Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 10

Swaragini-(Love, Ishq, kadhal) Episode 10

Recap :ragini slaps sanskar where swalak enjoyed with munni and ragini meets dp for job but didn’t get it bcoz of sanskar

Hii guys dhamini here. Tq u for ur support and for encouraging me and about the pairs it will be a triangle love story I mean so may triangles. But plz guys there will many twists and lot more fun. Plz yaar it is a fiction story so whatever may be the pairs see the story. But I am not forcing anyone that comment. But I promise u will be so much entertained.

Episode starts…

Scene:at gm
Swara:heyy ladoo u got job I think u got u are very talented yaar
Ragini:no shona I didn’t get the job but I met a very nice person. His name is durgaprassad maheshwari.
Swara:what… really but how do u know him
Ragini:when I was in the bus cmng to Mumbai I saw them he and his wife very nice people.
Ragini:wait a minute laksh is also maheshwari naa what is the relation between them
Swara:that…. Actually lucky is their son
Ragini :what is it oh very nice but when he dropped me he didn’t said anything to me why??
Swara:lucky is not living with them. Dp and dp are not talking with him
Ragini :why laksh is a very nice guy know
Swara:yes he is really very nice but he likes singing but his father wants laksh to become a business man. Laksh didn’t liked it that’s why he fought with them and came to me we were same college at that time and best buddies. I also like singing so we together made a band and started singing 3years before.

Ragini: oh is it but I think now he would have recognised his talent so we should do something to come close bcoz if anyone doesn’t have parents means it is their fate but if they are there so we should not miss their love. I think once lucky should go to their parents and settle the matter.
Swara:laado I wanted to ask u about ur parents and brother and why did u come here
Ragini:my parents died 5years ago in a car accident at the same day my brother (rohan) also got hit by a car and filled from the cliff. I didn’t even get their bodies. I was very lonely and I was shocked at what all happened. I think I should die but again I thought I should not loose hopes and I started a dhaba which also has been destroyed. And my only hope to live is munni and when I saw u I thought I am not alone
Swara:what is this ragini after what happened how can u be so normal yaar and started crying. That why I don’t believe God he will do like this only for nice people. And what u said is right u should not loose hopes and u are not alone I am there for u at every problem even thought if I am
still surviving means the reason is u. Do u remember how u saved me when I have fallen in a well.

Ragini:yaah I remembered u are my best friend and like my sister I can even die for u. They both started crying and hugged each other.
Swara :ok now then we should get lucky back to their parents.
Ragini:ok I think u very well know laksh so u do this job and I know u can do that.
Night passes they slept

Morning lucky comes to the gm from the window and saw swaragini are hugging while sleeping and he saw ragini
Lucky :how cute she is. I get freezer whenever I see her and something happens to me whenever I see her I think that time all the earth is stopped only to look at her beautiful face. Oh God what happened to u lucky. All girls are after u and u are after ragini. Yes that feeling is also very nice to me.
Swaragini gets up. Ragini shouts looking at lucky. Lucky who is standing on the ladder and staring ragini suddenly hears her shout and he lost his balance and falls down in a garbage. Swara laughs
Ragini:what is this shona ur laughing at this come help me get him out
Munni also wakes and says u proved me right u are really a gorilla see ur doing the same acts.
Lucky :ha ha laugh when I will come then I will see u

Munni: oh God stay away from me u are stinking
Swara:munni u are right I am getting the smell of 100of dead rats. Lucky go yaar go to bathroom and clean ur body 10times otherwise don’t come to me okk
Ragini:but why u came from window. U can come from main door naa
Lucky:I thought to surprise u both but in fact I got double Surprise. Now plz if ur investigation is over can I go to bathroom
Ragini : oho sry go go
Swara :by the lucky Great surprise. I am really impressed and starts laughing
Lucky: oho yes but I didn’t take return surprise know and started coming close to her
Swara:lucky plz yaar noo u know na I am very lazy to take bath for one time but if u do this I can’t take bath 10 times plz lucky
Lucky : oho soo now u get scared oh God my Tyson is scared and huggs her. Both became full dirty lucky puts munni in the garbage. Ragini is laughing very much
Swara : oho laado u are enjoying OK now u see and hugs ragini now all got dirty

Lucky : oh God now this is the 15th time I got bathed still this smell is not going
Ragini cleans herself and munni also clean
Swara:all this happened bcoz of ur stupid surprise u ediot lucky
Lucky:it s OK meri jaan sometimes happens frnds are meant for sharing naa u don’t know
Ragini:what u both are frnds that means u don’t love each other
Swalak gets shocked for a while and laughs at each other :ragini what are u talking we both love oh God this is the joke of centaury

Lucky :how do u even think that a boy love another boy plz I am not that type
Swara:what did u say actually I don’t love a person like u whose brain is full empty and sometimes become ghajini. And these love shove are not my types
Lucky:ha really bcoz it is only for girls and boys not like u
Swara:lucky you now I won’t leave uand they started fighting roaming the whole house
The whole house became like a fish market while ragini is making man I ready

Scene:at St. Peters school
Ragini talks with the principle and munni got admission in 1st Class. She left munni at her classroom and was going she heard teachers talking
Principle: oh God miss Chopra used to handle those children very easily but now she got married and went to London now what will we do those students are very mischievous and every teacher will get frightened to go their class
Ragini who was listening :sir may I know which class students they are
Principle :1st class. Why

Ragini :actually if u don’t mind can I see them once
Principle thought that he will give a chance to her:ok come
They went to that class where munni is there
Boy: oho new girl what is ur name
Boy: oh “munni badnaam hui darling tere liye”and starts singing and plucking her hair
Munni i:are u dabaang Salman khan? Ediot stay away from me
Ragini:good morning everyone. But no one listens to her
Ragini:ok then I thought that u people will play with me but I think u are all not interested in playing OK then I am leaving and starts going
Boys:which game
Ragini:nono u plz carryon
Boys:teacher plz
Ragini:ok fine I will draw a dog figure on board and u should draw tail to that
Boys:oh that’s it
Ragini:yaah but u will be blindfolded and ur classmates will give u directions. Okk
Boys:yes mam
Principle:very great job miss..
Ragini:sir my name is ragini rathode
Principle:ok miss ragini rathode u got the job and u are very appreciable. U handled them in minutes. All the best

Ragini:tq sir.
All the class played the game and had lots of fun and they even studied.
Ragini:ok now let’s study too
Class:no mam
Ragini:ok then we will play another game and she said I will give u a word which is in ur 1st lesson and said to find it
All the class read it with the help of ragini and read the whole lesson. All like ragini very much and in only one day she became very close to all.

It is evening school is finished and all are going there comes our sanskar to the same school in his car while talking to someone in Bluetooth
Sanskar :what the hell she didn’t come to any of our companies where should she be if she got job in some other company
Krishna :no sir there is no info about her getting a job in any other company.
Sanskar who is frustrated was driving his car very rashly
Ragini sees some kid is there and the car is approaching and pushes the kid and they failed on other side. Sanskar realised the situation and stopped the car. Bur ragsan didn’t see each other
Ragini is very angry:do u have eyes on ur head do u even know if I would have not come what could have happened to the kid and started scolding without seeing him as he is inside the car with the mirror closed
Sanskar comes out and ragsan are shocked to see eachother
Ragini:I would have realised that It is u if any destruction happens that is only because of u. Wait a min u are following me and came till here to take revenge for yesterday’s slap. And u mistakenly hit that small kid. Do u have minimum common sense. U say urself that u are very great businesses man and rich but u r so I’ll by ur heart and goes to the kid

Ragini :are u fine dear u r from 1st class na. U r name is avinash know.
Avinash:yes mam
Ragini :did u get hurt
Avinash:no mam I am fine ur hand is bleeding
Ragini :it’s okk dear where are ur parents
Avinash :there he is
Ragini looks on
Avinash: papa u came. He goes to sanskar
Sanskar:yes my champ I came
Ragini is shocked.

Episode ends…

Precap :some goons attack ragini at school and ragini lost her job…

Guys I am once again saying plz read the story it will be interesting and full of twists it’s just starting there are lot more. I think u will give me more support than I expect. Thank uuuuuu.


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