Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 14

Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) -episode 14
Recap :ragini comes to gm where laksh goes to Ap and dp but we’re angry at laksh and swara makes Mr. Khanna rum away.

Hii guys dhamini again. Tq for ur limitless love. I was really happy by reading ur comments. Thank you for ur continuous support.

Episode starts

Scene :at gm
Ragini is very happy to see swara happy and thinks that laksh also United with his family. Munni comes.
Sumi:who are u baby
Munni:I am munni where is laado she didn’t tell that she came to see shona without me.
Sumi doesn’t understands the names. Same time laksh comes and says u naughty girl always doing bakbak.
Sumi:who is this girl laksh
Laksh:she is…. She is…. My cousins daughter.
Munni:no no.. Laksh shuts her mouth by keeping chocolate so that what she is talking is not understanding to sumi.
Ragini: oh munni u came.. Hai laksh did u meet ur parents..
Laksh keeps his hand on his forehead. Ragini remind what she said
Sumi:do u know each other before.

Raglak look at each other confusedly.
Laksh:actually she met in the bus while coming to Mumbai.
Ragini:ha ha u here.
Laksh :actually I am swara s friend.
Ragini: oho me too swara and I are childhood frnds.
Laksh: oh I see.
Sumi:u know swara s match got cancelled and she is crying in her room.
Laksh:what match and swara is crying. Aunty I think u are mistaken. I think she will be very happy and if my guess is crct she will be dancing in her room.
Sumi:no laksh she is really crying. Come I will show u.
Laksh :sure. Ragini is tensed. Shekar is playing with munni.

Scene:at swara s room
Swara is dancing. Ragini is trying to stop sumi but in vain so she shouts.
Ragini:laksh aunty is crct she is really very sad that her match had got cancelled. Swara hears and stops the music and acting like crying by keeping some water in her eyes.
Laksh opens the door and without seeing inside:see aunty I said na she is not crying.
Sumi:swara beta… don’t cry. Ragini sighs in relief
Laksh understood. Sumi hugs swara while swara is making faces to laksh.
Swara:maa what is this I have hoped so much high when u showed his photo. I liked him very much.
Laksh:drama queen.

Laksh :nothing just singing the song drama queen. I like that song very much. Swara is fuming with anger.
Sumi :don’t worry swara I will see another nice match for u don’t cry. Swara thought by acting her mother would forget her getting married. But her plan got reversed.
Laksh is singing party toh banti hain song and was dancing. Swara is controlling her anger.
Sumi goes saying laksh to console her.

Scene :at hall
Phone rings.
Caller:is this miss ragini gadodia house.
Shekar:thinks for a while and says yes what do u want.
Caller:actually we called to inform her about her interview tomorrow morning in abhay group of companies.
Shekar :ok I will inform her.

Shekar says to ragini about interview.

Scene :swalak
Swara: oh God now what I should do. I did acting mom took it seriously.
Laksh:if someone who have taps and rivers cry it will not effect that much. If some one like u who doesn’t even know the spelling of cry cries this only happens. That also this much over action. Oh God.
Swara:I am talking seriously and u are joking. Why did u come here to spray salt on fire. Ediot.
Ragini:shona laksh knows about u very well. He said that u are dancing but not crying.
Swara : oh really so that means he is the reason for all this. Lucky u are gone now. And she is beating with pillows. Laksh also beating. Ragini smiles at this And goes.
Ragini : I think they are more than friends.

Swalak while fighting fall on each other on bed by which bed breaks. They didn’t realised it bcoz they are lost in each others. Swara was on laksh only some inches apart. While they were fighting the pillow hits the music system and it started playing saans mein teri….
Swara is thinking that ragini asking her if she loves laksh. Sumi and shekar comes by listening the sound. By their shouts swalak realised their moment and moves apart and started laughing by seeing the bed. Sumi and shekar are shocked to see the mess in the room.
Night passes…

Scene :mrng at gm
Ragini makes munni ready and takes her to school and she also gets ready for interview. She takes the blessings from sumi and shekar
Ragini:tq u aunty uncle. U have kept me in ur house. I was very happy and feeling like I am staying with my parents.
Sumi:if u call me aunty once again I will beat u.
Shekar:me too u and swara from childhood onwards our daughters. Don’t differentiate sumi said all that happened to ur parents. But u don’t feel sad we are there na.
Ragini cries seeing their love :ok aun…sry maa papa I am leaving for interview.
Sumi:u should not say leaving u should say I will go and come. BTW I know u will get the job but anyways all the best.
Shekar:all the best
Ragini :tq byee. Say to swara also otherwise she will be worried.

Scene:at abhay group of companies
Interview is going now till now no one is selected and now it’s ragini s turn.
Ragini:sir may I come in
Abhay:yes come in.
They looked at each other and recognised
Abhay:heyy uu how are u

Ragini:hii I am fine. How are u and piya.
Abhay:yaah we are fine. I didn’t thought we will meet again. And where is ur bf
Ragini:who.. Oh laksh. Actually he is…
P.a:sir someone came to meet u.
P.a:he said that he is ur frnd.
Abhay:ok I will come u go. U miss.ragini. I will come in 5 min
Ragini :it’s OK sir..
Abhay sees some one whose back only visible.
Abhay:heyy who are u
The man turns towards him :u don’t know me
Abhay: oh God sanky bro after a long time and hugs him
Sanskar :hey hii don’t call me that he is no more.
Abhay:ok OK u can come to my cabin na.

Sanskar :it’s OK actually the matter is very important that’s why.
They have a conversation which is muted..
After 10 min
Abhay:ok done..
Abhay:it’s OK yaar u came after a long time. I can do that much.
Abhay:hey ragini did u get bored.
Abhay :ok u got the job
Ragini:really but u didn’t even checked my certificates
Abhay:it’s OK ragini I know you. And u got the job.
Ragini: oh God u don’t know this job is very important for me. Tq u somuch
Abhay:I know. U can join from tomorrow and ur salary is 30k
Ragini: oh tq u very much.
Abhay:but u should sign this agreement
Ragini:which agreement
Abhay:it is about u should not leave this job for 6months. If u want to leave then u should pay 1lakh in return. If u are OK with it then we can move further
Ragini:it’s OK I am OK with it and signs the agreement.

Ragini came out of the office and she is very happy that she got job.

Screen freezes at raginis happy face

Episode ends……

Precap :ragini very happily enters the company. Swalak got a contract of performing and are going to delhi

Tq u guys for ur support. And sry for late updates. I am updating early only but was getting late. Thank uuuuuu


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