Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 22

Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 22
Recap :sanskar misunderstood ragini and scolds and hits her. Raglak support swara.
Hii guys dhamini here. Tqq u very much by loving my ff and silent readers too. I am very thankful.

Sumi gets to know that swara brought ragini before hand only but doesn’t say anything and shekar to know very well about his daughter.

Episode starts…

Scene:at office
Sanskar:what u did uttara u know by ur childish behavior I blamed a innocent girl. U know she kept on saying that I am wrong but it is my mistake I didn’t listened to her. He goes and sees his table which had ragini s blood. He is feeling very bad for what he had done.
Actually uttara is laksh s sister but mostly lives with sanskar. She is very attached to him. Sanskar also sees her like an angel. He won’t even raise his voice on her. But this is the first time. In my ff she is gel rey shade.
Uttara:bhai what is this for some girl u scolding me.
Sanskar : oho stop it uttara she is not some girl. She is…. Who is she why am I thinking about her this much.
Uttara:what bhai who is she..
Sanskar :nothing leave it why u came this suddenly
Uttara:I have a small work that’s all
Sanskar :so then come to home
Uttara:bhai……. .. actually want to go to maa papa.
Sanskar :ok then but tomorrow u should come
Uttara:OK bhai I am going. She thinks I won’t leave that girl.

Scene :at gm
Swara:laado from yesterday we are not getting time to talk. Yesterday when I was talking to u ur Boss called u.
Ragini:shona kabhaddar if u take his name she is very angry.
Swara :cool cool what happened say na
Ragini:actually I met him before only in Kolkata.
Swara :what buy u didn’t told me.
Ragini :ha it is not that important that’s I don’t want ur mood to be changed.
Swara :now tell me what happened

Ragini has a small dhaba yet very famous bcoz our cook ragini is there na. The name is Rohan(her bro) dhaba. Ragini has two assistants named tolu, molu who are brothers.
The day before she get onto bus
Tolu:didi how u make this much nice food. I feel like I should only eat and don’t give to anyone.
Ragini :ha ha don’t butter me I know u want money for buying books. I know I already got ur admission in that college and also brought books for u both. Happy
Tolu:thank u didi we lost our parents and orphans but we won’t feel like that becoz it there for us na and hugs her. Ur more than mom and dad.
Ragini : okkk for me also no one is there na accept u both. My shaitans. Btw where is molu.
Tolu:come come up will show u and takes her to a table and shows below where molu is eating food.
Ragini catches him by his ears:u shaitan mrng mrng ur eating this much food. That’s what I am thinking mrng where all my food is gone. Oho so this is ur work.
Tolu:haaa Haa don’t leave him didi
Molu:Acha didi he already ate and while I am eating he is complaining to u. Didi punish him also.
Ragini :u both I won’t leave u come I will give u punishment and takes them to a room where she shows books and says from tomorrow ur going to cllg so this is ur surprise and ur dresses too. How is it

Tolu and molu hug her and says thank u didi
Ragini :how can I give punishment to my brothers. They all smile. Now get to work soon. Come
All customers are arriving
Sanskar who is coming from his meeting stopped as his car tyre got punctured so his driver said to go to that dhaba as car would take time to get repaired. So sanskar scolds him to the top and make a disgusting face and says now I should stay here. Oh God
Sanskar :comes and finds all seats were filled so drags a seat by which the person falls down. Ragini is seeing this.
Molu:what are u doing. Give his seat to him. Get up after the seat get vacated u can sit till then stand here and takes the chair and gives it to the person.
Sanskar :how dare u u don’t know who I am. U village broot
Ragini is very angry :excuse me talk with respect. U did wrong and for which he did crct. How dare u to call him like that. And about u whoever u are it doesn’t makes any sense to me. So if u wish u can wait otherwise u can go.
And says to that person:kaka sry kaka plz forgive me.
Kaka:arey ragini beta don’t say sry actually I would have beaten him for what he had done but thinking about u I left him. U don’t be sry. BTW I am finished give this chair to that head strong man. Blesses ragini and goes.
Sanskar is fuming in anger.

Ragini:ok now u can sit. From next time behave properly and goes
Sanskar :u don’t know when u are offering chair. There are thousands of people under me.
Ragini:but here I am the boss
Sanskar is very angry bit having no other option he sits there.
Ragini:tolu ask him what he want
Tolu:no didi I won’t go. He is very annoying
Ragini :don’t say like that we should not treat the people who came to us. Okk go.
Tolu :hello what do u want
Sanskar :what can u give in this cheap hotel to me. OK fine give water nice bisleri water.
Tolu :he is very angry and bring the water from pot which he kept his hand also in it to make sanskar annoy. And offers him
Sanskar :sees that and throws it he keeps his leg by which tolu falls down
Tolu:heyy u and holds his collar

Sanskar was about to slap him how dare u but ragini stops him and slaps sanskar
Ragini:see be in ur limits how dare u hurt him.
Sanskar :u don’t know how bad u did. U will repent for that and goes from there.
After sometime
Sanskar is feeling very hungry and still his car is not repaired. His driver observes it but he don’t know what happened. He goes to the dhaba
Driver:beta give two plates puri and a water bottle
Ragini knows he is sanskar s driver:gives him food and water bottles. She keeps very hygienic though a small dhaba
Sanskar :hurriedly takes the food and water bottle. He don’t know that it is ragini s
Ragini absorves and gives one plate to driver
Driver :God bless u beta
Ragini:tq u kaka and goes

It’s night sanskar s car got repaired
Ragini also closed it tolu molu leaves but ragini sleeps there only by cutting vegetables.
Sanskar thinks u village cheap girl how dare u to slap me and goes and throws kerosene on the dhaba and fires it without knowing ragini is inside
Ragini who is feeling suffocating shouts:help help
Sanskar is shocked to find ragini there and takes ragini in his arms and saves her.
Ragini:leave me and cries seeing her dhaba destroying. How it happened oh my God she tries by throwing so much water but it didn’t stopped.
Ragini cries very badly and sees match box in sanskar s hand an kerosene tin.
Ragini :u only did that naa
Sanskar :yes I only. It is compensation for ur slap and sees evilly.
Ragini :uu don’t have heart. Ur animal u know with so much difficulty I got this hotel. But in mind u destroyed everything.
Sanskar :ok OK now don’t beg usually I won’t give money to beggars but I will give and throws bundles of money at her. And says with this u can construct 5other dhabas
Ragini :takes that money and gives in his hand and says actually I won’t take money from beggars. Do u get that. U don’t know the importance of money but I know. But sometime u will suffer for what I did. Bcoz God is seeing everything and goes from there
Sanskar angrily goes from there

Tolu mold arrives there and sees their dhaba is not there.
Ragini :says all finished now but u don’t worry and gives some money. I hided it for any further use. By this we can’t construct our dhaba but it will be useful to ur studies.
Tolu:but didi where are u going leaving us. Plz font leave
Ragini:but I should go the goons are behind me now only niharika told me. I should leave but I will be In touch with u. Don’t worry and leaves

Fb ends..
Swara is fuming in anger :how dare he
Ragini:what ever happened is happened control shona but we can’t do now anything.
Swara :laado ur very nice. BTW it is nice u came to me na
Ragini:yes I also think that only but I think bcoz of his rudeness only his wife left him. Avi his son is suffering for that.

Voice:avi is not bhai s son
Ragini:laksh what are u doing here
Laksh:I heard what u said but ur misunderstanding bhai
Swara :Haa laado sanskar maheshwari is elder brother of lucky
Ragini: oh I am sry laksh but bhai he is not living with u then
Laksh:actually he is my cha-cha s son elder to me 2years.avi is our elder son of maheshwari family s son adharsh maheshwari s son
Ragini :what then where are they
Laksh:they are dead.
Ragini: oh I am sry but why he doesn’t live with u in ur house.
Laksh:he thinks that cha-cha chachi and bhai bhabi are died bcoz of my papa. That’s the reason he is punishing our family for that and starts crying.
Ragini :laksh sry l didn’t mean to hurt u
Swara was about to hug lucky but lucky hugs ragini
Ragini : plz laksh stop crying. I can understand ur pain
Laksh:u know ragini when avi is 1yr he got separated from us. I said na in bus by brothers son he is avi only. Bhai is not allowing us to meet him.
Ragini consoles him

Scene:evening at school
Ragini went to pick up munni laksh and swara is also came as ragini says that she knows avi and will meet him to u.
Munni and avi are coming
Munni avi:laado
Laksh has tears in his eyes seeing avi

Ragini:avinash meet him he is….. LA.. Lakshman
Lucky and munni looks on shocked
Munni :no no
Ragini closes her mouth
Ragini winks at him:avi he is my frnd and u can call him chachu
Avi:chachu… and smiles at him
Lucky hugs him and lifts Him and gives chocolates
Avi:thank u very much chachu
Laksh: plz call once more
Avi does. Lucky is crying very badly
Avi:why are u crying chachu
Laksh:nothing by seeing u
Avi:am I that much bad looking
Laksh smiles and says :I think u got my genes only
Ragini:nono avi ur so handsome. He is crying just like that
Avi:my papa says boys should not cry. U also don’t cry.
Ragini is shocked to see sanskar car:laksh ravan is coming go fast
Laksh :who is ravan
Avi:u don’t know it’s papa s nick name laado kept that name.
Swalak goes from there
Ragini is about to go but sanskar stops her
Sanskar :ragini plz listen

Ragini is going. Sanskar catches her hand(baarish plays)
Ragini:sir it’s not ur office plz leave me. All are looking at us
Sanskar : plz listen once
Ragini:what sir
Sanskar :actually it’s a big misunderstanding we only got contract my sister only lied to give me surprise but I thought
Ragini:u thought I did froad by giving the file details to someone.
Sanskar :I am so.. So..
Ragini:sir plz leave it. I am going
Sanskar :that means u won’t come tomorrow to office.
Ragini :no
Sanskar : plz it’s just a misunderstanding I am feeling very so… so..
Munni:arey ravan uncle tomorrow is Sunday all will be at home only naa.
Sanskar : oh that means u will come from tomorrow
But without reply she went.
Munni:ravan uncle avi s health is not nice from yesterday . He did so many times vomitings. Plz take care of him
Sanskar :what avi is it true. Why u didn’t say to me.

Avi:it’s OK papa I am fine now.
They were about to leave sanskar sees laksh but laksh sees that before hand and acts like kissing swara so that he can’t see his face. Swara is shocked. He is not kissing really but was acting
Swara feels like butterflies in stomach. She feels a nice music is playing. (samjhawan plays)
Sanskar leaves. Lucky says sry swara bhai was about to see me.
Swara is lost in her thoughts.
Sanskar is looking at ragini painfully..

Episode ends with swalak and ragsan faces….

Precap :sanskar is restless thinking about ragini and ragini comes to avinash mansion.

I will reveal another fb late. Hope u liked this episode . encourage me like this only by ur comments. One more thing I am typing kadhal only but they are not posting like that. Sry for that. Thank uuuuuu


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