Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 13

Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 13
Recap :ragini boosts avi who is missing his mom and sanskar sent some goons to attack on ragini but is saved by laksh. Ragini takes Ap to hospital where she meets sumi who tells her to come to home.

Hii guys dhamini here first of all tqq for all ragsan and swalak fans. Tqs a lot to those who don’t have any problem on pairs and said that we are only fond for the story. It is very appreciative guyss.

Episode starts..
Scene :at gm
Swaragini hug each other and cry
Sumi:see ragini I said na she will be very happy to see u.
Swara doesn’t underatand
Sumi:I met her in the hospital. She is not changed she is the same. Very helpful and caring. Oh God I forgot to say today Mr. Khanna s are coming to see swara.
Ragini: oh it’s a great news. Come swara I will make u ready today.

Scene:at avinash mansion
Sanskar:how dare they, they kept knife at u.
Avi:it’s OK papa ragini mam saved me otherwise I would have..
Sanskar :shut up avi all problems begin with her only and u are praising her. And u should learn to self defense yourself. Kk
Avi: okk papa.can I go to my friends house to play.
Sanskar:no way stay at home only. U want to play then play with our servants.
Avi cries and goes.

Scene :at hospital
Dp :how are u Annapurna. U know I was so scared when I got the call.
Ap:it’s OK ji don’t worry I am fine but who brought me here.
Dp:I said na I met the girl who met in the bus. She only brought here.
Ap: oh I didn’t even thanked her. Where is she I want to see her.
Dp:I think she is not there here I will somehow get her to u. U don’t worry.
Doctor:she is fine now. But this should not happen next time. If it happens then she can’t be saved. This time also it would be critical but she has brought up at crct time. That girl saved her. Actually Dr. Sharmishta treated u and said to say this to u. U can take her today itself. Make her happy always. Don’t make her take much stress.
Dp:I will pay the bill and come
Nurse:it’s not needed the girl payed bcoz we can’t do operation before the payment. So she gave her bangles and chain.
Ap:give those to us we will pay the bill.
Nurse gives and Ap is discharged.

Scene :at gm
Ragini says what all happened to swara.
Ragini: oh God I forgot to say to laksh.
Swara:ok I will call him and say
Swara calls laksh :lucky plus go to hospital ur mother got heart attack.
Lucky:what how is she then. He is literally crying.
Ragini :laksh she is now alright. U go and talk to her. She will be happy to see u.
Laksh:tq ragini I will send munni with driver okk.
Ragini: okk
Ragini:stand straight swara. From 1hr I am making u wear this half saree but ur not standing straight.

Swara:arey what is this ragini this much heavy. I will go by wearing jeans na.
Ragini:shut up. Common stand straight. If u go to ur in laws house u should wear this only. Now only u should learn.
Swara:u know laado. I don’t want to get married this early. But maa she is not listening to me.
Ragini:what are u saying shona. U don’t like him.
Swara:what him I didn’t even see his face or not interested. Okk. I want to Stop this. What I should do. Got it I have a idea and says to ragini
Ragini:but what u will say to maa papa.
Swara:plz u manage ragini. Plz plz my sweet heart.
Ragini :ok OK not butter that much.

Scene:at some Road.
Swara:arey Ajay stop eating yaar. U know na what to do.
Ajay:ha ha u remember that u will buy a bag full of biscuits.
Swara:if any wrong happens then I will feed u 5bags of pedigree biscuits. Remember.
Ajay:ok OK see now my acting skills.
Swara :ok OK see car is coming.

Scene:at hospital
When Ap and dp are about to go laksh comes there.
Lucky:maa are u alright. He is crying and hugged Ap. I got so much frightened.
Ap:I am fine laksh. I happy that I got attack. If not u would have not come na.
Laksh:maa don’t say like that. Plz I will die if something happens to u. Dp is very angry.
Dp:don’t believe him Ap. He is lieng he didn’t even came to see us in these 3 years. And separates Ap and laksh.
Laksh: papa what are u saying I have tried so many times. But..
Ap:ji now u can stop this na. Plz we will stay now together.
Dp:no its not possible.

Ap cries
Laksh:it’s OK maa. He can never understand. I am going. Actually I want to come to u bcoz my frnd said don’t miss ur parents love. But what she knows my dad never loved me and also bcoz of his ego I got separated from my maa, bhai and avi..
Dp:shut up laksh. He is now very angry.
Ap :stop it ji. Come let’s go. Laksh u are talking very wrong about ur father.
Ap and dp goes. Laksh cries…

Scene :swara and ajay
A car comes and a man comes out of it.
Man:why are u standing in the middle of the road and why have u stopped our car.
Swara : oh God mom choosed him for me. He is very chimpu types. Hey Mr. Actually u are coming to see me.
Man:what really u look very beautiful. But u here. U wanted to see me before only and blushes
Swara:hey kaminey did u see ur face in the mirror. U want to marry me. It is impossible. I came here to go straight from where you came from.
The man’s family sees this and says :Chi I thought the girl will be very sincere and polite. But this girl.
Swara :heyy moti calm down. Otherwise u will go to hospital directly.
Man:but why we will say all to ur mom.
Swara: oh God I am dead. Arey bhey Ajay what are u doing come na.
Man:who is he.

Swara:actually he is my boyfriend. And thinks what time see I am saying this jumbo as my bf. If lucky is there then I would be really happy.
Ajay:hey actually we are in love from 3 years. Plz don’t separate us. I am begging u plz. He falls on his feet
Swara: oh God this much over action.
Man:but I also want to talk to ur parents.
Swara stamps on feet of Ajay and signs do something.
Ajay says my food is over now I can’t say anything. I want food.
Man:do u really love her.
Ajay:what I only love eating u know chocolates, biscuits, chips. I love them. Di u have anything to eat.

Swara looks at Ajay angrily
Swara:saley I only said to do one single and small work. U spoiled it and she picks some stick and beats him.
Ajay:sry sry now I will act as u say. Plz don’t beat me.
Man:what acting
Swara:u chimpu ha this is acting I don’t have any bf but in my dreams also I can’t marry u.
Man:what this is acting. I will say it to ur parents.
Swara:hah Haa why not call na and starts beating saley kuttey suwar ke bachan. Now I will not leave. Are u studying in kindergarten or what saying I will complain to teacher. Now I will show u stars to u. She starts plucking his hair and beating him.

Man’s mom:hey girl leave my son. How dare u to beat my son. U know he is the great doctor.
Swara:Acha moti now I will see if I beat u then how will he treat u. And starts pulling her hair.
Swara :this is all happening bcoz of u. If u will not go from here then I will..
Man:no no I don’t want to marry u. Actually I will not do marriage in my whole life. Plz leave us.
Swara:now u came to the point. If I see u anywhere in this city I will do massage to u by which u won’t even to dream of marrying.
Man:no no today only I will go to London. I am going in fact if u will leave us then I will book tickets now only.
Swara:ok I leave u but if u say anything to my mom then..
Man:no u plz don’t complete the sentence once u close the eyes we will go in fact not even in car we will go by running.
Swara:I am not that bad u can go by car. Go go. Wait a minute
Man:what happened we are leaving
Swara:why are u so scared actually now u say what I am looking like. Say what ever is in ur mind

Swara:she lifts her hand
Man:no no u r very polite and soft nature u can’t even hurt anyone (he is thinking how she beaten him)
Swara :don’t lie
Man:badtamees ladki
Swara:good don’t even try to mess with me. OK otherwise. Actually all will call Tyson. I think u know him. I am also like that only. Remember.
The family ran to car and went away.

Scene:at gm
Sumi:ragini where is swara
Ragini :actually she has some important meeting. She said she will come in 5min
Sumi:oh God why did this people have not arrived. She receives a call
Sumi:what happened. Why… call cut
Swara comes and winks to ragini. Ragini understood what would have happened.
Swara:mom they didn’t came

Sumi:actually they said that they don’t want to come. Don’t know what happened suddenly.
Swara acts like crying an does to her room and dances on pungi song on bed.

Episode ends with swara happy and laksh is crying…

Precap :ragini gets a job in hotel and signs on contract for 6months…

Hii guyss hope ur enjoying. Well support me in this way only. And very big sry to swasan and raglak fans. But there will be a love story between them too. Soo keep reading for the twists. Thank uuuuuu


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