Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 11

Swaragini-(love-ishq-kadhal) -episode 11
Recap:ragini gets job as teacher in munnis school.

Hii guys dhamini here. I am thankful for getting ur valuable comments. Tqq very much guys for daily giving ur encouragement. I will reveal the pairs tomorrow but u should continue ur support.

Episode starts..

Scene:at school
Sanskar:hii my dear avi how is ur day.
Ragini:avinash is he ur dad
Avi:yes mam
Avi:yes papa today only she has joined. She is very nice mam. We made a lot of fun in the class
Ragini: oho so u have a son but ur behaving like this. It’s OK I don’t want to Change my mind. Today I had a lot of fun
Sanskar:what ur a mam. OK what are u teaching them how to make idhi, dosa…
Ragini:yes whats ur problem
Avi:do u know each other before
Ragsan looked at each other
Munni:laado come let’s go
Ragini:ok come bye avinash
Avi :byee mam
Ragini and munni left
Sanskar and avi in car
Sanskar:who is that small girl with her
Avi:who with ragini mam
Sanskar:ha ha ur mam
Avi:she is munni I think daughter of mam. She also joined today

Scene:avinash mansion
Sanskar on phone:I got her she is at avis school she is working as a teacher there but today also she insulted me and scolded me. I want her in my office in 2days
Krishna :yes sir ur work is done.
Avi:what happened papa now also u are with phone come let’s play.
Sanskar:ok come. They played for sometime
Avi:ok now I should do my home work which ragini mam gave
Sanskar :what she said if didn’t did home work means she u will punish
Avi:no all the time she smiles only and makes us smile. We played many games also.
Sanskar :ok OK she will not be forever with u. Do u understand
Avi:but I like her very much.
Sanskar:shut up avi don’t be so much dependable OK what I have taught u. Remember that one. Now go do ur work
Avi cries and goes to his room and says if mama is there she wouldn’t have scolded me. He cries

Scene:evening at gm
Ragini:shona do u know how happy I am I got a job. I am very happy.
Swara:ok please be quiet why are u shouting. When u came from school u are saying the same one. I got tired
Ragini:ok I will give u party
Swara:really laado come we will go out
Ragini:no shona yesterday we ate na outside food na. I will prepare kheer for u ok
Swara :ok yaah how can I forget here is my great chef also make pakodas. I and lucky love that very much. Wait I will also call that ediot to come
Ragini :ok swara say me one thing do u really don’t love him..
Swara:no laado y are u asking. OK I will call him
When she is about to call she gets a call
Sumi:we are coming till night
Swara:what but u said it will take sometime
Sumi:yaah swara but we finished so we are coming. Are u not happy
Swara :yaah I am missing u come fast. She keeps the phone and gets tensed what will happen if they see her.
Lucky:ok sweet heart I really missed u.
Swara:ok God u missed me. Great I think sun rises in west
Lucky:oho don’t eat that much footage OK. I am not missing u.
Lucky:yes darling an hugs her and also ur didi
Munni:laado lucky is missing u come fast
Lucky :what munni why u always make me fall in her eyes
Ragini:I came. Come fast u too join laksh
Laksh: oho ragini call me lucky
Ragini:no I like laksh
Lucky: oh God what is happening to me it is like I am flying like a bird. Lucky control yaar she only said about name not u.
Ragini:shona eat take some more why are u tensed something happened say me na
Swara:nothing yaar I ate mirchi that’s all and goes to drink water
Lucky:ragini very nice. I loved it. It is like I am eating prepared by my mom..
Ragini:then why don’t u go and talk to her
Laksh:how do u know, obviously it’s swara I know
Ragini:what she did. I said something wrong. Actually I met them before only in the bus before u came. They are very nice. I think they will forgive u.
Lucky:no ragini they will be nice with all others but accept me.
Ragini :why are u thinking like that. In these 3 years u have even tried to talk to them
Laksh:yaah I wished him happy Father’s day by message
Ragini: oh God thus phone is useless u should talk directly then only they can see and feel ur pain. Plz u try once naa
Laksh:no ragini it’s waste they won’t
Ragini : plz laksh at least for me.
Ragini :I mean u should talk to them so that u can prove me wrong. Plzzz laksh ur very lucky u got such a nice parents. U know ur mom and daddy are very nice. We met only 3hrs I think but uncle he treated me as if he is my own. Don’t loose them lucky. Some don’t have such a great fate and she started crying.
Laksh:what is this ragini don’t cry. Plz I will talk to them. Plz ragini don’t cry.
Ragini:really tq very much. I think u should go now
Laksh:actually I will go tomorrow
Ragini:ok but talk they have right to teach good and bad but if they think u r spoiling ur career. But ur not if have gained fame and lot more so u should make them realise that it’s not a mistake and u have not spoiled ur career.
Laksh:I think tomorrow will be a great day
Ragini :no laksh it is u who have to make it great and beautiful
Laksh:ok ragini. What is this swara doing I should go and check
He goes to kitchen and sees swara crying
Laksh:what is this jaan do u want to play any prank. U crying don’t tell me
Swara:it’s not a joke lucky. She is very angry and was really angry
Laksh: oh God I am sry swara what happened say na
Swara hugs him and says :lucky my parents are coming today night if they see ragini. I can’t even say to ragini. I took her and came here I have given false hopes. She is my best friend like my sister. I can’t let her go. Before 6years I came here leaving her but she didn’t come because she can’t leave her village which gave her birth and here the people looked after me and I can’t come.
Laksh:I thought she is poor
Swara:no lucky u know her property is 100times than us. U know she and her parents are very humble they are not like those who leaves village for there selfishness but they are not like that they made all the people to get work there itself and their help it is unlimited but I don’t know why she had left all that and came as a poor girl. But now what I should do. U know we cane here by her father’s money only. With their help only we got this much fame and all. I don’t let her now to go. We should do something.
Lucky:swara don’t worry we will find a solution
Voice :can I say a solution
Ragini :I heard everything shona it’s not like that my father gave u money they gave because by ur parents help so many people get help. And about me I said u before I am like ur sister as always. I will leave from here.
Swara:plz ragini I will do something. Don’t go
Ragini : plz shona don’t do anything. I don’t want any further problems come on u bcoz of me. I will go. Till now u did so much. I can’t forget u and the happiness u gave me. I don’t have single rupee and I came here and my reason of surviving is u. I don’t want any one to point out any finger on u and u also lied to dadi and one more to ur parents. No shona that is wrong.
Munni:where are we going laadu
Ragini:nothing sweet heart this is not ur house na we will go to our house now.
Munni:but I don’t want to leave shona and lucky. Plz we will stay here
Ragini:we will meet them daily na plz understand munni. Munni sees ragini crying and agrees
Lucky:plz ragini if u don’t mind u can stay with me in my house.
Ragini:no laksh.
Lucky: shouts don’t behave like a child ragini at this night where will u go
Ragini :actually laksh our school gave us a flat as I am working. I will stay there. Take care of swara
Swara:what laado plz don’t go. After 6yrs we met and ur going leaving me.
Ragini :I will meet u daily na shona plz don’t cry. I think mera Tyson will not cry. Plz smile naa
Swara:no ragini I cant
Ragini:ok if I stay here and if dadi or uncle aunty saw me and if they scold me u can bear that.
Swara:no laado
Ragini :that’s why. Plz now smile naa
Swara smiles and hugs ragini. Ragini also cries. Swaragini bg plays
Ragini and munni left

Scene :at school flat
It is a single room with a kitchen and bathroom attached. It is small
Ragini:munni is it OK for u
Munni:it is more than enough for me. U are there na with me and u are not like my mother. She left me alone. Plz u will not leave na
Ragini:she cries and says no never.
Munni :oho Amul baby u again started crying I think u have a big River in u. Plz now stop I think u are child. Now I am hungry plz do something na
Ragini smiles and says : oh I forgot just wait a min I will get u some thing
They ate and sleeps

Scene :at gm
Sumi and shekar came and saw swalak very sad
Shekhar :I thought we came to wrong house
Sumi:yes I also think but swalak didn’t even listening to them
Laksh:swara aunty and uncle came now change ur mood plz at least for ragini. Go talk to them, I am leaving. Gud Night byee
Swara:byee lucky
Laksh:bye aunty and Uncle gud Night. She is just doing a prank. Don’t take it serious and leaves
Sumi:oho God swara I think u are very lazy that u can’t go and drink water by ur self but what is this u made kheer and pakodas that’s also very tasty. I think I am dreaming see Shekhar
Shekar also tastes and says very nice God u are not at least like ur mother she only make green vegetables. But this Is very nice
Swara:actually this is made by rag… recipe which I have. I and lucky made it for u as ur coming
Sumi:I think now u r on track. When we went to jammy we met Mr. Khan who wants to marry his son with u. We also said yes
Swara:what?? U don’t even thought of asking me for once.
Sumi:what swara even we will think of our daughters marriage. Already one daughter left us and plz u also don’t do that
Swara :no maa I won’t do like that but now it is too early
Sumi:u just see him that’s it.
Swara :ok a if I don’t like u should not force me. Thinks Lando why u left me I need u.

Screen freezes on swaragini….
Episode ends

Precap :ragini comes to gm and at school goons attack ragini but laksh saves her and ragini posts her job

Sry guys today episode it is very boring and long I know. Plz bare me after 2,3 episodes it will be very interesting. Thanks for ur support tomorrow I will reveal the pairs bcoz giving false hopes is also not right…. Thank uuuuuu


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