Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 17


Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) Episode 17

Recap :ragini is shocked knowing about sanskar s plans and laksh is very angry with kabir

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Scene:at school
Ragini takes munni fastly from there
Ragini:come fast munni otherwise ravan kumar will come
Munni : oho avi s dad. But what is meaning of ravan
Ragini :ravan means rakshas who always trouble people.
Munni: oh I see but I don’t think he is rakshas he is soo cuteee na, avi also very cutee
Ragini : oho so u like avi. U were friends
Munni:yes very good frnds.
Ragini laughs
Avi:hai mam how are u
Ragini :hai my handsome don’t call me mam. I am not ur teacher OK.
Avi:so what I will call u
Munni :laado. I also call her that only
Avi:laado so nice. Mam can I call u that
Ragini : oh it’s OK sweet heart u are so cute but ur papa. How are u staying with him. Who are staying with u

Avi:I and my dad that’s it
Ragini: plz avi if u will stay with him u will also become like him only ravan.
Avi :mam.. Sry laado dad came
Ragini :ok byee come munni jump..
Avi smiles seeing munni. munni also Smiles.
Sanskar:whom u are smiling at avi
Avi:munni papa now only she and laado went seeing u coming
Avi:ragini mam. She said to call me laado. She is very nice. When I see her I feel like mom is beside me.
Sanskar:very angry u know na who is ur mom. And don’t call anyone by their nick names or something. Did u get that.
Avi:sry papa.
Munni:laado I want a uniform mam said to buy it within 2days. Will u buy it for me.
Ragini:I will munni. Give me a day time I will get u
Munni:actually books and fees also.
Ragini: thinks that I don’t have that much money and I can’t even ask maa and Papa too they are looking after me like their daughter I can’t give more burden to them swara is also not their top. Okk munni don’t worry I will get it for u.

Scene :at some road
Swara:hey lucky ur still angry. Leave it yaar.
Kabir:Haa plz leave it sir. I didn’t said intentionally.
Lucky:ha ha OK. Actually we will stay in hotel now for sometime. Okk
Swara and kabir:wow okk
In hotel
Laksh:we need three rooms

Receptionist:sir only 2are vacant now sir
Swara:ok no problem lucky u and kabir stay in one room and I will in another. Give the keys
Laksh:holds swara tightly and says what is this I will stay with him.
Swara:lucky what happened he is feeling sry for that na. Why u r taking this much serious.
Lucky:he is very close to swara oho so he is more than me to u right. Fine I am going
Swara: oh God why he is very serious. I should do something.

Scene :in market
Ragini in market collides with someone :sry sry I didn’t saw u
Man:it’s OK dear it is my pleasure to collide with u
Ragini can’t see him:what did u say
Man turns
Ragini :uncle uu.. Oh God
Dp: oho slowly ragini what all will think that I am very old
Ragini: oh sry uncle
Dp:call me something yaar. Ur soo old fashioned like my wife
Ragini: oh I forgot how is aunty
Dp:she is very fine she also got her son too she is double happy. But that dumb head went to some fish market to perform leaving her.

Ragini :uncle it’s okk. I think it is important that’s why he went. BTW in market what s the matter.
Dp:actually Ap needs fresh fruits to eat doctor said that’s why I came here. This is the third time I am coming
Ragini:what why
Dp:she said that I am not bringing fresh fruits that’s why.
Ragini:ok then ur problem is over.
Dp:yaah I know when ur there why I need to fear.
Ragini goes to some shopkeepers and took very fresh fruits and gave to dp
Dp:tqq dear. One more request
Ragini:say it uncle
Dp:u should come to my house. Ap is very eagerly waiting for u to see u. Plz come na
Ragini : oh ur very lovely husband I must aunty is very lucky. Of course I will come. I also want to see her

Scene :
Sanskar :what krishna is it true
Krishna:yes sir our body guards saw it and we’re following there.
Sanskar :ok then I will see then what is their plan.

Scene:maheshwari mansion
Dp:now see I brought such a fresh fruits that if u eat
then u will also become fresh and young like u were in our marriage.
Ap: oho let me see. Oh wow my dear hubby really these are now very perfect. But I am very sure that u didn’t get it. Somebody would have helped u.
Ragini:ur right aunty.
Ap : oh my God ragini u here and hugs her
Ragini:how are u aunty and why do u take that much stress. U got heart attack it is not normal.
Ap: oh now u don’t start from 2days ur uncle was taunting me and now u
Ragini:but I am now on uncles side only. Why do u take that much stress.
Ap gets teary eyed. Dp sees
Dp: oh ladies now the master chef durga prasad maheshwari will cook food for my both lovely ladies
Ap: oho from business man to chef nice improvement Mr.
Ragini and Ap laughs

Dp:u are jealous of me old lady
Ragini :ok then let’s see how u cook. Of u can’t cook then u will have to say to aunty I am old whenever she asks. Okk
After some time a big sound came from kitchen
Ap: oh my God my kitchen I will really get heart attack. What is ji
Ragini also sees and opens her mouth shocked the whole kitchen is like full mess. And it is no further kitchen.
Dp: oh yaar happens sometimes.
Ap:what happened say it clearly
Dp:actually I didn’t put the lid while mixing it in the mixy.and in microwave oven I kept pizza in nice steel plate. It got busted up and this cooker it is making so many sounds so I open its lid the stuff got blackened.
Ap and ragini and bursting into laughter.
Ragini:uncle u lost and aunty won. Now u should accept that u are old and will say that whenever aunty asked.

Dp makes a funny face
Ragini:OK now u both go and take rest. I will cook something by seeing this mess. I don’t think I can search anything but I will do u go
Ap:I will also help u
Ragini:aunty u don’t even talk go and take rest.
Ap remembers someone and is crying dp is consoling her.

Scene :at the hotel
It is dinner time
Laksh is very angry on swara.
Kabir:mam can I come in
Swara :yaah come in
Kabir:mam what happen why are u sad
Swara:nothing yaar lucky is angry on me don’t know how to cool him
Kabir :actually ur thinking much mam. He is not of ur type. He is really looking like a driver seriously. He is not of ur range and level. He should feel happy that u are talking to him but he is out of his mind he is angry on u. Mam plz leave him na.
Swara :yaah kabir ur right. I actually need someone like u but not him. U are crct.
Kabir:really I am there for u swara darling every time.
Laksh:see even she is not saying sry. I will see
Swara :arey yaar lucky leave it na I am sry really. I don’t say sry to anyone but ur too much attitude.
Laksh:no swara ur sry is not acceptable
Suddenly all are laughing at someone loudly.
Laksh sees he is kabir and starts laughing very much.

Swara :now u accepted.
Laksh: oh my gosh u did this and hugs her.
Swara reminds
Swara :yaah kabir ur right but some changes have to be done yaar for u then u will look like a hero and then u will come to ur original levek
Kabir:really swara but what changes

Swara :u don’t worry I will make them crct
She keeps kajal for his eyes she cuts the half part of hair and only other half is remaining she also sticks a paper in which it is written that I am a buffalo. She also paints a white colour at his lips and red colour on the nose. He is looking like a joker. She also brought a stem and kept at his back in the jeans like a tail. Kabir when about to see his face in mirror. Swara says u directly come down with me see the people’s reaction. And lucky too all should know u are of which level.

Lucky: oh my God jaan. U did this to make me happy. U are really my jaan. Without u I am nothing.
Kabir sees his face and is shocked all were taking his photos also.
Swar:now do get which level ur. Ur saying about my lucky. We are best friends for 5years and ur saying he is not ur level and I will change him. U are very wrong lucky is the luckiest part of my life. Do u get that if this again repeats with any one else I am not gonna leave u. Lucky gets emotional and hugs her very tightly. She too hugs him back.

Scene :at mm
Dp : oh old lady learn something from her. Do u know dear from 25years she is torturing me with a boring food. But this is yummy
Ragini:no uncle she takes care of ur health that s all.
Ap:see my daughter understood me in just a hour but u chii I won’t talk with u.
Ragini hears this and was about to cry
Ap:I know ragini ur parents are no more but we are there na. For the first time only I thought I had some relation with u.

Ragini hugs her
Dp: oho again started BTW ragu don’t call me papa OK bcoz I don’t want to here that from a gorgeous lady.
Ragini:ok uncle.
Ap and ragini laughs
Ap:ragu nice nick name. Not bad hubby.
Ragini goes but Ap and dp are not interested to make her go. But at last they went.

Scene:at office morning
Krishna :sir I don’t think she will come sir it’s only 5min to 8
Sanskar:I am 200%sure that she will come.
Ragini:may I come in
Sanskar: oh great on time. Very good. What is ur decision then
Ragini:I accept this job.
Sanskar: oh great welcome to hell miss ragini.
Ragini looks at him with disgusting face

Episode ends with swalak hugg and ragsan angry faces

Precap:swalak performance and sanskar troubles ragini.

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Credit to: Dhamukohli

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