Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 25


Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 25

Recap:swara is hurt bcoz laksh and Uttara doesn’t give invitation card to ragini.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u all for ur lovely support.

Episode starts..

Scene :at gm
Ragini:munni what are u doing all this. See what have u done to this room.
Munni:I should look best na that’s why
Ragini:why u have to look best
Munni:after all its my avi s papa party. I should be very beautiful.
Ragini : oho in that case I will give u a dress. Once see that
Munni:where is it. Show me
Ragini gives her a very beautiful pink long frock:how is it
Munni :Laado ur the best. This is very nice. I will look like a….
Laksh:Devil. Am I right

Munni:see gorilla came.
Laksh :u I won’t leave u
Munni:me too and makes faces
Ragini :u both again started. Oh plz stop it. My munni looks like a doll in any dress.
Munni kisses ragini and she also kisses her.
Laksh:BTW where are u going
Ragini:ur brother got contract na for that there is a party.
Laksh: oh shit I forgot swara said that there is some concert. I should run. I am going. Bye ragu
Ragini:u too. Okk byee
Ragini takes a yellow dress which is very simple. Munni says what is this ur coming with me wear something nice.anyways u look very nice in any dress but all will treat u like avi s frnds Laado. So maintain my reputation
Laksh :that purple one will be very nice on u. Plz wear that.
Ragini:u didn’t went till now
Laksh:I am very good at girls selections. I think u need my help that’s why. Oh my god Tyson is coming. I am going
Ragini smiles:shona u came. I am waiting for u. Plz select a dress for…. What happened y are u so sad. I didn’t saw u like this. Say na what happened. Anyone said to u something I am gonna kill them. Suddenly swara hugs ragini.

Ragini:Shona… now ur making me afraid. Say what happened
Swara :nthng Laado one of my frnds had a problem. She loved her frnd but she realised it very late. He is loving someone
Ragini:so what happened she should say her feelings. She should not hide if he is not realising it
Swara :no Laado he loves her best frnd who can give life for her. So what should she do.
Ragini:if I were in that girls place I would have leave him for my frnd bcoz in my pov friendship is more than love.
Swara :I got the answer. I feeling now like my heart is light free of burden. Tq u ragini. I can do anything for u Laado.
Ragini: oh hello from where have u come to where. I love u more than u. Remember it. Okk
Swara: okk Laado maa. They share a hug
Swara :who is that. Oh my god she is munni. Ur so pretty like a doll.
Munni:tq u laado only made me ready.

Ragini :swara u also have some concert I think u were this purple dress for that.
Swara :what me dress. No not again. U remembered Laado when I wore a dress in our annual day. I came home like more than a beggar. My dress is torned like anything.
Ragini:but now laksh is there na. He will take care of u. Btw u said him that u love him.
Swara :no Laado actually….. I want to give him a surprise that’s why waiting for a nice occasion. That’s it
Ragini:ok but now u should wear this. I don’t know anything. U should wear this. Now go and get ready.
Swara :ok OK after all my frnd asked me something I will wear this for sure.

They both get ready.
Munni:what this shona. Ur looking like a buffoon.
Ragini:what is this shona. These bands lockets rings. And ur here. What is this it destroying the beauty of the dress.
Swara :what I won’t remove these. No yaar plz.
Munni:shouts just keep quiet. Fold ur holds and finger on ur lip. Laado ready her fastly.
Swara does like munni said and makes a cute face. Ragini makes her ready.
Ragini gets a call. She hugs swara
Swara : oh hello now what happened to u. Am I now too ugly.
Ragini:no shona ur the most beautiful girl in this world with a great and big heart.
Swara thinks is she found out about laksh s matter:no Laado I am doing this only for u
Ragini:shona why u love me that much. U saw me in trouble and without my saying u paid munni s fees and buyed books too.

Swara : oh thank God. It’s just like that when u were talking to ur kanaji I heard u and went and paid fees.
Munni:shona Laado. Now I am thinking that if my mom would not left me I would not have met u both.
All gets emotional.

Scene :at am
Sanskar :avi u didn’t get ready till now. Get up fast. Go and get ready.
Avi:wait papa first I should see Laado s gift. He opens it he sees news paper rapping. He removes it. And there is another one. He opens like that 7times.he got tired. Sanskar smiles seeing that. At last he opened and found so many thermocol balls and in that there is a picture on marble stone. It is his picture only.
Avi: oh I loved this . I don’t that some one can love me too. IA m very happy I got Laado. Wait there is another photo. It is a normal photo in which there is sanskar s pic with lungi when he worked when ragini came to meet avi. Avi is laughing without stopping very loudly.
Sanskar : oh no what is this. I won’t leave that girl. Avi just stop it. Plz
Avi hardly controlled.

Scene :at gm
Laksh:swara what is this. Plz don’t give me heart attack. I am fainting plz take me to hospital. Call doctor plzz
Swara :Laado I said na. See
Ragini:laksh Plz don’t act say frankly. Isn’t she beautiful.
Laksh : oh my God ragini she is really beautiful. If I saw her first like this. I am gonna seriously propose her. But I said u to wear it na.
Swara :that means u like Me or my dressing style. Ragini that’s the reason uuu forced me to wear it. Thinks what are u thinking can’t happen laado.

Laksh:arey it’s not like that… u both are beautiful like sisters.
Swara :ye we are. ok leave it. Come let’s go. Byee Laado munni. If it gets late call me plz.
Ragini :ok OK u enjoy and winks at her.

Scene :at party
Ragini and munni comes a bit late and was about to enter. The security stops
Security :mam card plz
Ragini:what card. I don’t have any card.
Security :then u were not allowed to get inside.
Uttara smirks. She is also outside talking to frnds.
Avi:hey uncle I know her. Allow her in. She works in papa s office only.
Security :no beta we got strict rules without invitation card we can’t allow anyone.
Avi goes to sanskar but he doesn’t hear bcoz he is talking to someone.
Avi:ok now allow her this is the card. Papa now only gave.
Security :ok u can go mam.
Ragini:tq avi. U saved me otherwise ur ravan would have eaten me raw.
Sanskar :where is this girl. Bcoz of her all these were waiting. I won’t leave her. He is very angry.

Ragini:hurriedly sees sanskar and runs to him and slips on sanskar. They fall down ragini is on top of sanskar. (do pal ruka plays…)
Sanskar :what is this ragini. U came late and moreover where are ur eyes. Kept in ur handbag. Get uo
Ragini :so sry sir. I am very sry sir… here is ur file.
Sanskar :OK now get out don’t even show ur face. Get out bcoz of u see all were taunting on my reputation. I gave u some freedom but that means u will take me granted.
Ragini :sir actually outside…
Sanskar :shut up I hate explanations. Get lost.
Security :mam ur not allowed.
Uttara :what oh wait I will show u my card but she doesn’t find her card
Avi hears Uttara talking to her frnds:see now enjoy guyss. I hate this girl very much. They see a rich man and traps them. I know now bhai will fire her. And they laughs.
Avi:utts I am feeling bored here
Uttara : oh my handsome is getting bored. OK say what u want
Avi:I want to eat icecreams. Give me money na

Uttara : oh that’s it take while she is giving money avi takes her card and money and goes from there.
Fb enda

Uttara somehow comes with the help of her frnds.
Ragini was going crying with munni.
Uttara thinks how she came in and where my card got lost. I think it’s her plan only now see what I will do.
She wantedly gives dash to her by which ragini falls gets hit to some other girl who falls down and hits her nose.
Raichand:Mr. Sanskar as our contract got. I have arranged a music performance by a very famous troop. It is my wife’s request. If u don’t mind.
Sanskar : oh it’s OK Mr. Raichand. We are now like partners. It’s ur party u can do whatever u like

Raichand:tq very much Mr. Sanskar. I have also kept some dance and one special host also came.
Girl:shouts oh my God. Uu my nose is paining. She checks in her mirror. It’s get very red. She is shouting and crying I came here to host. Now how will I. It’s all bcoz of u.
Ragini: oh I don’t know. I am really very sry somebody pushed me that’s why I hit u. I am really sry. Let me see
Girl:hey u village girl. Stop there don’t even dare to touch me.
Raichand: oh Rita what happened to u. How u get hurt.
Rita:sir this is all bcoz of this girl. She pushed me. Now I can’t host this. I am leaving.
Raichand:Rita wait.. But she leaves angrily. Hey girl who are u. Uttara smiles evilly
Sanskar also sees all the scene and is very angry at ragini.
Sanskar :Mr. Raichand she works in my office only. Ragini I won’t leave u for what have u done.
Ragini:sir listen to me once.

Sanskar :enough is enough I have already said u to leave but u can’t understand anything. Mr. Raichand I can give her any punishment. I won’t object it.
Ragini:sir I didn’t did it intentionally. Pl believe me sir.
Raichand:hey u just shut up. Now go and change u are going to be the host for today.go and get ready. This is ur punishment.
Ragsan are shocked.

Episode ends with shocking face of ragini

Precap:ragsan and swalak are locked…

A very big apologies for swalak fans.. From now I will try to balance both pairs. . Though less scenes of swalak also u have supported me. Tq s for that. But from now u will see both. . Sry once again. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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