Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 15

Swaragini –(love, Ishq, kadal) Episode 15

Recap :swara plan flops and ragini got a job and signed contract

Hii guys dhamini here tq u all who commented and read my ff. Tqq very much.

Episode starts..

Scene:at gm

Swara:lucky I am very bored yaar.. Actually wait a sec u went to meet ur parents right did they agreed
Laksh:arey leave it swara they can never understand me.
Swara:lucky I think u are misunderstanding them.
Laksh:u too… phone rings
Laksh :hello who is this
Caller:I am durga prassad
Laksh:ok say why have u called what problem u have. Actually we will not perform for 1 week
Dp:very angrily I am ur father durga prasad maheshwari
Laksh: oh shit sry papa actually it is another number naa that’s why
Dp:ok OK I have called u to come here with ur total luggage. From now u will stay here only.
Laksh:heyy swara plz pinch me yaar.

Swara:why rey
Laksh:my papa called me and saying to come there and will stay there. I think I am day dreaming. Actually I think it is not my phone.
Swara :what is it true arey bewakoof ur not dreaming it is real and pinches hard.
Lucky: ouch… really
Swara:first talk
Laksh:hello…. I think he cutter the call.
Swara: oh God it is true yaar lucky u r finally going to ur parents. I am so happy.
Laksh:me too jaan. Really I am waiting for this moment only and hugs and kisses her and he goes. Swara is shocked arey oo chumma song plays. Swaragini I thinking oh God it’s common yaar why am I feeling strange. Stop it Tyson this love shove doesn’t suit u. Arey papa stop playing those songs.

Scene:at mm

Lucky comes to mm
Ap:lucky u came. And they both hugged.
Lucky:ha maa u don’t know papa only called me.
Dp:ha don’t get that much happy I called u bcoz Ap s health is not good and doctor said that make her happy always. That’s why.
Laksh: oh God u can never change papa. I am a fool to think that u love me. But it’s OK I also came here only for my mom.
Ap:lucky… he goes to his room. Dp leaves to office.

Scene :at school
Ragini picks munni and was about to go she saw avi.
Ragini:avi what happened ur ravan papa didn’t come
Avi:ravan his name is sanskar m…
Sanskar comes
Ragini:come munni let’s go
Sanskar:I heard that u lost ur job in 2days only. This much fast improvement. Great
Ragini:hey look Mr. Whatever I didn’t lost my job u made me loose. Am I right
Sanskar is shocked:what.. I don’t know anything
Ragini: oh don’t act I saw u talking that goons that day but didn’t said to anyone bcoz I don’t want to fall to ur level.
Sanskar :hey wait there. Listen first.
Ragini: oh God ur not even accepting. How cheap. I didn’t saw a man like u till now and praying God that I won’t ever meet u again bcoz there will be no person like u. If I saw u then it will be my worst days.

Sanskar : oh I see. Then be ready to welcome me in ur worst days. Bcoz from now u will see me everywhere.
Ragini:in ur dreams. I don’t want to see ur shadow too. Bcoz it also irritates me.
Sanskar :ok all the best u try to not meet I will try to meet u. And what I want will happen for sure bcoz I right my future and from now urs.
Ragini:ok let’s see. And she is angrily going but stops
Avi:mam why are u not coming to class we were missing u.
Ragini:it’s OK avi all teachers will be the same. Teachers make students happy. Study well and don’t cry. Avi kisses on her cheek. Ragini also kissed him. Sanskar is very angry
Sanskar :avi come what I said don’t talk to strangers that much now she is not ur mam. Come he angrily grabs avi s hand and also ragini s dupatta without seeing.
Ragini:heyy u ediot. Stop

Sanskar angrily turns back where he collides with ragini. Ragsan eyelock (ishq Bulava plays)
Sanskar :what happened why are u shouting.
Ragini:hey u watch ur dragging my dupatta that’s why people say to look here and there while doing something. Disgusting. Leave me
Sanskar:he drags her more close hey u remember if ur the last girl also I won’t even look u and u went so far. Be there only OK. Stay in ur limits. U don’t have a level to stand in front of me.
Ragini:leave me u also remember one thing even if u are that rich also u will also take breathe and stand where all class people live. I guessed ur name crctly ravan.
Sanskar :what did u say..

Ragini:can’t u even hear from this distance too that s what I am saying even if u r some rich also u also have two eyes which we should see in all directions. But the people like u looks only in upward direction and falls down in front of the poor people. And I called u ravan
Sanskar:leaves her and says it’s waste to talk to u I will see u where I want to. Now get lost u junglee girl.
They go in different directions angrily

Scene :at gm
Swara:arey lucky leave it yaar ur thinking too much.
Lucky:I also think so OK talk about another topic.
Swara:actually lucky we have got a deal for performing in Delhi.
Lucky: oh is that true I love u yaar it’s my dream to perform in Delhi. Swara is in her dreamland (ishq wala love plays)
Lucky:swara swara…. Jaaan what happened
Swara :came from her dreamland laado stop yaar.
All are testing my patience today. Oh God
Swara :lucky OK then be ready tomorrow only we should go come and pick me up. Kk
Lucky:u can’t come by ur self someone will kidnap u or what. Call cuts.
Swara : oh God I know this only happens I am over imagining I and lucky it’s like sky and earth.

Ragini:shonaa get up from mrng I and maa are packing ur luggage. Ur not even seeing. Get up yaar.
Swara: oho laado Plz yaar u also behaving like sumo
Sumi:u badtameez when u will come I will be ready with ur dream boy.
Swara gets up shocked:heyy sumo do u want u go with ur dream boy. I don’t have any and plz leave me okk.
Sumi:uu swara today I will not leave u. Swara runs to washroom
Swara and ragini hug
Swara:all the best for ur first day
Ragini:all the best to u too perform well and be in touch with me
Swara :but u don’t have mobile naa. It’s OK keep this.
Ragini:shonaa but for u
Swara :u don’t wrry lucky brought iPhone for me I will use that.
Ragini:ok then byee
Sumi:forgot mee
Shekar:mee too

Swaragini laughs
Swara : oho meri senti maa papa. Plz look after ragini nicely okk. I don’t want any complaints
Shekar :no need to say that she is like our first daughter u can go. If u will not come also u will not feel bad ragini is there naa. U can goo byee
Sumi:me too same we won’t miss u byee
Swara:accha shiv Parvati. Okk byee
All say byee

Scene :at office
Ragini comes very happilyand hears some one talking
Girl :u know our Boss went to a business trip until someone will come.
Another girl:yaah I also heard that he is very rude and gives punishments too
Ragini smile vanishes and is tensed :heyy krishna what is this my first day will be like this. Uff
Girl:hey Boss is coming see
Another girl: oh God he is very handsome.
Sanskar:what u said
Girl:no sir nothing
Sanskar:smilingly u complimented me right plz say
Girl is cloud nine:sir ur soo handsome
Sanskar: oh really so now I should also give u something for ur compliment. Krishna…
Krishna:yes sir
Sanskar :this is ur resignation letter. Ur fired get lost.
Sanskar walks to his cabin
All are shocked ragini didn’t say it bcoz she went to drink water.
Krishna:hey u sir is calling u

Ragini :mee. OK
Girl: oh God now what will be this girls situation. She is gone..
Ragini is sweating literally :sir are u his manager.
Ragini: oho ur very nice but how will be ur boss
Krishna :u will get to know soon. Goo cabin came
Ragini very tensidly:sir can I come in
Sanskar :yes come in. I am waiting for u only.
Ragini thinks I heared this voice before and goes inside but she can’t see him bcoz he is facing the other side.
Ragini:sir u called me.
Sanskar :ur so eager to work know
Ragini sees him and is shocked :uuu

Episode ends with ragini s shocking face and sanskar who is smiling evilly……

Precap:swalak journey love is beginning and ragsan nokjhok hatred is full on swing..

Guys if u are bored or wanted to give some suggestions u can say it. I won’t feel bad. Once again tqs for ur lovely response. Continue like this only. Thank uuuuuu


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