Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 16

Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadal) Episode 16

Recap :swalak journey and ragsan fight

Hii guys dhamini here tq u so much for your love. Keep ur support like this only.

In the car
Swara :u said that u will not pick me up why u came
Laksh:arey jaan I was just joking u took seriously without u I am not
Swara is happy listening this. She is really happy but is not showing
Laksh :haaa….. U fool u believed actually I first thought not to pick u but I thought I will get bored so for timepass I picked u up
Swara:stupid ediot. Chii means I am timepass for u.
Laksh:what jaan what happened to u from when u are feeling possessiveness. Now a days u are not at all like Tyson.
Swara:lucky see front….
Laksh : oh shit what happened to him. Hey are u okay. If u got hurt. Are u mad why u came in front of my car
Man:I I actually need lift
Laksh:what are u joking if something happened.
Man:I should urgently want to go to Delhi. Plz can u give me lift. Plz plz….
Swara:in lucky s ears arey let him come I want to have some fun. U only said na I am not doing any Tyson thing now look.
Laksh:ok come
Man:tqq very much
Swara:what is ur name
Man:kabir and u are miss swara the rock star. Oh my god I really can’t believe that I was travelling with the great rockstar.
Swara : oh do u know me. Great. Lucky are u seeing.
Kabir:mam is he ur driver..
Swara is laughing aloud by seeing laksh who is fuming in anger and stopped the car

Scene :ragsan in office
Ragini :uuuuuu oh my God u even came here to make loose my job. U cheap
Sanskar: oho wait miss ragini gadodia actually I didn’t came to loose ur job but gave a job to u and I am ur Boss. Welcome
Ragini :what??? It can’t happen it is abhays office know
Sanskar:yaah but we are partners and he went to bangalore and will settle there and u didn’t got job by ur talent or something it’s me who gave u job.
Ragini:no it can’t happen I can’t stay here for 1sec. And u Mr. Whatever I don’t want to see ur face even.
Sanskar:it’s sanskar ur Boss. How bad u even don’t know ur Boss name.
Ragini :can’t u hear look ur not my boss. And can’t be also. And working under u will be like I am at hell.
Sanskar:yaah very good how nice ur first day u only u proved ur talent. Yes I want to make ur life hell that’s why I gave u job.
Ragini :what??? Actually it’s my mistake I thought in the mall incident ur not that bad u cared for ur employee and I thought to tell sry but u can’t change.
Sanskar :what, what did u say actually ur right u I am very bad. I saved her bcoz she is very talented which is used to make u not get job in maheshwari companies. I am very selfish and good is not in my dictionary. Do u understand.
Ragini : oh God so this ur plan and u also made me loose my teacher job too. U don’t even have humanity. Why are u back of me. What I did in fact u only did so much with me but still I didn’t said anything to u but u why..
Sanskar:yaah nice question actually u did so much to me u slapped me two times and that valentines day it was about to get telecaste.u know who am I. I am the great and ruthless business man and u can’t even be my maid and slapped me. U remember from today ur worst days are started.
Ragini:actually if I got a chance I will slap u continously but I am not like u and what u said u don’t even make me ur maid. Actually look Mr. Sanskar I will be very happy if I am beggar than working with u. So u understand what u are. And about job it will happen in ur dreams. I am leaving. Good bye and I pray to God that not to see ur face in my life
Sanskar: oh how foolish u are. Ur prayers are in vain bcoz u should see my face daily
Ragini:it will not happen
Sanskar:it will bcoz u signed the agreement for 6months remember
Ragini is remembering of her signing

Kabir:hey u why have u stopped the car.
Lucky :get out in 1sec otherwise u will go to ur father-in-law
Kabir:what are I speaking
Lucky:u will not go then u will be dead and directly without ticket u can visit he’ll in which ur father in law Yamah is
Kabir: oh what a nice joke. Swara mam ur driver has great humour.
Swara can’t stop laughing
Swara:controlling her laugh and said heyy kabir u know lucky who is my Co star in while performing
Kabir :mam when I see u I only see u I can’t even see anything other than u
Lucky:u ediot I am lucky laksh maheshwari the rockstar.
Kabir: oh really. Sry I thought I are mam s driver.
Lucky:shut up ur blo*dy mouth I gave u lift and u insulting me. Get lost fast.
Kabir:sry sir I really don’t know u. Plz don’t say me get down.
Lucky:ok fine now don’t beg. Actually I treat beggars like u very well. That’s why u are still here. Otherwise..
Kabir:sry sir sry

Ragini:but that is cheating. U cheap
Sanskar :it’s called intelligence which u have 0.i think today u got so many shocks I think u need rest so I am giving u leave. Come tomorrow at sharp 8 bcoz I hate late comers. Now leave
Ragini angrily goes..
Krishna:sir if she is the sister of swara then she could have enough money and she don’t even want to join here.
Sanskar :u are very crct but if she has money why would show run dhaba. It’s very confusing from 1week I am only thinking about her. And if I got to know something another will come out. But let’s see I won’t leave her at any cost.

Episode ends with ragsanlak angry faces.

Precap :ragini joins in the job and swalak ka cuteee romance…..

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Credit to: Dhamukohli


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