Swaragini- MY LOVE AND MY HEART ITS ONLY FOR U (Episode 2)

After two years lap:
at mumbai:
marnging… At park…
A boy sitting on bench and he closed his eyes and see a girl smiling while running and calling him” sanskar come! Come fast and caugh me if u can ” and wide smile came at his face and suddenly tears start rolling at his cheeks to remaber something. He open his eyes and start writting diary ”it 2years u leave me. All are says that ur dead but my heart saying that ur alive in somewhere. But my hope start shattering day by day. I m living like robat without u. U r my happiness,my joy, my life and my world.pls god give some way to reach my love my RAGINI” His thoughts intraputted by a girl beutiful laughing sound. He remaber ragini and turn that side and see ragini jumping and laughing with kids. He adimers at her and start move to herside. Suddenly he colliode with someone and say sorry to that person and become shock to c it was nt ragini but another girl and he feel some connection with that girl and he goes to meet that girl. He comes that place where that girl playing with kids but she was nt there. He start searching for her. But he didnt find her. After He come to parking area he was sad and he sat at car and start driving. He stop the car for phone ring. It was ap.while he was talking in the phone he listen some skuty horn and turn that side see a girl covered her face with burqa only her eyes are shown. She showing something and reailise he parked the middle of the place. He says”sry! Two mintes” and start clearing the way to her go, in that time she uncover her face and it was same girl who was he searching. He see her and he adimers her and remabers ragini. He was about to come to her. She gone. He felt bad to miss her

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  1. Varsha Darshini

    Dear Bhavani, its really awsm yaar pls continue

  2. wow nice dear carry on.:-) .:-) 🙂

  3. Awesome

  4. awsm ….

  5. So sad sanky

  6. is the girl swara?

  7. Fantastic epi..plz dnt change ragini face to swara

  8. Plz post episode one link
    Love ur story

  9. I hope ragini is alive

  10. Nice…

  11. Is the girl swara?

  12. awesome plz make it swasan. ….

  13. I think that girl is swara

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