swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 8)

Hey guys thz is tanu thank u for ur support and love guys so lets start with episode-8


In swasan car

There was pin drop silent

Sansankar to avoid swara was fully concentrating on his driving he doestn’t want to look at her

Swara also want to avoid sanky so she was seeing outside the wondow facing her back to him and was enjoying natures beauty

Few mins later they saw a signal stoped there car

Just then sanky heard a knock knock on his side window of car & opend it

He saw a small girl asking him to buy

Girl: sab buy these rose it really very nice (she saw swara sitting beside him facing her back)(continued) and ur wife will surely like it very much give it to her & red roses is symbol of love u know na

Sanky:(confused) wife?
Girl:ha wife (she pointed to.swara)
Sanky:(he understood she is saying wife to swara)(looked at swara who was enjoying natures beauty smiling and all she dnt noticed and listened anything that girl was saying she was in her own world sanky who.saw her like thz forget everthing wat happen 2years back & was just staring at her lovingly .
Soon he came back to sense when the girl again asked him to buy roses

Girl:sab plz buy I’m sure she will really love it
Sanky :ok(smiles)
(took the roses gave her money and excitedly turned to give it to swara but suddenly he remmbered something and immedeatly hided the roses

Sanky:(angry on himself) (murmuring) dammit! Wat i was going to do just now yaar . I was going to her those roses(he holded his head) no sanky u should control ur self u know na that she betrayed u calm down sanky calm down off(too long breath and relaxed himself)

Swara was in her own world she totaly forget that sanky was sitting beside her

Sanky saw green signal and without wasting time he started his car and again started full concentering on his driving looking only to his front to.avoid swara

In raglak car

Ragini was driving car and laksh was sitting beside her there was pin drop silent
Ragini was concentrating on her driving to avoid him
After some time laksh was feeling bored so he on radio

The song was aaj ki party mere tarf se
Laksh was enjoying the song singing along with it & ragini was doing possible things to avoid him
The song ended
& the next song begin
The song was dil ka ye kya raaz hai
Lucky was enjoying thz song too but when i love u came in that song he looked at ragini and even she did the same they had a, cute eyelock
But soon they came to sense and immedeatly he off the radio and rags also turned and continued her work

Lucky :(himself murmuring) i will never on thz radio ha

After 1hour both the car stoped

Sanky:(angry) wat the hell y thz car is not starting (he & swara came out of the car to see wat happen to it)( & they saw 4 tries of the was punchered)
Swara:offo all the tiers r punchered .can’t any one check the tiers before taking the car ha(indirectly to sanky)
Sanky:(ignored her words) (& saw around )
sanky:wat the hell is thz there is no a shop also and no network also to inform anyone ha now wat we should do (tensed) saying to himself)
Swara:wat no network also(shocked)(& checked her phone) and.wat to do god plz help us

Same incident happen with raglak even they don’t wat to do now

Thaan and vipdhaan who were following them respectevly stoped there car little distance back of swasan and raglak car and came hided behind a tree and was seeing all thz

As i said thaan was following swasan and vipdhaan was followining

Vipluv called bihaan both kept on speaker
Vipluv:bihaan is everthing is fine there swasan car stoped na
Bihaan:ha ha every thing is fine here tell about wat happen there raglak car also stoped na
Vipluv:ha everthing plan kai muthabk hi ho raha hai k bye
Bihaan :bye
Thapki:(shocked) but bihaan how come it possible both the side car stopped and no network also no shops no mechani how
Bihaan:becuz my sweet heart all thz is done by ur hubby and bro
Thapki:wat but how?
Bihaan:when ur bro’s and my sis came to mehra company morning for going with there respective partners to there respective places i and ur bro removed some air from there car tiers to stop excatly to thz location & we both 1st only came to the respective places to conform that there is no any facility we seached and got thz place
thapki:k but how u know that they will go in thz way only
Bihaan:becuz we told them that thz rout is safe and asked them to go only through thz rout simple
Thapki:oh i see

Swasan and raglak were waiting hoping that some one will come through that way so that they can take help of them

Half hour passed but they dnt even saw a single vehicle now they were really tensed
but suddenly they saw a bus at there respective places

Sanky:bus! I’m going from bus to mumbai becuz we dont have anyother way so if any one want to come can come soon
(Indrectly to swara)
Swara:k i will come with u
(& both headed toward bus)

Here raglak
Laksh:bus! Come let’s go from bus to delhi
Rags:wat bus! I will not go by bus
Laksh:k u don’t come but i will only go and miss we don’t have any choice but to go by bus k and for ur remmeberance 2mrow morning we have meeting so we should go soon k(was about to leave)
Rags:(agreed) k wait i will also come
Laksh:(happy) k come

And they headed toward bus

Here thaan and vipdhaan came from behind the tree
Here bihaan called vipluv and both kept on speaker

Bihaan :ha luv here bus came wat about their
vipluv:ya bus came here all is fine everthing is going perfect
Bihaan:k fine bye
Dhani:now wat about thz how thz is possible both side buses came how
Vipluv:becuz my wifey we bribed the buses driver’s to come to thz places

Precap: swasan and raglak moments in bus

So guys how was it plz comment plz

Credit to: tanu


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