Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 21

Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 21

Recap :ragsan feeling some thing for each other and sanskar sweet talk with ragini which makes her shocked

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u guys for giving ur constant love.

Episode starts..
Scene :at office
Ragini is shocked to see sanskar talking very sweetly with her
Sanskar:u know ragini today s contract didn’t came for us.
Ragini: oh God he didn’t get the contract but he is very cool. I should go to hospital I think I got big injury on my head. Sirr
Sanskar:I think somebody of our office only leaked the details
Ragini:sir why u think like that there will be also talented people more than u. That’s why they got . all should get a chance know sir.
Sanskar :actually what u said is right but I have proof that somebody beside me only leaked my details.
Ragini:if proofs are there means they should get punished sir

Sanskar:yaah and u know what she gave the file only to him
Ragini:sir how can it be sir file is with me na. That means
Sanskar:yaah that means u only did froad. He is very angry
Ragini:sir I don’t know anything sir truly I didn’t did any froad sir. Plz believe me
Sanskar :I know about u cheap girls and characterless girls who can do anything for money. And u I know before only that u had joined in my company to cheat and help that durgaprassad maheshwari. I am true na
Ragini:sir no sir I know him but about details sir he even don’t know where I am doing job. They are like my maa papa
Sanskar: oho so what is this and shows the video in which it shows how dp was giving file and Ap giving her chain and bangles.
Now what will u say about it miss cheater
Ragini:sir first listen to me this video Is true but what are u seeing is not like what are u thinking.
Sanskar :now just shut up ur doing this to take down my reputation know. I know
Ragini :sir Plz listen. U are misunderstanding

Sanskar : oho just shut up u blo*dy characterless girl. But for money u are doing this much. I can’t believe it. U were giving me speeches about humanity but now where ur responsibilities are.
Ragini :sir plz talk with respect sir. But first listen to me.
Sanskar :now what u want to say I know u were doing drama this accepting job all are ur dramas right. I know u before hand only that’s why for confirming I gave that file to u wantedly and guess what I am correct. I saw u that night in dp s house and today too in mrng.
(he saw that conversation in garden when ragini and dp are talking about her agreement)
When yesterday u were crying for munni I thought u were nice and not like what I thought but mrng when I came to drop avi I saw u going to dp d house and followed u to make my thought wrong but I am a fool to think like that u went there and gave my file to him to make me loose.
Ragini :sir sometimes what u see with ur eyes will be wrong too. Plz believe me If I do something I will do my work with full sincerity and responsibilities. But I can’t to froad in my life.
Sanskar :how can u talk like this after u caught also. Hatts of to ur gutts.
Ragini:why can’t u listen to me once

Sanskar is frustrated and grabs her hand and pins her to the wall and says u know from 5yrs no one did dare to cheat me but u in 1 day u showed ur real face. Ragini is crying as his nails are hurting her.
Sanskar :now get out and throws her she hits her head to his table and gets hurt but sanskar doesn’t see her as he turns other side
Ragini:sir ur misunderstanding me sir but as u wish I am leaving. Thank u for believing me for few minutes also it is sufficient for me. Thank u sir and goes.
Sanskar :turns and finds her gone and he is very angry how dare she to cheat me and sees the video repeatedly.

Scene :at gm
Sumi :swara come down fast
Swara :what maa and comes down with her nightmare only shorts and t-shirt and is shocked to there are some people came
Sumi:whispers in her ears can’t u wear some thing descent and says to the people that I will come in 5min and takes swara to her room.
Swara :maa what us happening here and who are those people.
Sumi is busy in making her ready.

Swara :maa what is happening say maa
Sumi:those people came to see u
Swara :I think they are my mad fans came to house directly.
Sumi:they are not ur fans swara but they are ur would be s family
Swara :is shocked what maa what are u saying. Plz maa I won’t come
Sumi:what swara I also want to see my daughter marriage. I even didn’t see my first daughters marriage even.
Swara :maa that happened only bcoz of u if u had accepted her love then she would be with us happily
Sumi: oh swara don’t even take her name. She destroyed our family reputation. Of u also want to go or what. She is dead for me.
Swara :maa u were that time also and now also. Plz maa stop it
Sumi:if u do marriage by my wish or u also loved someone and also wants to runaway with him
Swara :maa it’s not like that
Sumi:then be ready and come down fast.
Swara :maa listen to me…

Sumi leaves
Ragini arrives that time only.
People think that see how traditional she is I think she is also sumi s daughter only.
Ragini: papa who are these
Shekar:ragini what happened to u u got hurt
Ragini :nothing papa I just slipped and got hurt and thinks how sanskar throwed her.
Shekhar :these people came to see swara
Ragini:what thus sudden
Shekhar :Haa she also gave surprise to me. I also cane to know now only
Ragini:what swara said
Shekhar :she didn’t come till now I know what sumi got to know that swara made Mr. Khanna run away.
Ragini:what when how did she know
Shekhar:I too don’t know but she said to me yesterday that Mr. Khanna called and informed her.
Ragini: oh God now shona is finished.
Shekhar : oh don’t worry ragini swara can handle it. They smiles sumi comes then and they stopped laughing

Swara too comes wearing a jeans. Sumi shekar and ragini looked on shocked.
Mother:what us this sumi ur daughter so indiscipline and don’t know how to come in front of elders.
Son:yes maa I know she is like that only but u forced to meet her.
Mother:sumi hi if u don’t mind we want to marry our son to ur second daughter.
Sumi:who my second daughter
Son:she and points to ragini
All are shocked
Sumi:no she is my swara s best frnd
Mother :but we want to make ragini only our bahu we don’t want this girl. When ragini is about to speak
Voice: oho just shut up
All turns he is non another than lucky
Lucky:what u said she is indiscipline and not traditional. U are seeing only outside but u know from heart she is very nice and very kind. What u know about her saw her just for 5min and saying all this rubbish.
Swara and ragini feels very happy

Mother:what u are her supporter. U both are badtameez only. U don’t know how to respect elders.
Lucky:aunty sry to say but growing ur body very big doesn’t seem ur elders but ur thinking also should be like elders
Ragini and swara laughs
Son:how dare u to talk like this to my mother.
Lucky: oh God how I forgot u wait wait coming to u. What u said u know before only she is like that. What do u know about her ur saying this much
Mother :sumi ji is this u give to ur daughter.
Ragini: oh just shut up what do u know about her u know we were childhood frnds 6yrs ago but she took me here and gave me a house. And what ur saying that what sumi maa gave her traditions like that. U know bcoz they were our neighbours for that reason only they gave me a home and looked like daughter.

Lucky:an about swara. I didn’t see a perfect girl like her. She showed me the right path and gave me the future. I think u know me I am laksh maheshwari the rockstar bcoz of swara. With out swara I am nothing. Did u get that
Ragini:get lost from this house immediately.
Laksh:heyy if I will see u in this city also I will not leave u. Get lost.
Sumi and Shekhar were very happy.
Swara comea running and hugs raglak:I am really lucky to have u my frnds. Thanks a lot. And cries
Lucky:arey don’t think that much OK. U should give us a treat. We did it for that only.
Swara : oh how mean u ediot. And starts running behind him
Laksh:u know swara. I am very selfish. Haaahhaa
Swara:Acha my lucky is not like that I know him very well.
Laksh :ur wrong
Swara:no I am not and hugs him thank u lucky thanks for everything thanks for coming into my life.
Lucky: oho don’t be that senti OK BTW I didn’t came into ur life but u came into my life forcefully.
Swara :uuu there fights continue.
Ragini :maa I am sry I talked so much

Sumi:no ragini what u said is absolutely right. Actually I am wrong and wanted to marry swara forcefully.
Ragini :maa can I tell u one thing
Sumi:Haa say
Ragini:maa next time plz ask shona before doing like this. She will look happy from outside but inside her heart is breaken. Plz maa don’t again hurt my shonaa
Sumi:I am very blessed to have a daughter like u and sis to my swara.
Ragini :maa I hided one thing from u
Sumi:no don’t say anything I know everything
Ragini:maa IA m sry I lied to u
Sumi:u will say maa and say sry too. It’s not fair when munni came I got to know everything.
They hug

Scene :at office
Sanskar hits the glass door and hurts his hand blood is coming out.
He is thinking that why I am feeling bad by hurting her.
A girl comes and keeps her hands on his eyes.

Sanskar :ragini u came I know u will come and turns to see someone
Girl:why is happening here ur hand and starts doing first aid to him
Sanskar :uttar it’s OK. I am fine
Uttara :what bhaiya I thought u will be little angry but u are this much frustrated
Sanskar :what how do u know I am angry
Uttara:bcoz u didn’t get the contract na that’s why.
Sanskar : oh it’s kk I will get another conract bigger than this
Uttara:but what is the need for that
Sanskar :why
Uttara:bcoz bhai u only got this contract I only said krishna to lie to to surprise u

Episode ends with sanskar shocked face…

Precap :sanskar says sry to ragini and asks her to join the job. Swara realise her love for laksh…

Sry guys I can’t write emotional or romantic scenes well. Sry if u got bored or thinking it’s a shit but I will try to write it interesting. Sry for my inconvenience. Thank uuuuuu


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