Swaragini – (Love, Ishq, Kadhal) Episode 1

Swaragini -(Love, Ishq, Kadal) Episode 1

Hii guys this is dhamini. I was a silent reader and I am inspired by all of u writers. So I want to write a story based on swaragini. I hope u all will support me by ur comments. I don’t think u will write like u guys but can promise u that it would be really entertaining.

Coming to my story the characters will be known in the story itself so no specific intro of them. I forgot to say I am a big fan of swaragini especially for ragini and I also like swara. Here swara and ragini are not sisters and are two different personalities.

About pairs I have my own thought and it’s a suspense but I will reveal it soon.

Episode starts with….
Scene 1 : on a silent Road near kolkata
A girl who is wearing a plain white dress and open hair running And asking for help as there are some goons running behind her with big swords. The girl is crying a lot and hides behind a big tree. The goons didn’t noticed that and went on another way to find her. The girl who didn’t find anyone went on a different direction and finds a bus stand.

She asked one of the conductors that any seat is vacant. The conductor said yeah is there only one seat but where do u want to go. She asks where do this bus go. The conductor replied mumbai.

She only has some 500 and gave it to the conductor and gets into the bus. Now she is not having a single rupee.

She goes and gets into her seat. After some time a middle aged lady comes and sits near her. She smiles a little. And the bus starts. The girl slept as she is soo tired. She got a dream that a couple were died in front of a small girl who hides behind a bush. She shouts…. Saying nooo…..

Lady:what happened beta why are u sweating????
Girl:nothing aunty a bad dream.
Lady: okk beta take rest I think u were in a big trouble.
Girl:nothing aunty thanks for asking.
Lady thinks how beautiful this girl is but something is there in her heart which is troubling her.
The girl doesn’t get sleep so she just sees the view from the window.
Suddenly a man gets dizzy and was struggling to get breath.
He is the husband of the lady sitting beside the girl.
Lady:crying oh what happened ji. She don’t know what to do.
Girl:aunty relax say if he has any health issues.
Lady:yes he is diabetic patient. But today he didn’t took his tablets as they were finished.
Girl:she asks the passengers if any one have any sweet.
A little child gave a chocolate to her.
She feeds it to her husband.
Lady :scolds her what are u doing he Already had sugar.
Girl:nothing will happen aunty trust mee.
Lady says kkk

After feeding the man gets alright. The lady hugs him.
Lady:I was soo frightened if any thing happens always u take silly about ur health and starts scolding himm
Husband:nothing is happened to me see I am perfectly alright. I was still the same and strong man whom u got married 25 years ago.
All passengers in the bus laugh seeing their fight..
Lady :actually I think u are not my husband..
Husband shocked what???
Lady:because my age is 50 and u are only 25 so ur like my child and she leaves from there.
Husband :no no I am very old see I also have diabetics.
Lady laughs and says I know it I just want to say it to all the passengers by ur self.
Husband:what u did see all the girls are laughing seeing me.
Small child:grand father are u fine I gave u the chocolate and u ate completely leaving nothing for me.
Husband asks lady see what have u done she is calling me grandfather.
Husband says to the child:I will give u another one but u should not call me grandfather
Child :then what I should call u
Husband :brother
All laughs
Lady:ok it’s enough of jokes now u didn’t even thanked the girl who saved u and chitchatting.
Husband :ok noo I forgot. Sorry beta I am very thankful to uu.
Girl:it’s okk uncle. Elders should not say sorry to youngers.
Husband:what I am not elder I think u have not listened the child called me brother.
Girl laughs and said okk then apology is accepted..
Lady:actually I think the child called u grand father.
All laughs
Girl asks uncle u sit beside aunty. I will sit in ur place..

Lady asks thank uu beta actually I am very sorry as I spoken to u very rudely..
Girl:aunty it’s okk if I were in ur place I would also have done the same..
Lady:how do u know that if sweet is given to diabetic patients it will be cured..
Girl:actually my mother used the same to my father. And my father sometimes acts to get chocolates and sweets saying this she starts crying..
Lady :what happened beta are u missing them don’t worry u are going to them know
Girl:no aunty actually they passed away 5 years back..
Lady:hugs her and says don’t cry always God takes them for nice ones like uu..
Girl:no aunty I can’t blame God because if he takes something then he will give another thing to compensate it.
Lady:u have a very great and big heart.
Husband:what ladies u are very boring always crying. Actually he says that to bring smile on girls face. And says u are soo boring and u made the girl also crying.
Lady:Haa u sit the bus is moving if break are applied then already u have only some teeth and those will also goo.

Girl laughs heartily as if she was laughing for the first time.
Husband: okk okkk stop it u boring lady. Let’s start antakshari.
All passengers plays. After some time All goes to sleep.
The lady and husband get down as their stop has came and sees the girl sleeping and blesses her and get down. As the bus stops the girl wakes up and sees them and waves bye to them.
Girl thinks I miss u mom and dad and cries and sleeps as the journey is of two days…
Actually the lady and husband are Ap and dp.

Precap:a handsome boy enters the bus….

Guys guess the girl and boy. Sorry if it’s boring as it is introduction so I have written this from the next episode it will be nice. But to continue I want ur cooperation. Thank uuuuuu

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