Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 2

Swaragini-(Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 2
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Recap:a girl is chased by goons and gets into the bus and meets Ap, dp.

Hii guys dhamini here first of all sorry for the late update actually yesterday itself like had written it but it somehow got deleted. Thank u guys for encouraging me actually my English is not that good but I was overwhelmed by ur comments . thank to all of u who commented and the silent readers.

About last episode :
Actually sorry for the confusion the girls parents died and Ap, dp are not her parents. They are very rich and they were not so pride of their money. Their car got breakdown so they were travelling in the bus. They just came 10min before the girl came they got different seats but after that a boy takes his ticket back and that is given to the girl sorry for writing without any logic. But from next I won’t repeat it.

Episode starts with…
The girl is missing her parents and thinks that why have u left me mama, papa. After u both died I didn’t lost courage and worked hard these 5 years. But what happened yesterday those two incidents changed my life. Why God u also can’t see me happy. Sorry for blaming u but why have u done that much with me. She cries vigorously but doesn’t show because all were sleeping.

Scene 2:at the highway btn btn kolkata and mumbai.
A handsome guy gets out from jaguar and frustrated because because his car tires got punctured. He calls to a girl.
Guy: oho sweet heart I am sorry actually I can’t come tomorrow my car tires got punctured.
Girl:wha..what I can’t hear u.
Signal is gone as it is a highway so the guy can’t even get a cab and he even doesn’t find a mechanic as it is midnight.

The same bus comes there. The guy stops it and gets into it giving money to the conductor. Actually he is a very naughty and flirty boy who is very handsome. He is a cool guy but he promises some one that he will come tomorrow but as he fails he got frustrated.
He enters the bus and sat beside the girl but he can’t see her face because her hair covers the face. He was eagerly waiting to see her face. At the same time breaks were applied so the girl falls on him.but in a few seconds they compose themselves.
The guy thinks wow what a beautiful girl looking like an angel. He was thanking God of making the car tire punctured.
The girl is continously shouting..
Girl:where am I is mumbai gone and who are u why are u sitting behind me.
Guy:actually I was in heaven seeing ramba.(he is fully mesmerised to her beauty and doesn’t even listen to what she is saying).
Girl:what am I dead and in heaven. But how did I died.
Guy:he comes to senses and asks what we died???. I too don’t know.
Small child :actually u both are in the bus. See mom how funny these two are thinking that going to meet God is very easy and that to heaven. Haa Haa…
Girl stares at the guy angrily.
The child’s mother gets sad listening to her words and says munni don’t talk those words another time.
Girl:BTW why u sat beside me.

Guy:actually angel I thought it is a public transport. So I have a right to sit anywhere.
Girl:what angel?? Angrily OK leave it actually there are also two more seats there then why u sat beside me.
Guy: oho cool down yaar why are u so hot
Girl:what do u mean.
Guy:I mean that why are u soo angry I really have not seen those seats before. I just got into the bus at the last stop. I have seen a vacant seat and sat beside u. That’s it.
Girl:ok now u saw know then go there. She is very tensed because she thought he was trying to harm her.
Guy:he don’t want to leave so he says it’s okk yaar I am very comfortable and there is no problem sitting besides u.
Girl: oh I see but I have problem. Please go there know.
Guy: oh it’s just matter of a day. We can talk, chitchat so that we can’t get bored.
Girl:no its not required I am not bored. And I don’t talk to strangers.
Guy: oh now I got it u want to know my name then ask directly know why are u asking indirectly. BTW my name is laksh maheshwari. Those who are very close to me and my besties call lucky. I have know problem if u call me lucky.
Girl: oyee pls stop where u are. I am not interested in knowing ur name and call u lucky or unlucky.
Lucky: oh how chweet is my name from ur mouth.
Girl:whatever. Plz leave the seat y are u creating a mess here all are seeing us only.
Lucky :actually u didn’t saw me before because I am very famous. They are looking at me to take autograph and selfie.

Actually guys I will give u tomorrow as it is late night u all sleep. Sweet dreams.
Girl:yes I too remember I saw u so many times in TV.
Lucky:thank God u remembered I thought my fame doesn’t reached to all. U know at my house there will be a big queue especially girls to see my face just once.
Girl:yaah it’s not surprising because if any chimpanzee is out zoo which is very funny soo I think there would be really a big queue. But I have a doubt that generation has changed very much that chimpanzees are also giving autographs and selfie.
Lucky:what did u say I am chimpanzee.
Girl:do u have doubt. Actually I saw u many times in animal planet and discovery channels. U are very cute.
Munni(small child) :yaah I too saw him but not in discovery…

Lucky:thank God u munni u are such a sweet heart I know that there are many fans to me and also dieheart fans who can die for me . and he kisses her on her cheeks.
The girl is just staring..

Munni:actually I am a very big fan of u. Sister u have mistaken him he is not chimpanzee he is gorilla. I think u have confused actually they both look similar. I daily see him on cartoon network and pogo. He is very famous. And I also want to take selfie and I will show this to my school friends “selfie with gorilla”. How Is it. Nice naa.

All laughed at munni as she is very cutely saying. And the girl is laughing very much that her stomach is aching and her face become totally red as tomato. Lucky is angry and acts as if he is crying. Munni and the girl give hifi to each other.
Girl:sorry laksh I am very sorry I really mistaken u. U are a……… gorilla. Oh God munni u are so sweet and very cute.
Laksh:yaah yaah very funny laugh and u munni u are very naughty and catches her cheeks.
Munni :sorry brother and catches her ears and was pleading to leave her.
Laksh:I will leave u but u should not repeat. Okk. Promise
Munni:penki promise. And lucky leaves her.
Again break applied and now lucky falls on the girl.
Girl:she is very angry and said that’s why I said to u leave the place but u won’t listen.
Lucky:easy yaar it’s just a break it happens.
Girl:I am not the girl whom u are thinking. And plz stop this nonsense. U won’t leave know u sit here only I will go.
And she goes.
Laksh:what yaar lucky first meeting itself u got a bad impression that’s why she says don’t flirt with all girls because all girls don’t have same mentality.
After a hour. A couple enters abhay and piya. Abhay sat beside laksh and piya sat beside the girl. They are newly married.
Piya:hello. She is continously staring at abhay who is busy in working laptop. The girl understands and wanted to divert her.
Girl:I think u have got married recently. It is very exciting know I think u did love marriage as the way u are blushing.
Piya:she gets sad after listening to the girl. But gives a fake smile and says yes it is love marriage and we got married 1month ago.

Girl:u know ur very lucky that it is a gods gift that u got ur loved one as ur life partner. But some stories are adhuri which have a painful ending. And tears rolls in her eyes while saying.
Piya:yes but… stops and says kk gud Night nice meeting u.
Girl thinks I should do something she is sad but what should I do okk I will exchange the seats.but when she is about to leave she thinks oh noo that irritating chimpanzee. I don’t want but I should do as I can’t see her sad. When she is about to stand. Lucky comes and says..
Lucky:excuse me miss beautiful.
The girl says loo agaya chimpanzee. Abhi uski yaad Kiya hazar hogaya. Pata nahi ab yeah kya circus karega….
Piya:wakes and asks what

Lucky:actually I want to exchange the seat.
Piya:but why??
Lucky:I have some health problem I don’t like bus journey. I will get vomiting. So I want window seat.
The girl eyes him angrily. Piya observes it and smiles.
Piya:actually Mr. Sorry Ur plan got failed.
Lucky:what plan.
Piya:because ur previous seat is window and I am not in the window seat. I am sitting beside window seat and starts laughing girl also laughs. Laksh realises and bit his tongue and says..Actually
Piya:it’s OK I understood u both are gf and bf and u have a small fight so she got hurt and u want to pacify her. It’s okk I am going. The girl and laksh get shocked
Laksh:oho beautiful u are soo intelligent I was about to say that thanks for understanding and say to her actually I think ur more eager to go to abhay. Piya blushes. Girl smiles but is shocked to what lucky said. Piya goes
There is so much silence but laksh breaks and says

Lucky:oh noo it’s a big cyclone what is happening.
Girl:what cyclone where she gets tensed.
Lucky:it’s not outside it’s in the bus.
Girl:what it is right only naa.
Lucky :what yaar if u are angry u should scold me but what is this this much silence.. Oh god
Girl: oh God I really got scared. U are..
Lucky:why u always gets scared. BTW u are not angry with me.
Girl:no yaar actually I know u didn’t did it intentionally I can understand actually If u would have not done that then I would have done it.
Lucky:oh God she is unpredictable if any one is there in her place then they would have made a big issue. Thanks yaar for understanding.
Girl:it’s okk BTW my name is ragini rathod. And I am not famous like u and I will be seen in home and not zoo bcoz I am not like u naa…. Chi..
Munni:gorilla. Haa Haa.ragini laughs very much
Lucky:oh God she is very cute and is mesmerised seeing her laughing.
Munni:I think lucky Is taking it seriously that we are not taunting but we are giving him some reward.

Lucky comes to his senses and says u munni again started I am not gorilla yaar plz stop it. He makes a cute puppy face.
All laughs and they sometime chitchat and now munni is sleeping on ragini who Is also sleeping. But lucky is only staring and smiling seeing ragini.. The wind is blowing so heavily that ragini is disturbed by her hair. But she doesn’t woke up.
Lucky goes near her to make her hair correct but his phone rings so ragini woke up and sees laksh very close to her.
Lucky:I am am..
He pics the call. And the caller listens the conversation
Lucky :I am really sry I didn’t meant too. I want to close the window bcoz I am getting cold breeze. That’s all.
Ragini:it’s okk plz lift the call.
Lucky realises and picks
Girl:what yaar lucky again flirting with some one BTW her voice is so sweet.
Lucky :yaah I know that she is my cute angel.
Ragini looks at him doubtedly but lucky sees her and says not u munni. Ragini smiles.
On phone

Girl:not bad yaar lucky what a covering but It is a old trick. BTW where is ur car
Lucky:darling my car tires got punctured.
But I didn’t forgot that they after tomorrow is ur concert. I will be there. Promise.
Girl:it’s better if u don’t come then u are gone because u have already missed 4 concerts by ur stupid flirting.
Lucky:ok darling if u plz stop talking to me then I will do my work. If this time also I won’t come then it will be a record of 5times is that great.
Girl:hello Mr. Laksh maheshwari is the thing then I will now take ur jaguar. Be ready for that.
Lucky:no no plz don’t do that and I Was just joking. Now I will come for sure. I know you will just blackmail but u love me lot. I love u too meri jaan.
Girl:u just can’t change. OK tell me what I should do now.
Lucky :u are soo intelligent I know more than u no one can understand me better. Actually pls say to some one to take my jaguar carefully to Mumbai. Okkk byee.
Girl:ediot. Okk byeee.

Ragini thinks he has a gf not bad this gorilla is not that bad and laughs.
Episode ends…

Precap :some goons attack the bus….

Sorry if it is boring. I know it is very big as I am late soo I updated along one. Sorry once again for bad English. If there is any confusion u may ask. If my story is bad then u can say me directly so that I will stop writing. Thank uuu once again for ur love.

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