Sanskar : oh hello don’t imagine anything. I also not have any interest in touching u.
Ragini: okk then.
Sanskar :are u ready. It’s really a awesome song but I never thought on dreams that I should dance with u on this song.
Ragini :me too who wants to dance with ravan. Hmm..
Sanskar suddenly rotates her when she is about to fall he catches her and holds her closer touching her back to his. He touches her belly and dances. Ragini also allowed bcoz.. She also don’t know.
They dance very romantically.

After completing there is a very big applause. They parted..
Now it’s Uttara s turn. She says no I won’t.
Old man:no u only started no its ur turn come let’s dance.
Uttara:dhadha ji I think if u do one step then u will go to hospital.
Old man:hey u who said I am old. I am very young come let’s dance. He takes her on stage forcefully.
They dance on teri meri. All began to laugh. Uttara is embarrassed.

After sometime the party gets over. While sanskar is leaving a waiter drops juice on him. So he goes to clean it.
Here ragini wants to change and goes to changing room.
Swara says to laksh :lucky once go to ur bro and talk. I think he will now understand
Lucky:how can u say that
Swara :bcoz he mistakenly said that he never misses ur programme. So there is a chance. U goo. I will wait here.
Laksh:thank u jaan. Ur really my life. And hugs her. Now he feels something strange. It is not the first time but now he feels very different and he liked that.
Ragini calls swara to help. Swara goes to a room.

Here security locks all the doors. And switches of the light.

Episode ends with swaragsanlak faces in rooms….

Precap :nok Jhok…..

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