swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 9)


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Recap:swasan and raglak to go by bus


SWASAN entered the bus no seat was empty in the bus
So they were standing
Swasan were standing opposite to eachother
suddenly becuz of break given by bus swara falled sanky’s chest
they had cute eyelock

Song ankhon me tere ajab se ajab se adayein hai oooo (bg music)

They came into sense swara pulled back herself from his chest & stared eachother

After some sanky composed himself and took his mobile and stared doing some thing to avoid swara buy swara was just staring at him

Sanky was doing something on his mobile simply took his eyes from the mobile for a moment and saw a boy is staring swara with lust eyes
sanky became angry & the boy came little closer to swara he became very angry he holded his fist tightly
When he saw the boy coming more closer with lust in his eyes he immedeatly pulled from her waist and truned her
Now swara was standing were sanky was standing before and sanky at swara place
(Swara was shocked at his sudden reaction but kept quite. Sanky also ignored her continued his work on mobile)

After some time he saw sawra holding her leg becuz of pain as she was standing all thz time
Without wasting his time he looked around for a empty seat and he found 2 empty seats. He was about to say swara but stoped becuz he dnt want her to show that he care her
So he said her….

Sanky:(holding his leg) my leg is painig i wanna sit but seats……. ya i got it there r 2seats empty(to himself looking at swara when swara looked at him he turned his face and contined) (indirectly to swara)
Im going there to sir if anyone wants to.come can come if not they can stand
Swara:(as her leg was painig see went & sat beside sanky)
But composed himself and he remmbered somthing & his eyes were filled with anger & he said in his mind that he hate her and turned his face

Opposite to there seat a cute small girl (of 5-6 age)was sitting with her mum. Her mum was sleeping & she was smiling looking swara
Swara also smiles and asks her….

Swara:(pull her cheeks) awww my name is swara wats ur name baby u r soooo cute
Girl:am i cute(innocently)
Swara:ur soo cute(smiles)
Girl:u also very beautiful
Swara:aww baby say wats ur name
Girl:my.name is shona!
Swara:(excitedly) u know my name also….

Remmeber something
Swara eyes filled with tears listining to them name shona
Sanky immedeatly truned by listening that name

Shona:nice na di my name i like it very much
Swara:ya its nice(in tears)
Shona:(to sanskar) wats ur name
sanky(angry look)
Shona:oh hello so u won’t say ur name na then i will only keep a name to u hmmmm
Ya i got it angry bird i will call u angry bird k
Sanky:wat! Angry bird
Shona:see ur face u r like thz (makes funny face)
Sanky: k sweet girl my name is sanskar u can call me sanky
shona:but i will call u angry bird only k
Sanky: k sweet girl
Shona:wait wait y u calling me sweet girl u call be shona
Sanky:(drop of tear fell from his eyes he doesn’t want to say that name) vo vo…ha u
R calling me angry bird then even i will call u sweet girl only(pulled.her cheeks)
Shona:k as ur wish
(Swara eyes filled with tear but she composed her)
Shona:swara di and angry bird can we play something im getting bore plz na
Swasan:k but u should say wat we shuold play k
Shona:k done
(They played many games and shared very nice bond with shona)
Shona’s mum:now leave them tang mat kar di or bhaiya .now we should leave our stop came come fast
(Shona was sitting in middle of swasan)
Shona: k I’m coming ma bye swara di and angry bird(she kissed there cheeks)
Swasan: (smiles)bye
Shona:i kissed u both na u should also kiss me k
Swasan: k dear
(They were about to kiss her cheeks but she ran from and swasan lips was about to meet but they stoped and had a sweet and cute wala eyelock soon they came into sense they hearing laughing sound )
Shona:(laughs) nananananaaana(teases) byeeeee

Soon they composed thenself and concentrated on there respective works


Entered the bus and found only one empty seat without wating time rag ran and sat on that seat
Laksh(smiles)(& came & stood beside her seat)

After something rag’s beside seat was empty

A wome.:(to rag) see ur hubby is standing from that time make him sit
Ragini:wat!!! Hubby?
A women:ya beside ur seat standing na
Laksh(smiles hearing that)
Rag:(looked at laksh who was smiling) nooooooo anty his not my hubby im not married and rahi baat iska yahan betna it is imposible who ever can sit here but not him
A man:then i will sit with u baby
(His like rowdy. Fat and tall)
Rags:(tensed) 1st of all don’t call me baby and u can’t sit here
Man:k i wil not call u baby but i will sit here only becuz its empty(lust eyes)
Rags:u can’t becuz it is not empty k
Man:wat show whose sitting here
Rags (tensed)(looked at laksh) and pulled him make him to sit in seat
Man:so he is sitting
Man:(to laksh)hey boy get up from there if not u don’t know me wt can i do
Laksh:(got up)sir u only sit here who will sit with her u don’t know about her
Man:wat about her say
Laksh:(fake crying)leave it na sir u sit here i will go
Man:(stops him) say wat about her if not i will not leave got it
Laksh:…(fake cry & hugg him) sir k i will say to help u (wiping his fake tears) she is phsyco sir she can do anything mainly who is sitting beside her she take knife make marks on hand of who is sitting beside her even she will stab knife we can’t do anything becuz she will be holding knife in her hand. So I’m going u siit here k sir(about to go)
Man:(stops him) u sit here only k
Laksh:par sir..
Man:hey boy i love my life more . She how she’s staring at him i will get down now itself from the bus becuz god knows if she came in midnight stab the knife then noooooo(rans)
Rags:(angry)(started beating) wat u said to that im physco and u will stab knife and all ha
Laksh:awwo stop stop i told that becuz for not making any scene in bus k
Rags:(continued beating him)
Laksh:awwo stop it
But she dnt listen & continued bitting him
Laksh immedeatly holded her hand and pulled towards they shared a romantic wala eyelock
Sanam rey plays
Soon both came to sense and composed them self

Precap:sanky to sleep on swara’s lap and raglak moments

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Credit to: tanu

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