swaragini-love hidden in revenge (episode 4)

Hello everyone.this is the next episode of my series. I hope you like it and plz do comment.as you all suggested parth samthan will be playing the role of aarav.

Ragini is on the stage and starts singing laksh feels that he has heard this voice and gets mesmerized by it. Ragini turns and a spotlight hits her. Laksh and kavya get shocked to see her.kavya fumes in ager whereas laksh is looking at her smiling . kavya nudges laksh.
Ragini is engrossed in singing when she see’s laksh and gets blank..she stops singing and everyone starts showing her down. Kavya smirks seeing this.
Laksh and aarav get tensed . laksh is about to go on the stage when aarav comes and takes her mike away and starts singing. She comes back to her senses and is ashamed. Both of them complete the song and ragini rushes backstage and breaksdown. Aarav comes there and asks her why did she black out?

Ragini: he will come back..he will destroy my life again…I don’t want him near me…kanha ji why does this happen to me?
Aarav shakes her and she hugs him tightly.

After getting back to her senses aarav asks her what had happened..she told him about her past…he gets shocked listening to it and gets angry on laksh.he goes to him and starts beating him badly.ragini comes there and holds his hand.

Ragini: I don’t want you to hurt yourself because of him. And I don’t even want anyone to be sad because of me. He is happy in his life let it be aarav…I have moved on.
Laksh gets tears hearing this but hides his face from her and wipes his tears.
He is about to say sorry to ragini when kavya drags him away.
aarav takes ragini to the dressing room. She stays quiet controlling her tears but when aarav says her to let it out she starts crying badly.

Aarav: so you still get affected by him?his presence still bothers you? He still is there in your heart right?
The brave ragini is actually not so brave ha?

Ragini: you don’t know aarav how difficult has it been for me. You can never usnderstand my situation.
Aarav shuts her mouth and says no more crying. That’s enough of your tears wasted on him. Now if you cry I will never talk to you.
Ragini calming herself down: you are still the same..always so caring for me…They share an eyelock.

Precap:not decided…plzz tell how can I continue with the plot.

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  1. superbbb…

  2. Awesome.. Chemistry between aarav and ragini out standing

  3. Wow aarav is so cute. I just loved his concern for ragini and lucky who is actually unlucky was crying ??. Please post the next part soon and try to make it longer.

    1. Yes he is..Thankyou ..and sure I will try

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