swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 7)


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Recap:swasan to go mumbai and raglak to delhi screen freezes on there shocked faces


The whole meeting was seen by thaan and vipdhaan who were hiding behind a pillar and to.see the meeting

Sanlak and. Swaragini were shocked to listen that they r going together & went into deepthougths soon they came into sense left the place

Soon after sanlak and swaragini left thaan and vipdhaan came from behind the pillar and laughed loudly.and gave hi-fi.to

Dhani:(laughs)bhai bhai u saw there faces hahahaha lol its so funny
bihaan:(laughs)ha really yaar i can’t stop laughing
Vipluv:(laughs holding his stomach) really wat a plan yaar bihan hats-of for u
Thapki:(laughs) now enough of laughing now we should go that cabin i think they r waiting for us
Vipdhaan and bihaan: ya ya let’s go

All 4 entered to a cabin where already a 4 man’s r sitting waiting for them

Bihaan:(entered cabin) woh woh gajab yaar i was not knowing u all will act so nice
Thapki:dad ,chachu,& baba superb yar and thank u very much mehra uncle
(Ya they r dp,rp,& shekar were sitting in the cabin)
Mehra:no thank u & all beta bieng friend of dp,rp and shekar ji i should help them na when they need me
vipluv:ya uncle ur awesome ur that statement wat is that ha “NO MORE ARGUMENTS ” was superb
Dp,rp,shekar:thank u vipdhaan and thaan
Thank u very u all planned very well
Bihaan:no no it all happen becuz of u all
that day if u all would have not come to sanlak cabin said that then we would have very big gadbad so thank u all


When thaan and vipdhaan were planning to bring swaragini and sanlak in long drive to gether a man came they were shocked see that man

Man: we all listened wat u all were saying but it cant haapen
Vipdhaan and thaan :(shocked) dp dada,rp chachu, shekar baba u all here
Shekar:we all r here and we listen wat all u were saying but it can’t happen
Bihaan:1st listen to us baba they r not talking 2years we don’t know wat happen b/w them but we want to unite them that’s it
Dp:w bihaan beta we all know about thz
Thapki:wat dad (confused)
Rp:ya beta we all know. & we all also trying from 2years to bring them together
shekar:we all failed
Dhani:but baba from thz plan we can bring them together na why u all r stoping us
Dp:becuz we had tried thz already see i.they see eachother also they want talk we have to do some thing that force them to be together and..
Shekar:and if they be together the things we slove out easily na . So we r stoping u all
Vipluv:now i understant
Thapki:then we should change r plan na.
Dhani:(pout face) wat then we r not going to long drive
Bihaan:(raised his eye brows) no no we r going to long drive but don’t let them meet i and dhani will go with swaragini. Thapki and bihaan wih sanlak
Thapki:ya got u but wats the plan yaar
Bihaan:ek gajab ka plan hai mere pas
vipluv:then say na
Bihaan:but dp dad, rp chachu,& shekar baba app ko bhi hamat saat dene hoga
Dp,rp,shekar:y not anything for our childrens happiness

Then bihaan explained above plan
(Ya guys dp and shekar to handle the project to swragini and sanlak was a plan so that they r forced to delhi and mumbai together and to slove out the problem)

Fashback ends

Dp,rp,& shekar:we hope after they return from there we will get our old childrens
Vipdhaan and thaan: don’t worry when we r here then no tension no bp k
(All laughs)(& left from the place)


Sanky: ho god i should be with her 3days how can i be but i should do thz for bade papa. But (angry) i will always hate here always

Lucky:why i love her sooo much god
She’s soo beautiful even today same like 2years back (smiles)

Rags:offo 3days how it will go god how i should control my feelings how

Swara:god i saw him after 2long back years
Even today i can’t stop loving him why god why i can’t hate him why (herself) but swara u should avoid him wat he done u know na

(But from inside every one r happy to be together for 3days they r feeling very happy but not expressing)

(As usual sanky got ready went out for 5mins and came back home (u all will know later where he used to go for5mins)

Sanlak and swaraging got ready to go to their respective places . All 4 took blessing of their elders of their respective homes and left to.mehra company becuz they r going from there)

(All four reached to mehra company in there respective cars i.e swaragini in one car and sanlak in other car
They got down from there cars and stared eachother with emotions (love,anger, haterd,)

Sanky:lucky i’m going in my car only who want to come they can come(indrectly to swara)

Lucky :but bhai in whose car i should go ….
Rags:(interpretd) swaru even going in our car only who want to come tell them to come fast we r getting late(indrectly to laksh)

Swara silently went & sat in sanky’s car and laksh in rags car and they left from there

Vipdhaan and thaan were hiding and were seeing all thz after they left they came &stood infront
Vipluv and bihaan:(smirks)
thapki:wats next
Vipluv:i and dhani will follow raglak car and u and bihaan follow swasan car k
Thapki:but wats the plan
Bihaan:just wait and watch sweetheart(smirks)

Precap:swasan and raglak.moments

So how was my ff plz comment guys plz from next episode it will be all swasan and raglak secen only

Credit to: tanu

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