Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 24


Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 24

Recap :swara loves laksh. Ragsan moments.

Hii guys dhamini here.

Episode starts…
Scene :at am
Ragini:do u know me before

Sanskar :what Uttara u know her.
Uttara:yaah I know her she only na that girl who slapped u on valentines day. How dare u and goes to slap her but sanskar stops her. Ragini looks on shocked.
Uttara :bhai… ….
Sanskar :she didn’t did intentionally but it’s my mistake only.
Uttara :bhai u have changed in 3yrs.
Sanskar :it’s not like that and explained the whole scene. BTW how do u know. It doesn’t got telecasted na
Uttara:Haa bhai I saw it in fb my frnd showed me but I said her to delete it. She deleted thank god
Sanskar :ok now ragini she is my sister Uttara. I only have her. And Uttara she is ragini works in our office only.
Ragini :hi uttara
Uttara:Uttara mam. Do u understand
Ragini: oh I am sry mam. Sir I have to leave now sir.

Sanskar :hmm…. OK (very upset)
Uttara thinks I stopped her then only but now she came here too for bhai. I should stop her.
Ragini:munni come. Byee avi. Take care. Take medicines. Eat nicely. Don’t eat outside food OK. U will be again illif u will
Eat then. Okk
Avi:ok laado. How much u said. Okk
Sanskar smiles at them. Uttara sees this. She is very angry.
Uttara :bhai y she came here and avi is talking to her and ur not saying anything.
Sanskar is involved in ragini and doesn’t respond.
Ragini kisses avi and he also kisses

Ragini:tomorrow u are well then I will give u a gift. But for that u should be fit like my handsome. Okk
Avi:I am fine. I want my gift
Ragini:that I will see tomorrow and will give u
Avi: okk
Ragini and munni leaves

Scene:at Gm night
Laksh: oh my God my avi so cute. Thank u very much ragini. I can see this but maa papa can’t even see this and gets teary eyed. Ragini makes a video when she goes to am
Ragini :it’s OK no thanks I can do that much for my frnd. BTW do u know Uttara.
Laksh :how do u know her. She is my sister.
Ragini: oh when I went to see avi she came there.
Laksh :what she came there but didn’t came to our house.
Ragini:what I mean is she ur sis or sanskar s
Laksh:she is my sister. I and Uttara, adharsh and sanskar bhai.
Laksh:ok I will show dis to maa papa and leaves
Ragini :shonaa what happen to u why are u silent. Where is my firebrand Tyson
Swara :laado I want to say something to u
Ragini:that I love laksh. Am I right. Swara is shocked.

Swara :laado how do u know that
Ragini:u forgot I know what u think and anyone can say that u and lucky are in love.
Swara :but he doesn’t think Naa bcoz he loves…
Ragini:Haa he is very dumb. But he will realise it. U don’t worry.
Swara :thank u laado ur really my soul mate.
They sleep

Scene:at a restaurant mrng
Priya(she has crush for laksh) :lucky u came. And she blushes. U know I didn’t saw u for 2weeks.i missed u so much
Laksh :arey Ajay who called her here bhey. I am finished now. She will eat my brain. Swara is jealous
Priya:say something baby. Why are u not talking to me.
Swara goes from there
Laksh:nothing priya. I also missed u
Priya:really. Yippee. This is the best part of my life.
Laksh :is drinking Juice. He says but priya u know I love someone.
Priya:what. It can’t happen. Lucky u can’t do this to me. I know u love swara
Laksh spills the drink. Swara came there and was expecting an answer from him. Lucky doesn’t see swara
Laksh:what?? Are u joking swara is my best frnd that’s all. I didn’t even thought of love that to swara. No I love someone else
Priya:chii I won’t talk to u. But my final question who is that lucky girl
Laksh :she is swara s frnd ragini. She recently came to Mumbai
Priya:whoever it may be I am very jealous. I am leaving. Good bye
Laksh:yeah finally I got rid of her.
Swara gets teary eyed

Laksh :hey swara did u listen what priya asked. So funny. U should have been here
Swara :see lucky I don’t have any interest in ur stupid talks OK. I came to say that today evening we are going to perform. Be ready. If u want to come u can otherwise it’s ur wish. She goes from there without listening to laksh s reply and runs crying. (piya aye na plays…
Laksh:what happened to her now.
Ajay:I think she is hurt that u said that u don’t love her.
Laksh:are u joking if she would be here she would laugh like hell listening to that. Whatever u will say. Eat first.
Ajay:I said what I thought. It’s ur wish to believe or not. I am going.
Laksh :arey what happened to them I and swara it’s impossible. Oh my god. We only fight. OK leave it.

Scene :at office
Ragini comes at 8:10 so she is in a hurry:now don’t know what that ravan will do. He is going to eat me.
Sanskar is sitting in his cabin thinking:why she didn’t came till now. If she is not going to come. No she said she will come.

Ragini hurriedly comes only seeing sanskar directly and hits the glass door without seeing. Her nose gets hurt and became red. Sanskar is laughing seeing that for the first time. He is laughing continously.
Ragini:is catching her nose and sees laughing sanskar oh this ravan also knows to laugh. How cuteee his smile is and she also laughs.
Sanskar :composes himself ragini see while coming. Go to ur seat and get me Mr. Kapoor s file completed.
Ragini:ok sir. He didn’t scolded me for being late. I think he is not that bad.
Krishna:u know ragini I didn’t saw sir laughing in these 5yrs.its a miracle
Ragini:really bhaiya. But why he doesn’t laugh at all. Very strange u know what bhai I can’t stay smiling for 1min also.
They both smile. Without seeing krishna hits uttara
Krishna:sry mam
Uttara :what the hell u did how dare u to touch me. My dress is spoiled and I should do bath for 10times.chii how these cheap people come. Do u kept ur eyes at home
Ragini:mam he didn’t did it intentionally. He said sry na.
Uttara :hey u whatever be in ur limits don’t raise ur voice infront of me. Mind it. Now get lost u both. Ediots. Cheap
Krishna:ragini what is the need to talk to her. She is like that only.
Ragini:I think she is ravan ka surpanaka sister. Same to same.
They laugh
Uttara :hai bhai

Sanskar :hai sweet heart. He is still smiling little
Uttara :bhai are u OK. U are smiling
Sanskar :ha u am fine that ragini. And starts thinking about her.
Uttara :bhai.. I came here to say that our contract owner want to keep a party for u. He gave us invitation cards
Sanskar :oh very nice. Invite ragini also
Uttara :what..
Sanskar :I mean all our staff members.
Uttara :ok bhai I will give it to all.
She gives to all except for ragini intentionally but ragini don’t know that.
Sanskar :ragini today night u know na there is a party. Come with that file directly there. Okk. Now u can leave
Ragini :sir this early
Sanskar :Haa the school gets over now only na.
Ragini : oh I forgot sir. Thank u very much.
Sanskar :actually I was also going there only I can drop u.
Ragini :sir actually I have some other work. Thank u sir.
While leaving wantedly Uttara keeps her leg and ragini falls but sanskar catches her. A cute eyelock takes place(sun sathiya plays..
Uttara goes from there seeing this and calls someone:hey u should come here fastly
Voice:why what happened

Uttara :yaah u come first I will tell u everything.
Voice:okk I will come in 2days
After sometime krishna comes and breaks their eyelock.
Krishna:sir avi..
Sanskar :ha ha I am going.
Ragini also leaves

Scene :at school
Munni and avi comes. Sanskar too comes and thinks where is this ragini. Why she didn’t came.
Munni:what happen ravan uncle u are waiting for my laado
Sanskar :hey u choti nothing like that
Munni:then why are u waiting. U can go. I will wait for laado.
Sanskar :Haa.. Haa. I am waiting bcoz if someone kidnapped I means ur junglee blames me that I have kidnapped u.
Munni: oho but I am a very daring girl. I don’t need to worry.
Sanskar :ha ha I know ur how much daring that’s why only na u cried when u came to our house. I want laado. He imitates her.
Munni:haa that’s bcoz I got afraid of u.as laado told u will eat me means.
Sanskar :why will I eat u. Ur not even tasty also
Munni:ur rakshas naa
Sanskar : oho so it laado said like this to u.

Munni :I also think like that only. BTW u only my laado s Boss. U didn’t left her naa till now that’s why she didn’t came
Sanskar :no I said to go but she said that she had some work
Ragini comes.
Sanskar :hey u junglee where have u gone. I am very tensed. Why are u not speaking
Munni:arey ravan uncle she came now only na and u didn’t give time to speak how will she speak.
Ragini :sir u were tensed for me
Sanskar :no why I will be. I was saying about munni.
Ragini:avi as I promised see here is it gift.
Avi: oho thank uu very much. See I am fit and fine.
Sanskar :so this is ur important work.
Ragini:Haa avi don’t open this now. Go to home and open. Okk
Munni:for me
Ragini :why for u. He means he got illna
Munni:Chi laado I won’t talk to u
Ragini:ok my Mata how will I forget u and gives chocolate to her
Munni :I know u laado. Ur soo good. I love u
Ragini: oh so sweet. I love u too my sweet heart.
Avi and munni both kisses her. Sanskar smiles at that.
Ragini:sir u again smiled. Don’t give heart attack sir.

Sanskar :what when I didn’t smiled. Come avi let’s go and u ragini the file it’s very important get that to party.
Munni: party I will also come
Avi:I also
Ragini looks at sanskar pleasingly
Sanskar :ok OK u can come but u should be quite and don’t make noice also. Okk
Munni avi: okk done
Ragini :tq u sir.

Episode ends..

Precap:security stops ragini and Uttara smiles. Swalak performance..

Guys There will be a entry for swara but u have to wait. Thank uuuuuu


Credit to: Dhamukohli

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