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guys those who realy want to read swaragini different love story so below is the link of episode 1
story starts from swara going to cyber cafe to check her 12 class results and she got 93% in he exam so she get excited and calles her mom about result so both decided

to do party and her mom takes scooty(it is just like loona old ) and goes to pick up swara but in between she faced accident and some people called swara about her

mother condition and they admitted her mother near by hospital but due to lack of money hospital peopled refused to do her mother operation and due to much pleading of

swara to doctors and they decided to do operation afer two hours and due to late start of operation that is after 2 hours of her mother accident her mother sliped into

coma and due to this her hatred towards rich increased more,
she took her mother to her home and till 3 months after her mother coma swara was living like lifeless body who was insulted daily by society people who thinks she is

not pure girl and she is illigemate (najazise) daughter of her mother sumi and due to her impurity her mother slipped into come, but only work she could do to cry only

because nobody was there in her life which can give shoulder when she cries and she wall all alone lifeless body,
she thought to do some work because she did not have money to live so she thought to start tuision class for kids and also thought that i will fulfill my mother wish

of becoming doctor and she though to take drop of 1 year to prepare for aipmt and than she printed pemplates of her name and was standing their coloney mall to give

pemplate to colony people but a boy was coming towards the mall and his leg sliped due to banana but swara rescued him by putting her hand on his arm and that boy was

laksh who thanx her and and praises her cuteness beauty but swara replied and told him to take her name pemplate that she is starting tuition classes but neha and

ragini were also there with lucky but neha interrupts and start telling that swara is characterless girl who is giving pemplate of her adress to attract rich boys and

start telling rubbish things to trap lucky and nearby guys who was standing there and all boys came in her trap and start telling ammusing words to swara and this all

drama seen by one boy who was taking there picture behind pillar and feeling bed for swara
due to their ammusing words swara was heart broken and starts crying vigorously and gives explanation to every body that i m poor but i do not have tha intention to

trap reach people and i only want to earn money by teaching tuition because i do not have money to live i am helpless, folds her hand by seeting on knees in front of

croud and say please belive me i need money and i am poor and i m not traping any body say to crowd of present there but that boy who was taking photo came forward and

say on the behalf of swara and say please understand sombody helplessness and gives pemplate of her name to all the people and say please send ur children to her

tuision classe and he comes near to swara and puts hand on shoulder but unexpected swara hugs him tightly and that person consoles her but later swara comes in senses

and realy felt guilty that she huged unknown person so due to guilt she immidiately open her eyes and found that her chest is bare and she see onre tatoo and due to

embracement she stood and turn her face and run away (note swara did not see that person face) guys other part will be revealed in flashbak about that person in

upcoming chapters
in this episode there was marriage anniversary of annapurna and dp and u have seen the entry of sanky who was good guy, how ragini selects dress for lucky because

lucky only wears a dress selected by rags, and some pranks between rags and lucky
in this episode it is also revealed that ragini and neha has crush on sanky but neha and lucky know that rags has crush on sanky but neha wants sanky at every cost so

she made plan and trap her dadi for her and sanky relation(plan will be revealed later in flashback) and that day due to some reason sanky was not talking to neha and

was realy angry on her and this made neha more angry and say ‘i will not leave her because she made my sanky angry on me’
as party over and all people went from maheshwari mansion, only gadodia and maheshwari where they ask to lucky and rags to got to medical college as they passed 12

exam but both refuse and said that they want this year to drop and enjoy, from next year they will go to college and all agrees to theit decission

but dadi intention were different and she tells that she likes sanky and neha as a couple and she talk about there relation which made every body shock but rags was

heartbroken, sanky got more angry on neha who was smiling……….
guys what will happen, will all will accept the sanky and neha alliance and that will be reaveled later in flash back
note that sanky is studying mba 1st year in london and neha is studying mbbs 2nd year

after 1 year swaraglak takes admission in medical college where swara was in difft. clg from raglak

sanskar also completes mba and expands maheshwari business in london with for two year program
in this year swara will be continuing her tuition where child of parinita and adarsh also comes to her classes and in this time swara changed herself and become strong

due to many trjedies up and down in this year
IN THIS two years swara joined karrate class to become self dependent and her life gpoes smoothely with some up and down and she became more courageous,strOng
but our sanky becomes famous business man in london as well as india

%%%%%%%%%%%% AFTER TWO YEAR LEAP %%%%%%%%%%%
guys after this two lips that is APROXEMATELY three years had passed in their life, swara comes in third year which was topper of college but she was transfered to

other college due to clinical rotaion in which raglak were studying
sanskar came at his hometown by completing 2 years project of london which helps him getting too much reputation in business world and he became the head of maheshwari

company and started running company in his home town

our raglak were as usual friend and neha was doing last year of her mbbs in same college where raglak are studying

and u also may be thinking that did neha and sanky engagement is fixed or not
and i know many more doubts will be there but no problem all confusion will be solved in 2-3 episode


did u like my episode
please comment if u have any confusion also i will help u and also please coment if u liked my todays chapter or not

Credit to: pathan

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