Swaragini- MY LOVE AND MY HEART ITS ONLY FOR U (Episode 3)

In big mension, the bord written that arora mension, we go inside, in front of temple, a women with closed eyes doing arthi while singing bajan same time scoty enters the mansion and the girl enter the inside the mansion fastly and remove the slipers side and stand back side of that women silently closing eyes and holding her hands. Same time turns That women turns her face revealed. She is karunya(assume archana in pavitra rista) she looks her angirly talks”swara!today also u late! U dont change ur habbits?” the girl face revealed she is the same girl sanskar searching and its our swara. Swara says”bhabi! I m sorry!” and hold her eyes and makes puppy face. To see swara face childess acts karunya heart melt and smiles. To c that swara also smiles and says”my bhabi smiles mrng sun to me! How beutiful is it! Thats why na my brother fall for u?” to listen this karunya start blushing and swara to c this and start teasing her. Karunya to stop swara says” stop it swara! U r brother called and asked u to call him” she know to stop swara it was best idea and it become sucessful. Swara shouts”what bhai called and u telling me now! I will call him now and asks him give a baby to u so u lazyness decresses! How lazy u are?” and go to call her boy. To listen baby karunya become silent, and start thinking” how can i have a baby? When with my own hands its sacrifed. I dnt want to a baby. We think ur my baby. U are my child swara. You despertly want us baby but how can we say to u that for u we decided dont want expect our baby. I m nt give birth to u but u are my child. My swara.” her thoughts intraputes by swara laugh who was talking with her brother.

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