swaragini-love hidden in revenge (episode 6)


Hello everyone! I am sorry for posting after such a long time but my exams are’nt leaving me with time to write.
Aarav reaches at baadi to pick up ragini for office. They are waiting at a traffic signal when a young girl comes with flowers to them knocks the window and says: sahabji ye phool bhabhi ke liye lelo bahut khubsoorat lagenge(take these flowers for your wife they will make her look more beautiful). Ragini gets shy but aarav buys them and gives them to ragini.
They reach office and everyone welcomes ragini merrily.
At mm:
Kavya:chachiji please bring some water for me and yes do keep my shoes back in the rack.
Sujata: re chori thanne sharam nhi aati.?
Kavya:sharam and may I ask why??my husband owns this house and so I have the right to command you if you wish to stay in this house
Swara comes there:dewraniji if you don’t mind I would like to ask didn’t you take a bath today as your shoes smell horribly…would you mind keeping them back ypurself?
Kavya gives her an angry look.
Swara:what are you staring at?? Stay in your limits mrs. Kavya laksh mahehswari else I wont even bother to think that you are laksh’s wife.
Kavya gets frustrated and leaves from there.
Back in the office ragini is offered an album and she gets exicted and calls sumi to share her happiness.
Sumi: see I told you everything will be fine just stay positive and work hard.
Ragini:yes maa I will,okay bye.
Sumi: bye lado.
At mm:
Swasan are sitting in their room and thinking how is laksh claiming that he didn’t go to mg cross road yesterday?(taking the scene from serial)
Swara:if he is going with his wife out at night why would he hide it??
Sanskar:there is something very strange going on.we need to find out but for now I am very tired. I need some refreshment will my dear wify give me a sweet kiss?
Swara gets shy and is about to leave when sanskar catches her hand and pulls her closer to him . he kisses her on cheeks slowly moving towards her lips.they are lost in each other and consummate.
Kavya is talking to someone on phone and tells him: till now everything has been fine. If our plan succeeds we will become millionaires and laughs.
Voice:don’t worry till the time I am there it will all be fine.
Kavya: okay so we need to meet tonight to discuss ahead.come near the pond behind mm.
Voice: yaa I will be there by 11.

Precap: kavya meets the unknown person who is he? How is he related to kavya?

Please guys I need your comments to know whether my ff is fine or not.thankyou.

Credit to: ananya

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