Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 19

Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 19

Recap :swalak romantic dance and ragsan nokjhok

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u guys for encouraging me. I will continue writing but u should always support like this only.

Episode starts..

Scene :at office
Ragini :screaming ahhh…. Sir u here. Actually sanskar is under the table while working his pen has fallen down so he bend down to take it when he heard ragini coming blabbering so he sat there only.
Sanskar:shut up.. U what do u think of ur self. See this is my final warning if u don’t shut ur mouth then u will have to face many problems.
Ragini:what have you done ragini he is here only and I talked so much.
Sanskar : oh hello do u even listened to what I am saying.
Ragini:si.. Sir yes sir sorry sir. I am leaving
Sanskar :hey u junglee girl finished why have u come here.
Ragini:I I came here… bcoz.. Got it u called me
Sanskar : oh great u remembered very quickly.
Ragini:sry sir what I should do
Sanskar:I am giving u a very important file u should keep it with u safely. It is very important for tomorrow s contract. Okk
Ragini :ok sir
Sanskar:ok u may go
Ragini:yes sir and slowly murmurs first day only this much happening. Why can’t he give it somebody else
Sanskar :did u say anything
Ragini:no ko nothing sir. And runs
Krishna :sir this much important file why do u gave her sir
Sanskar :I had expected this from u just wait and watch

Swara:arey it’s boring yaar I will play fm
Fm:u know what listeners today Delhi has got alighted bcoz of swalak performance.
Laksh:swalak means
Swara: oh my God they combined our names swa from swara and lak from laksh
Laksh:what…. But it’s nice name right.
Fm:yes ur guess is right swara and laksh performance and their romantic dance oh my it took my breathe. But our bad luck guys they are just friends but let’s not loose hopes. I am sure that they will be more than frnds. What say OK let’s do vote who wants swalak to be lovers vote green colour and who want them to be frnd vote red colour.
Swalak look at each others face confusingly
Lucky:what is this jaan they are doing votes.
Swara:leave it yaar if they vote for green means u love me or what. (she is hoping lucky to say yes but don’t know why she is feeling like that).
Lucky:no yaar bcoz I already like someone
Swara:disappointedly asked who
Lucky:u know her very well. Guess
Swara: oh priya, Rita, jiya, Lata, rosh,she tells so many names but laksh says no.
Lucky : oh my God what is this swara these many
Swara :ha u flirted with all of them how can I guess one.
Lucky:ok fine I will say she is ur best friend ragini

Scene :at office
Sanskar remembers that he should pick up avi. So he goes. Ragini is very involved in her work so she forgot about munni.

Scene:at school
Avi and munni are coming smiling hand in hand.
Sanskar :come avi
Avi:coming papa munni laado didn’t came till now.
Munni:I think she is busy with her job today is her first day. That’s why she is late I think. U go I will wait
Avi: papa shall we take munni too laado didn’t came na till then she will stay in our house. I am also very bored. Plz papa he makes a puppy face.
Sanskar:he remembers that laado is ragini and thinks she is still working so I will take this girl and I will inform ragini. OK heyy girl come let’s go.
Munni:I am not any girl my name is munni.
Sanskar : oho I think u came from that junglee girls head. OK come let’s go. BTW very strange name munni.
Munni:my name is better than urs. Urs is very sadistic name ravan kumar.
Sanskar :what the hell.
Munni:no no ur not the ravan for hell but for my laado.
Avi:no his name is not ravan his name sanskar maheshwari. Why laado also calls him that only. What does it mean.
Munni:means rakshas who will eat man’s meat. And also tortures everyone.
Sanskar: oh God this girl is more than that ragini. Shut up u choti come fast u both

Scene :at office
Ragini: thank God the work is completed. Oh no it is 5 munni oh my God I think she will be waiting for me. Sry munni I am coming. Bhaiya plz say to Sir that I am going to pick munni.
Krishna: OK go slowly don’t get tensed.

Swara:what.. She feels like her heart us broken into many pieces.
Laksh:what happened jaan say something. I think I love her when I first saw her in the bus I had a strange feeling which I didn’t felt for any girl.
Swara is listening but without her notice tears were flowing but lucky is not able to see bcoz he is driving.
Lucky:arey say something swara.
Swara:comes out and cleans her face and says it’s a very good selection. She is very good but she don’t like the guys who flirts like u.
Lucky :u know from when I met ragini I didn’t think about any other girl. Plz swara u should only help me.
Swara:ok I will try she is very sad and lucky is very happy.

Scene :at school
Ragini comes worried and sees that the gates are closed. She asks watchman
Ragini:Bhaiya if there is any girl inside the school.
Watchman:no mam
Ragini cries a lot she thinks sry munni plz come to me plz what should reply to ur mom. Plz come back to ur laado. And cries vigorously calling munni

Scene :at avinash mansion
Munni and avi are playing
Sanskar :hey choti come here
Munni:what uncle
Sanskar:u know why ur mom used to live in Kolkata.
Munni: our house is there only na so we Live their only.
Sanskar :then what are u doing here
Munni:my dad taken my mom by beating her when we were coming here.
Sanskar :what if ur dad took mom then who is ragini is she is not ur mom
Munni:no she is more than my mom. We met in bus when my mom left laado took me here with her till my mom comes.
Sanskar:that means she is not ur mother.
Munni:no how many times I should say to u ravan uncle.
Sanskar :shut up u choti girl. Don’t call me that and his eyes were red
Munni gets afraid and starts crying :I want to go to laado. Plz take me there.
Ragini don’t know what to do now she thinks that Sir would have come here to take avi no I will ask him if he saw her. She takes her phone but don’t know his no. She calls krishna
Ragini:Bhaiya plz I want sirs no. Plz give it she is crying a lot.
Krishna:what happened y are u crying
Ragini:u will say after plz give me sirs no.
Krishna:ok OK he gives no.
Ragini calls him but it is busy bcoz sanskar is calling to krishna to get ragini s no.
Krishna:sir what happened now only ragini took ur no. She is very tensed she is crying.
Sanksar:what where is she
Ragini:sir school

Sanskar takes munni and goes to school
Here munni is crying and at school ragini is crying. It starts to rain. Ragini is continously trying to sanskar phone but he is not lifting it bcoz he forgot it at home.
Ragini falls down on ground and cries munni
Sanskar comes in his car but due to rain he was not able to see ragini sitting down he was going fastly munni says stop laado is there sanskar suddenly applies break but the car hits ragini slightly she got hurt in her head and hand.
Sanskar :ragini get up
Ragini:munni sir have u seen munni sir when u came to pick up avi plz sir try to remember. Today I got late and munni is not there. If someone had kidnapped her. Sir plz say something sir. If something happens to her I won’t be able to live. She cries munni.. Where are u ur laado came plz forgive me from tomorrow I will come on time. Plz munni I will buy u books, uniform and also pays fees tomorrow only plz munni come where are u.
Sanskar is trying to say something but as it is raining she can’t hear him and was crying continuesly.
Ragini:sir if some one had taken munni. Munni is very small she don’t know anyone here. How will be she now. I think She is also crying.
As sudden break applied munni got scared and fainted in car.
Sanskar:he catches her hands tightly ragini listen to me she is with me only.
Ragini:what sir plz don’t irritate me I know u are very angry at me but plz now it’s not time.
Sanskar :ragini are u mad she is with me only in fact in the car and takes her to the car. And shows munni.
Ragini:munni what happened sir why she is not waking up.

Sanskar:I think she fainted.
Ragini: plz take her to doctor plzzz sir.
Sanskar:ok cine sit in the car. She takes munni in her lap and cries.
Sanskar I seeing her from the mirror.

Scene:at hospital
Ragini:maa plz check munni na she fainted.. See na plz fastly.
Sumi:what happened ragini don’t cry I will see
Shekar:ragini nothing will happen to munni don’t cry see u also got hurt. Plz do dressing beta.
Ragini:no I don’t want anything first I want to see my munni. Plz papa u also go and check na.
Shekar:ok beta u don’t cru.
Sanskar sees ragini standing at door seeing munni
Sanskar :ragini nothing will happen to munni.
Ragini: oho so now ur saying nothing will happen. If u want to hurt me plz do anything to me but munni what she did why u took her and what have u done to her.
Sanskar:arey ragini plz listen to me first.
Ragini:what I should listen. U uu are seriously and started falling unconscious. Sanskar catches her she is murmiring rakshas
Sanskar lifts her and places her in a bed and calls nurse to see her.
Nurse:as she lost so much blood that’d why she fainted I will do dressing she will be fine.

Episode ends.. With ragini and munni who are unconscious.

Sry guys I will not write Precap as I can’t complete it in one episode. Sry for inconvenience. Sry for short swalak part.
I will give them also same importance but u should have to wait. Thank uuuuuu


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