swaragini-love hidden in revenge (episode 5)

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Aarav drops ragini at baadi and leaves.
Meanwhile at mm kavya: how dare you? You were trying to talk to her? Mr. laksh mahehswari you better understand how important it is for you to stay away from her else I can ruin your lives.
Laksh gets irritated and leaves.
Next day. Ragini gets a call its none other than aarav.
Aarav: ragini be ready I ll be there in 10 minutes.
Ragini: what? But why? Were are we going??
Aarav: don’t argue just be ready…else you will see.

Ragini: okay okay..i ll be ready.
Aarav comes and picks up ragini from baadi.he blindfolds her and they leave…they reach and ragini’s blindfold is removed… she gets awestruck… there is a big garden with all kinds of flowers all her favorite ones. She gets happy and thanks aarav .
Aarav: thanking me?? Are you mad?? Tujhe kaise laga that I will forget how much you love flowers and can forget all your tensions when you see them.. she smiles .
Aarav asks her for a dance ..they dance on ishq bulava…they get too close while dancing. Ragini realizes this and suddenly moves back.
Aarav:so how did you like the surprise?? Ragini: you know aarav you are the best! I just love you!! She then realizes what she said and says sorry I mean…
Aarav: arre its okay..we are friends na…its absolutely fine.
They sit in the car and aarav says: ragini I have always loved your voice.would you mind if I give you an offer?
Ragini:what? Aarav:would you mind singing for my music company?? You are the future of this music industry.

Ragini: really?? Do you think so??oh god I cant believe it…why not .sure I will work for you.thankyou so much.
Aarav:pleasure is all mine.
Aarav drops her home and reaches his office. He keeps on thinking about ragini and her voice.
In mm

Laksh is sitting in his room and thinking about ragini…he remembers how he betrayed her and why.FB starts (it is the time after ragini had took over mm but laksh had saved her life and she was no more a bad person at that time swasan were madly in love with each other laksh was left alone,hurt and sad.he went to a bar and was drinking heavily.he was out of his senses when one girl came and sat next to him . the girl is revealed to be kavya. She tries to sympathize with him and takes him to her place.there she gives him a drink and laksh dozes off. Next morning he wakes up and looks at kavya sleeping beside him. He gets shocked and his head aches badly. He isn’t able to remember anything. Kavya wakes up and tells him that they had a beautiful night yesterday. Laksh is not able to believe her words and is about to leave when she stops him and shows him their pictures. And blackmails him that if he doesn’t marry her then she will show this to his family and destroy ragini’s life. He realizes that he sctually has feelings for ragini and cannot let her suffer because of his deeds. He agrees to kavya’s condition and the rest what happened on wedding is planned.) FB ends..laksh has tears in his eyes and regrets how his one decision has made his family to suffer.he keeps on thinking about it and sleeps.

Precap:ragini joins aarav’s music company.

(I request you all to please suggest what I can do to make this ff interesting.i know its getting boring somewhere and that is why I am not getting you response)

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