Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 23

Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 23

Recap :sanskar gets to know that ragini didn’t did froad. Ragini says her first meeting with sanskar to swara. Swara feels for laksh

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u very much guys. I think it liking my ff. It’s not that boring right. Plz say if it is.

Episode starts..
Scene:at school
After sanskar left. Laksh comes and hugs ragini :tq very much ragini. U know I thought I can’t meet him in my life. U did it. Tq u very much. But ragini why did u say my name is lakshman
Ragini:arey laksh if by mistake avi said ur name is laksh then that ravan will not leave me first as I said ur my frnd.
Laksh:ragini ur very intelligent. I know by living with me u get these many ideas.
Munni:no no u only stay with swara don’t take my Laaado now u also have avi. All forgot about me. And makes a cute sad face.
Ragini:no no munni why are telling like that I won’t leave u. Ur my life. I can’t live without u
Munni:keeps her hand on her head and says it’s my mistake now this ganga and yamuna flow
All smiles
Laksh:BTW I also got another chocolate for u. U want

Munni: oh tqq uu

Scene :at night at am
Sanskar:avi are u fine now
Avi:yes papa. I am fine. Don’t worry I am very strong boy.
Sanskar :BTW who gave u this chocolate
Avi:Laaado s frnd LA..
Sanskar :what laksh
Avi:no papa lakshman
Sanskar : oh okk now u sleep. U should take rest tomorrow doctor will come.
Avi:kk papa gud nght
Sanskar :gud Night avi. And kisses him
Avi feels strange bcoz till now he didn’t kissed him

Scene :at gm
Swara:Laaado I want to ask u something
Ragini :Haa shona from when did u started to ask me permission to ask
Swara:it’s not like that I want to ask if u love anyone
Ragini:no shona actually I hate love and don’t have trust. As it gives only pain nothing more than That. BTW why u are asking me. I think u are in love
Swara :what no no.
Ragini:swara once u go to temple na u get ur answers there
Swara:what ragini u know na I won’t believe
Ragini:but once u can try na
Swara :ok u should also come.
Ragini :ok fine

Swara :u too sweet heart I won’t leave u.
Munni:she kisses swara. Laaado once I need to call avi to ask about his health.
Ragini:I also thought to call him.. But no….. Yaah I got it yesterday he called we will try to that
Ragini realises that ravan will be there and asks munni to talk first.

Scene :at am
Sanskar thinking about ragini will she come or not. If she won’t come. No no she will come. No after such a insult she won’t see my face even. I think I should say sry once again
Soul :arey sanskar u didn’t even said sry once.
Sanskar :yaah I forgot u know na I won’t say to any one sry. So it is very difficult to me.
Soul:but such a beautiful girl. If I was in ur place I would have said sry for my life. U stupid how much u will think. Call her and say sry
Sanskar :what beautiful. Did u see her dressing. She is a village girl.
Soul:u ediot u can never understand what a beauty she is. U can’t get her anywhere in the whole world.
Sanskar :get lost ur spoiling me. Soul disappears
Sanskar calls her but gets engage bcoz ragini also calls him.
Sanskar phone rings. He is shocked to see the no.
Sanskar :ragini..

Munni:it’s me munni not Laaado.
Sanskar : oh u choti girl. Why u called
Munni :ravan uncle give phone to avi. I want to talk to him
Ragini is laughing slowly by the way munni is talking.
Sanskar hears and thinks so ragini is also there
Sanskar :actually he slept as he is not well.
Munni : oh OK is he fine.
Sanskar :ha ha he is fine tomorrow doctor will come.
Munni :why not today
Sanskar :bcoz our family doctor is busy today
Munni:so u can take to another doctor na
Sanskar : oh God how many questions will u ask. I think ur a tough competition to ur bakbak junglee
Ragini gets angry but doesn’t say anything. Sanskar thinks she is even not replying that means she is very upset. He gets an idea
Sanskar :actually munni avi is feeling bored if u come tomorrow here he will feel happy. What do u think
Munni:ok ravan uncle I will come
Call cuts

Ragini:why u said yez
Munni:for avi to play with him
Ragini : oho okk for avi but who will take u. Munni looks at her with pleasing eyes
Ragini :ok OK now sleep.

Scene :morning at Temple
Swaragini and laksh Ajay comes
Ragini:shona go and do pooja.
Swara :ok u too come na
Ragini:I will make rounds and come
Laksh :arey Ajay stop eating yaar. Give me one idea how to make ragini fall for me
Ajay:arey don’t drag me in ur matters OK that swara bet me and from that day I was on bed and today only I recovered.
Laksh :idea I love u rey

Ajay:heyy stay away from me as I am only eating don’t take advantage of me. I am not that type
Lucky:shut up. He takes the peal of banana from Ajay and throws it where ragini is about to come
Ajay:I don’t understand ur plan.
Lucky:don’t give stress to ur brain. U eat.
Lucky hides behind a wall and thinks to come when ragini is about to fall.
He hears some one screams and comes thinking ragini bit it turns out to be swara
Lucky:uu and leave her
Swara :arey lucky what have u done. Ouch it’s paining
Lucky : otherwise it will be nice. U made my plan flop ediot and steps on peal and falls on swara. (ishq bulava plays..
Ragini inside the temple rings bell.
Swara :thank u God I got my answer. I love laksh. I love him very much.
Laksh also feels something strange.

All people are talking see public romance
Laksh:romance see u oldie how can a boy romance a boy.
Swara :lucky ur gone and runs behind him
Ragini sees and thinks I know swara u love laksh and I think I got ur answer. I am very happy for u.

Scene :at am
Sanskar is wearing lungi and is watering plants.
Ragini and munni comes without knowing ragini steps on pipe.
Sanskar also didn’t see ragini and thinks want happen why the water stopped and lifts the pipe and kept it near his face to see
Ragini steps forward and sanskar became wet as water starts coming
Sanskar : oh God he is shouting
Ragini hears him : oh God now what I have done I am gone.
Ragini:sir sry sir I didn’t did intentionally
Sanskar :actual I should have thought before only when there is a problem u will be there only.
Ragini:this much attitude she goes quietly in to the house
Sanskar : oh God I should change now
Ragini and munni steps inside and goes to a room
Sanskar shouts aahh
Ragini:sir sry I thought it is avi s Room. She looks at munni as munni only said that it is avi s
Munni:Laaado see how much white he is. Oh know even I am also not that white.
Ragsan look at each other.

Munni pushes ragini inside and says I know avi s room she left
Sanskar shirtless comes closer to ragini. Ragini moves back and hits wall
Sanskar comes more close. He bends down crctly in front her face as if he is going to kiss her.
Ragini closes her eyes:sirr…. Slowly
Sanskar keeps his fingers on her lips :shh..
Ragini heart is beating very fastly. After some sec she felt something on her ears.
She opens her eyes she sees Sanskar at some distance. She touches her ears
Sanskar :ragini u will look more nice with ur two earrings
Ragini remembers that she forgot to keep her another earing as it is with sanskar.
Now both are there.
Sanskar is still shirtless and feels strange
Ragini runs from there. Sanskar :why I am feeling not to get away From her.
Ragini:why I didn’t stopped when he is coming closer to me.
Ragini goes to avi s room :avinash how are u now and goes and puts some powder on his face and realises that he has high fever.
Sanskar :he also feels that avi has fever. He is very tensed and calls doctor
As that day is doctor s strike so no obw
Is able to come.
Sanskar catches avi and cries :sry avi yesterday only I should have u to doctor. Now what I should do.
Ragini feels bad and goes to kitchen and prepares some kada and gives it to avi
Ragini :sir it works sir plz believe me. He will be normal In 1hr.
Sanskar :thank u ragini and hugs her and says I did a mistake by not listening to u but now I believe u. Plz be here till avi gets conscious. Plz ragini plz…
Munni is also crying. Ragini is shocked but didn’t hugged him back.
Ragini:sir I will be here only
After hr avi gets conscious and smiles seeing munni
Ragini:u have scared us. How are u feeling now my handsome.
Avi:I am fine laado. Why u all came here

Ragini :what sir said u were feeling bored
Sanskar is sweating :I I thought he will feel better.
Avi gets up now he is perfectly alright. Munni and avi started playing. Ragsan are left alone there.
Ragini:sir I think…
Sanskar :I am sry ragini. I am really very sry I shouldn’t said u those things. I am really feeling bad. Plz forgive me.
Ragini :sir it’s okk. But listen to what others saying. Plz give them a chance to speak and say their views. Actually I thought I should not come to office again
Sanskar :what u know na ur agreement
Ragini:that’s what I am saying plz listen what I am saying. I was saying that only I thought about agreement and decided to come.
Sanskar :I think u don’t want to leave me right.
Ragini:what sir
Sanskar :I mean My office
Ragini:actually u were very funny on that lungi and starts laughing loudly
Sanskar :what I am looking funny for u and starts coming closer to her
Ragini:moves back laughing still and saying sry sir I couldn’t control and hits the wall
Sanskar : oh really and comes very close to her. Ragini stops laughing and sees into his eyes intensely. (saans mein teri plays)

Their was a romantic eyelock but is disturbed by a voice
Uttara :bhai where are u
Ragsan realise their position and parts away
Uttara :uuuu
Ragini :do u know me before

Episode ends with uttara s shocking face…

Precap :laksh says I can’t even think of love with swara. Uttara creates misunderstanding between ragsan

How is this. Hope u liked it.tqs for ur suggestions. Thank uuuuuu


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