Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 12

Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) -episode 12
Recap :sanskar talks very rude to avi and ragini leaves gm with munni. Sumi fixes a match to swara.

Hii guys dhamini here. I am very thankful for ur valuable comments. Actually I said it will be a love triangle but u all want to know the pairs. OK my pairs are ragsan and swalak. Sry yaar swasan and raglak fans. Actually when I saw a update of laksh betraying ragini. I was very angry so I can’t are make raglak. Before also I thought ragsan only. But the pairs are not important read the story. U will really enjoy. Sry once again to raglak and swasan fans. There are many swasan ff only them without raglak. So I thought to write on ragsan. Plz understand yaar. And there will be equal importance to all four members but at the crct situations they will. Main is ragini.

Episode starts

Scene :morning at gm
Sumi:get up swara today Mr . Khanna s are coming to see u….. Oh God u have already woken that also this much early.
Swara:nthng like that I didn’t get sleep
Sumi:ok come to do breakfast
Shekhar :what happened swara from when we came u were like this what happened tell me na
Swara:nthng like that papa actually I was little stressed about this marriage
Shekar:u know naa swara we don’t do anything without ur wish and this is only seeing not marriage. OK get ready and come fast.
Swara:gets ready and comes to hall
Sumi:eat fastly we should do shopping oh God there is lot much to do.

Scene:at school
Ragini is very upset become she is missing swara.
Students :mam come we will play something.
Ragini:ok today we will play puzzles. She brings all animals and things puzzles which are shuffled and said to crct them. She absorves avi is crying. She goes to him
Ragini :avi why are u crying
Avi:nothing mam

I am not crying
Ragini:it’s OK u can tell me. I may help u
Avi:actually I am missing my mom
Ragini :Is she went somewhere.
Avi:I don’t know mam. Dad say only u have dad and no mom.
Ragini: oho that’s a small problem I will solve it. Don’t cry ur a strong boy.
Avi:yes I am very strong and I am not dependent on anyone
Ragini:what is wrong in depending on others. Ur a small boy u should have some support.
Avi:no mam dad always says that don’t be depend on others if u depend then u will become helpless.
Ragini:thinks what a dad he is making avi also like him. No avi if ur grown up then it is not necessary to depend but now ur very small u can be dependable. And don’t hesitate I will help u at every time. Don’t cry OK. Gud boys don’t cry.
Avi:yes I am a very gud boy. Ragini kisses him on forehead. Avi feels like someone very close to him are kissing him. He thinks even dad also never kissed me. He smiles.
School is over.

Sanskar:the plan is ready na. They will reach at crct time only na.
Krishna :yes sir. I think u r very interested in her. Even ur not concentrating in the work too.
Sanskar:shut up and do what I say and I am not interested in her I want make her just under me and torture her.
Krishna:sry sir

Scene :at school parking
Some goons comes to school.
Sanskar :I think they came very early. That’s OK it will be very good.
Goons take a knife and keeps it on the neck of avi.
Ragini :who are u what do u want. Plz don’t do anything to him.
Goons :we also don’t have any interest in him too. Who is ragini
Sanskar Is standing behind trees so he can’t see avi as only goons back is visible to him.
Ragini:I am ragini. But what do u want
Goons : oho so ur a teacher OK come let’s go
Ragini :why are taking me and where. Who sent u.
Sanskar can’t hear anything.
Goons also take avi with them and they were about to go. Ragini hits them with a rod. Avi who is crying hugs ragini
Sanskar :what the hell they are doing they are kidnapping ragini I only said them to threaten so that the principle will throw her away as she had some criminal background and it is dangerous to students.

Sanskar calls to krishna :krishna what is this they are kidnapping ragini
Krishna:sir what are u saying they are not even arrived they have struck in traffic jam.
Sanskar :what and he cuts the call he sees one of the goons are with knife trying to kill her.
Ragini is hugging avi so she didn’t see but someone came and stooped the goon.
Ragini sees him an says laksh…
Laksh comes and hits them all they all ran off.
Ragini who is crying hugs laksh.
Sanskar wanted to come but his shirt got caught with the branches of trees so he is trying to remove it.
Laksh:what happened ragini who are they.
Ragini:I don’t know. I am very scared. Plz font leave me.
Laksh:ok ragini where is munni.
Munni:I am here what happened Laado said to sit in class room. So I sat there only.
Laksh:nothing come let’s go. When they were about to go.
Principle:ragini what is this we can’t allow this type of criminal background in our school of something happened to our students. U are fired. I don’t want to close my school.
Ragini :sir I don’t know about them
Principle:I can see all and ur flat is also taken from u.

Ragini:sir.. OK thank u. When she is going she saw sanskar talking to one of the goons and thinks he only sent them.
Actually sanskar is asking them who have sent them.
Ragini:laksh u take munni I will come after sometime. I have some work in school.
Laksh:ok ragini take care
Ragini is about to go to sanskar he already went in his car.
Ragini is following him in auto but she misses him and she came to some market place.

There is full crowd. Ragini went to see what happened. She is shocked to see she is Ap.
Ragini:aunty what happened
People:I think she got heart attack.
Ragini:then what are u looking for u can call ambulance noo.
Ragini takes her to a hospital in auto

Scene :at gm
Sumi :shekar u see all arrangements I have an urgent case to look after. I am going. I will come as early as possible.
Shekar :ok sumi u go

Scene:at hospital
Sumi is treating Ap
Ragini calls dp (remember he gave her his card when she went to his office for interview) :uncle I am ragini
Dp :yes dear u. What’s the matter why are sounding very tensed.
Ragini:uncle actually aunty got heart attack come to some hospital
Dp: oh I am coming he is very worried
Sumi comes out wearing a mask and says she is out of danger. And recognise her as ragini
Ragini:tq doctor. Tq very much.
Sumi:what she is for u
Ragini:no I am not anything but we met her once.
Sumi removes her mask:ragini u here
Ragini:aunty u. I am sry. I came here for job
Sumi:then u can come to our house na. If swara knows she will be very happy. Where are u staying. Where is ur mom and dad
Ragini:she says all to sumi. Sumi feels very sad
Sumi:even we are also ur parents. U come stay with us.
Ragini:no aunty I can’t come
Sumi:if ur mom calls also u won’t come

Ragini:maa and hugs her and both cries. But if dadi sees me.
Sumi:that is after. U are living with us. That’s all
Ragini :ok aunty actually his husband is coming.
Dp :ragini beta where is Ap. Is she alright.
Ragini:uncle she is fine u can see her. She only treated.
Dp thanks sumi and goes to see ap

Scene:at gm
Sumi:swara come I have a surprise for u. Cone fast
Swara:ragini.. U came I know u will come
Swara and ragini hugg

Precap : swaras marriage is fixed. Ragini gets a job in hotel as a chef.

Actually only dadi hates ragini. Sumi and shekar are not but swaragini afraid that if they see. That’s all. Sry for swasan and raglak fans. I think u understand. But it is a fiction na. OK I don’t want to force anyone. Thank uuuuuu.


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    1. Actually in the starting swalak were in love na. But OK if u want u can. There are also so many who love ragsan pair.

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