Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 18

Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 18

Recap :ragini went to Ap and dp and their masti and swara makes fun of kabir to make lucky laugh bcoz he badmouthed about lucky.

Hii guys dhamini here. Tqs a lot who are regularly commenting on my ff. I am very happy but now I am getting less comments feel free to say anything. If u don’t like then say it so I will stop this ff.

Episode starts..

Scene:at office
Sanskar :ok now what are u looking are u expecting someone to do ur Arthi. Krishna tell her what to do and her work.
Ragini:she is going silently
Sanskar: oh hello u should call me sir from now and remember to be in ur limits. Do the work sincerely otherwise u will the ruthless devil in me
Ragini:smiles and says ur now not less than devil whenever I see u I feel like that only. Even I can’t see a person like u in hell also. And about my limits I will always be in my limit only bcoz I don’t want to fall in ur level.
Sanskar:uu I will not leave u. He grabs her hand and pins her to the wall and says see now the devil he is very hardly pressing her.
Ragini:sir leave me it’s hurting. She is crying
Krishna makes sanskar to leave ragini
Sanskar:now u came to the path right. Don’t even dare to speak a letter in front of me. Now get put…

Ragini goes out:bhaiya ji which kind a animal he is. How are u staying with him. Ravan kumar. I feel sometimes like even ravan is better than him.
Krishna:gives her kerchief and says I am working with him from 5years but didn’t saw anyone who can stare into his eyes but for the first time I am seeing a girl like u speaking with him and also scolding. Actually ur very good
Ragini :tqq bhaiya ji when I came here I thought all will be like this ravan kumar.
Krishna:actually he is not that bad but he had some big pain in his heart that’s why he will behave like this with all.
Ragini:are u joking bhaiya he has some pain in fact he will pain to all.
Krishna:ok OK sir is very angry with u so get into work soon and explains all the work
Ragini:thank u bhaiya. U are really very nice but stay away from him otherwise u will also become like him only. I will give a idea plz leave this job and go somewhere and live peacefully. Ur not like me na I am stuck with the agreement but u can be free. If I was in ur place then I will go from this state only Without saying him.

Krishna:ragini plz stop
Ragini: what stop bhaiya see here only boys are there no girl is there in this floor and I should work here. If I get a chance then I will beat him with big big iron rods
Krishna:plz ragini stop
Ragini:no it’s a bad idea even the rods will break by hitting him. U know bhaiya after seeing him only I am getting these sadistical ideas
Krishna makes ragini to turn
Ragini is shocked to see sanskar burning with anger as if fire will be come out from his ears, nose and mouth

Scene :swalak
Swara :lucky Plz don’t be angry with me. I can’t tolerate it
Laksh: oh God ur not my jaan. Why are talking these senti words.
Swara :u believed ha ha I was joking only I can make jokes. Btw without talking to u is like I am in heaven and with very much peace.
Lucky:how mean u ediot. OK come lets go we are late.
Swara : obviously when u are with me this only happens.
Lucky:ha ha nice joke say really yaar in ur life time u came at right time
Swara :ha ha okk come
Lucky:u know this is my dream. I wanted to perform in this concert. And it happened only bcoz of u thank u jaan.
Swara :ha ha now u will sneeze or what plz yaar don’t do that.
Swalak smiles
Organiser:mam sir come all are waiting for u.
Lucky:yaah come let’s go.
Swalak get on stage.
Swara:what happened lucky why u stopped
Lucky:do u say how much big it is and see these many people. Oh my god I am going I can’t sing.
Swara : oh God not behave like girls. Come.
Swalak starred to sing choo mantar….. All the audions were shouting and are having fun. Some are dancing…
After performance they said that it is dedicated to all best friends.
Audions demand to have a dance on romantic song.
Swalak says okk. Sapna jahan plays….
Swalak are dancing very romantically. Lucky keeps his hands on her waist and swara had her both hands on lucky s shoulders. They were very lost in each others…

Ragini:she is sneezing in the kerchief and suddenly throws that on his face as she is shocked to see him and shouts:aaaahhhhh
Sanskar:shut up ragini stops
Sanskar:what the hell is this. We are giving salaries to work but not for ur bakbak. Look miss junglee it is not forest behave unself. And u krishna what is this I said to make her understand work but not to leave ur work and do gossiping about me.
Krishna:sry sir I was just
Sanskar: oho just shut up u know I hate explanations. By evening I want the details about tomorrow s contract. Now get lost

Ragini :arey I think u are not human but u don’t have minimum common sense which animals also have. Krishna bhaiya didn’t talked to me. I only talking with him. If ur angry on me scold me but bhaiya didn’t did anything can’t u give importance to his age too.
Sanskar:bhaiya…. Oho very impressive krishna u also make up sister too.
Ragini: oh I forgot u don’t even know the importance of relations and I am a fool talking these with u.
Sanksar:how dare u he comes closer to ragini to grab her but his phone rings he says u ragini come to my cabin in 5min and goes.

Ragini:heyy khannaya Thank u very much u had saved me otherwise I will be gone and ragini plz control ur anger u know na what shona used to say count 1-10 if u get angry. Oh my god now also I missed shona s performance all bcoz of this ravan. Oh God he called me. And runs
Ragini knocks but no reply comes so she goes inside
Ragini:very strange this ravan kumar called me but he only dissappeared. It’s really good without him. I think this room also got independence. She sees avi s photo on his table. She takes it and says oh avi ur soo cuteee u didn’t get any genes from ur dad otherwise u would also have become chota ravan.i feel like if God gave me power for just 10min I will kick him like a football and catches hold his neck and lifts him and throw in garbage.. No no before that I will play tennis with his head she is imagining the scene and laughs she goes to sanskar s picture which is on Wall and hits the photo. Suddenly her files fell down. She sits down to pick them and starts screaming:aaaahhhhhhh

Scene :swalak
The song is completed but they are still dancing..
All claps this disturbs swalak. They realised that song is finished. They feel awkward and avoids each other for sometimes and goes.
While going media comes
Reporter: oh my goodness I didn’t saw this much lovely performance in my life. I should say that u are made for each other. We also have heard that u both were in love for 5 years.
Laksh:what Crabb we are just best frnds. We are not in love.
Swara:yaah actually that is a fake rumor. We are not lovers.
Media: oho sry mam sir but u really look like made for each other. Thank u mam
Swalak feels strange after this. They are now leaving to Mumbai.

Episode ends with swalak s embarrassed faces and ragini shocking face.

Precap:swalak return to Mumbai and sanskar scolds ragini for doing froad.

Soo guys I hope u liked it. How is this say it in ur comments. If ur not liking my ff plz say I will stop writing. Thank uuuuuu


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