swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 6)


Hey guys thanks for all ur support i will reveal the pair in thz episode

Recap:long drive and masthi


SO After a full on masthi wala long drive our hero’s sanlak and heroein’s swaragini slept peacfully without doing the activities like sobing,crying,hating and acting to be strong .thz was the 1st day after 2years they laughed,played and slept peacfully
It is becuz of there cousins and friends
But still there is pain there heart


The sun rays were falling the rays of the sun evediance of no more pain. It is saying today the lovebirds will meet eachother

As uasual sanky got ready and went outside after 5 mins he again came home &was calling for laksh(it is his daily routine i will say later were he used go for 5mins)

Sanky: lucky come soon yaar we r getting late
Lucky :bhai i already came
Sanky:(shocked to see lucky becuz usually he usef to cry whole night but today he can see his bro eyes who dnt cried last night)
(He was slient)
Lucky :wat happen bhai come let’s go
Sanky(came to sense)-ha ha nothing come
(Then he saw vipluv and thapki)
Sanky:luv and chotto u both also come with us.to office na
Vipluv and thapki(thinks some thing)(fumbles:bhai wo wo….actually we have some work we will surely come 2mro k
Sanlak:k as ur wish

Vipluv and thapki took deep breath


Rags:swaru come soon na
Swara:offo see i came
Rags(was also shocked to see swara becuz her eyes were not moist today she saw her sis like thz 1st time after 2years so she was shocked)becuz usually she saw her sis moist eyes morning morning
swara:wat happen ladu come lets go
Rags:(came to.sense)ha come
(They saw dhani)
Swara:dhani u and bihu bhai also come with us na
Dhani:(thinks some thing) (fumbles)wo wo actually swara bhai is still sleeping
rags:no problem i will wake him up
(She was about to go but dhani came infront of her)
Dhani:wo rags actually we have some work today wil surely come 2mro with u guys k
Swaragini:k as ur wish k bye
Dhani(fake smile):bye
(Swaragini left to office)
(Dhani came to bihaan room)(tensed)
Bihaan:wat happen dhani is everthing k na they both left the house n
Dhani:ya bhai they left im tensed becuz how many lies we should says
Bihaan:dhani we doing thz all for the sake there happiness only na
Dhani:ya bhai..
(Bihaan gets a call from vipluv both kept on speaker)

Bihaan:ha hello bolo vipluv sab plan kai muthabik hi chal raha hain na they went office na
Vipluv:ya they went to office i called u to inform that now we also should go
Bihaan:han we will leave from here .k bye
Vipluv :bye(cuts the call)

Stvl(maheswari’s company)

Sanlak cabin

Knock knock
Sanky:ya come in
P.a:sir dp boss said to call u both
Sanky:k we r coming
(Sanlak goes to dp’s cabin)

Sanlak:bp u called us
Dp:ya beta i want to handle u both my dream project our company and shekar uncles company and mehra company merged for thz project as thz my dream project and i have done many effort to get thz project so i want to handle it to u both i u dont mind beta
sanlak:bp u should not ask us u should order us k we will surely full fil ur dream bp
Dp:(smiles)thank u beta k now u should go to mehra company there vikram will explain about thz project becuz he his head of thz project u should obey his words then only we can get thz project
Sanlak:k we will obey wat he wil say anything for u

The same shekar said to swaragini even the answer of swaragini was same

Now all sanlak and swaragini went to mehra company
Swaragini unaware that even sanlak is come same in th case of sanlak
Soon they reached mehra company all 4heat startef beating fast

Sanky 1st saw rags and lucky saw swara they were happy to see each other

(They want to hug each other)but there happiness faded seeing sanky seeing swara and rags seeing lucky

Same in the case of swara and lucky both were happy to eachother but there happiness faded swara seeing sanky and lucky seeing rags

All4 were lost in deep thoughts they came into sense when someone call then for meeting with mehra soon they headed toward meeting hall and greeted every one

Mehra:so mr maheswari’s and, miss gadodia’s this meeting is conducted for very imp project so i want to infrom u that thz is special project we had do it in mumbai and dehli so.we want one from maheswari’s and another from gadodia to for mumbai and same in the case of delhi

Sanlak and swaragini(shocked):but sir y together can’t maheswari go one place and gadodia to.another place

Mehra: it can’t happen becuz ur both the company r merged we can’t risk by sending like that k .if u all dont want to agree with me the i can’t give u all thz project k

1st they dnt agreed but remmbered wat they dad said to them that to obey mehra and thz is there dream project and finally agreed

Swaragini and sanlak: k we agree with u sir
But say who should go together and where to go

Mehra:that i will say by checking ur files

Mehra checked the files and said

Mehra:so swara gadodia and sanskar maheswari r going to mumbai and laksha maheswari and ragini gadodaia r going to delhi

Swaragini and sanlak (super shocked):wattttt!
Mehra :no more arguments 2mro at 9pm get ready with ur respective partners to go to ur respective places k bye

Screen freezes on there shocked faces

So guys how was my ff plz comment guys and now u know pairs na it is swasan and raglak sorry for ragsan and swalak fans

Im die hearted fan swasan i just love them yaar

Credit to: tanu

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