swaragini-love hidden in revenge (episode 3)

Hiii people!! The next episode of my ff. But before that I would like to tell Sindhu and Eva that I am a big big fan of your ff’s and want your suggestions and advice.i would also request the silent readers to comment so that I can know whether you people are interested in my ff.thankyou.

Ragswasan reach the concert venue and a guy comes near ragini telling her that the sponsors want to meet you to which ragini agree and goes. Ragini:may I please come in sir? Guy: yes please do ms. Ragini.we are privileged to have you sing for us.thankyou for responding on such a short notice.(he turns around and ragini is shocked to see him. He is a very dear childhood friend of ragini his name is aarav.)(I need your suggestions on who could be aarav so that you have an image of who is he.choose amongst Karan wahi ,parth samthan ) Ragini:you???where have you been all this while.?? She goes and is about to shake hands with him when he takes her in his arms and hugs her.she gets surprised but responds. Aarav:I missed you so much ragini.but for becoming what I am today I had to leave you all.i am soooo glad to see you..I have been following your songs since your beginning. Ragini gets shy: I missed you too.

Suddenly someone knocks the door and comes in and says sir our chief guest mr. Maheshwari is here with his wife.please come they want to meet you. Aarav says excuse me we ll meet at the concert and leaves. Ragini remembers all their childhood moments and smiles… Aarav meets and greets laksh and kavya and escorts them to the hall.they are seated there when laksh asks aarav:btw whose concert is it??i just came here because you are a good friend of mine and didn’t even bother to ask about who is to perform. Aarav is about to tell him when his assistant comes and tells him that some mishap has taken place backstage .he rushes there and sees that ragini has got locked in his cabin and the door is jammed. He remembers that ragini is clostrophobic and gets scared while ragini screams for help. He breaks the door and goes inside and hugs ragini. She thanks him and starts crying and says what would have happened if you hadn’t come in time?

Aarav shuts her mouth with his fingers and tells her not to talk rubbish.they share an eye lock and get normal after a few seconds. He asks ragini to get ready for the concert . She leaves. Ragini is in her green room getting ready. She is wearing a white gown but is unable to tie the string in her back. She calls for swara to which aarav hears and enters asking her what she wants and sees her in that condition and turns his head. Ragini gets shy and asks him to send swara to which he says she and sanskar have left as they had an important work. He asks her whether he could help to which she resists at first but then agrees. He comes near her closes his eyes and ties the string.(moh moh ke dhaage plays). Both of them leave for concert hall.

Precap:Raglak shocked to see each other and aarav gets to know about ragini’s past.

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  1. I hope ragini and aarav as pair? Pls parth

    1. Yeah they are..atleast for now

  2. I want parth as aarav

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  3. Chose arnav as your wish dear whom u like to see with her and yes i like your ff
    And thank u for liking my ff

    1. Thankyou…and plz if you feel the track is getting boring anywhere tell me

  4. nice ..

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  5. Parth is better for aarav charecter

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  6. obviously our 1 and only parth

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  7. Nice story

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