Swaragini- MY LOVE AND MY HEART ITS FOR U (Episode 1)

Hii frnds i m going write another ff for swaragini. I m stoped my ff swaragini-TRUE LOVE IN MY HEART some problams. So i try to write it also. So now my new ff.

Love cant stop with death. It also gives another chance to complite this love. In some cases to rebarth to ur heart beat with ur soulmate. The love is magic which makes u give urself to someone. It gives a reason to live and some times it also becomes curse to ur life. But its nt love problam its understanding problam. Two unperfect person become one perfect in love. The world contain full love with hater but we also almost love than hater. Love makes unperfect to perfect that have advantages of love. In haters also consist love in heart it also proves that love is our surrounder,our prasences, in ours, in our heart.
So friends my ff is based on love nt pairs. They are soulmates.

Episode with…
At hospital:
one car is stoped infort of door with great speed. Suddenly One person cameout of car and tensidenly open back door of car taken a uncounsious girl whose bady with blood and also the face is nt cleared. We can only see her eyes closed and blood at eyelash. He put her on starchar takes her in shouting to doctor. The wordboys takes her OT while her hand came out and blood falling through her hand at floor. She taken OT and doctos triting her. The boy stand outside the door seeing girl who strugles to take air and the boy c that through mirrer in the door and felt bad.
The nurse came with form to the boy and asks”what is happend to her? Who these much of wounds happend to her?” the boys says”accident.” the doctor comes out of OT. The boy runs to the doctor asks”how is she doctor” the doctor says” the truth is its my first case in this type of cases. Its god meracle that in this seviour accident also she is alive. I think she have a strong reason to live thats why she is strongly fighting to death. Her all body become wound, but she is strong through the heart. She out of danger but she is in coma. I want to do some opeartion.” boy feel happy for she is fain aswellas bad for she is in coma.
The boy asks”how much time takes to she come outof coma” ”may be two months, year but she is fain ”the doctor says. the boys happyly says”thanks doctor” doctor tensidly says”but.there is a problam…..”

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  1. Nice introduction

  2. Nice,but don’t feel bad,please,check for the spelling and grammar mistakes because it is hindering the flow while reading..

  3. super dear start…….

  4. nic strt…. keep writing… n i agree wid u nitha… do take care of d spelling mistakes dear…

  5. It’s good and your previous ff was also nice

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