NOTE- THIS STORY IS CONTINUTION OF “SWARAGINI DIFFERENT LOVE STORY” whose only 6 episodes are published before and those who did not read that 6 episode for them i will write full summary in episode 1 of this ff and that 6 episode are only just an intro of characters and are not much important but real love story will start from now onwards
due to some technical problem i could not complete that ff but read this story it will be realy interesting and i will do some modification in this story

guys this love story will have pairs raglak and swasan
where u will find good friendship of swalak
in this story sanlak will be brothers while swara will be very poor and strong girl who will not have father and her mother in coma when she was in 12 class, ragini and neha will be sister where neha (negative charater) and they will be rich and their father will be family freind of durgaprasad

key feature of this story is
how can a girl stand for herself from this bad society
love is not by physical touch it is by heart
intensity of freindship
relation are made of heart ont by blood and it is above any cast religion
problem faced by girl staying alone in the life
best freind is best lover
funny love story with many up and down

@@@@@@@@@ RAGLAK LOVE STORY @@@@@@@@@
hey ragini(her father is shekhar gadodia and mother is janki gadodia and her sister neha) and lakshya(sanskar’s brother) will have same character and they both will be naughty with realy goood character
this story will show intense freindship between RAGLAK and u will realy enjoy, they will stand with each other in ever thin and thick
,every secret of their life is known by other they do not do any work without each other just like one is incomplete without other and u will also see pranks nok jhok and romance in there freindship
but biggest question is how they will realize their love ?
how much intensity of freindship between them ?
how they will react when they know that they love each other, will they feel guilty that they cheated their freindship or something else ?
how they will propose to each other and it will be most difficult task because they will think that their is chance of loosing freindship if partner do not feel same ?
one more thing i will not include jealousy in my ff in showing their love story because it is very old concept
so guys stay tuned with story to know how freindship turn to love

&&&&&&&&&&&&& SWASAN LOVE STORY (my favourate couple) &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

guys from epi 1 to 6 in my ff, swasan love story will not start because that will be base of their love story

sanskar character- hot lavish womaniser and good business man who loves family but have no lights in his life due to his bitter past ( i will not add kavita in his past because everybody is fade of kavita so there will be different past and that will be reaveled later) and before leap in story he will have good character

swara character- poor girl with no lights in her life, strong character, deeply hates reach people due many reason,don’t think about love because she has many problem in her life, earn money by teaching tuition, mature and wants to become doctor and she leaves with her mother only who is in coma
story will go in the way that sanskar will try to rap swara badly (it is not clear that he will rape her or not) but swara will not see his face but she will deeply hate SANSKAR MAHESHWARI from core of her heart and it is normal that every girl will hate rappist
so biggest question how there love story start ?
but i want to clear one thing that neither their love story will be revenge love concept nor the office type where swara in his office
but there will be different concept and it will be funny love story with realy very funny misunderstandings
question arises
how sanky will change ?
but how their love story will start and in which way their love story will start ?
how can a girl love a person who raped or try to rape her ?
one more thing how swara can love sanky because she hates rich people ?
how sanky will start loving swara ?
if he loves her than in which way he will prove his love to swara ?
how swara will open her heart for sanky with many difficulties in her life ?

to get answeer of this question stay tuned with story
guys there will be many up and down in swasan love story but u will like that but i want to say that there love story will be unique and interesting
one more character i had taken that is neha character (sister of ragini and crush on sanky) in my ff, ya she will be fully negative character but she will realy help in swasan love story so question arises how she can help but that will be revealed later
guys one more think and it is realy very imp. to ask before continueing story that which pair scene u want most so there are option please comment
1) swasan scene 60% + raglak 40%
2) swasan scene 40% + raglak 60%
3) swasan scene 50% + raglak 50%
4) maximum swasan scene

guys how was the intro of my story
did u like my concept of love story

for swalak fans, i will made realy very good freindship bond between swara and laksh
hey freinds please coment today because it is point about your favourite pairs so today all should comment because if u will not able to comment than how i will know that which pair u want in this story and one more think if u want some changes in my concept please do comment and i promise i will try my level best to use that sugestion in my story

guys tomorrow i will upload the chapter which will summary of that 6 episodes of “swaragini different love story”
guys please do comment so that i can know that what u want swasan or raglk and i will also know that how many are liked my intro so that i can continue this story
good day………….

Credit to: pathan

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