swaragini is this a love or hate (Episode 4)


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RECAP:VIPDAAN AND THAAN meeting there family


SBRD COMPANY IT is gadodia’s company

In swaragini cabin
Swara is sitting on there chair facing her back and ragini on the desk facing her back

KNock kNock

Rag:come in(without turning)

Again kNock kNock

Rag:i said come in

No reply
Again knock kNock

Rag:(angry)(turned)who the…(pause)and was shocked and happy to see them (ya they were thaan and vipdhaan)

Rag:bha…(pause)becuz bihaan sign her not say

Swara:whoz that lado

Rag:no one swaru i think some played prank by knoking the door

(Swara was about to turn but bihaan placed his hanh on.her eyes)

Swara:(touched the hand and smiles)bihu bhai

Bihaan:gajab swaru today also u find out that it was me always u find how it is possible today i want answer

Swara:becuz my bhai u r still wearing the watch which i gifted to u in ur hand so i touched it and found that it is u smple(smiles)

Bihaan: ha! U also became like ur bhai na (all laughs) hey why u r all laughing

Thapki-becuz my hubby u r not brilliant u r budhu(laughs)hug swara and rag

Thapki-hi swara and rag we all missed u two soooooooooo much

Swara and rag-we too missed u guys(smiles)and hugged thapki

Vipdhaan and bihaan (pout face)-weee
U forget about us ha

Swara and rag-how can we forget u all say u r our bestee and come here
(Group hug)

Rag:waise dhani book worm became romantic worm r not hmm

Dhani(blushing):rags tu bhi na

Rag and thapki:hey someone is blushing man

Swara smiles

Rag:waise book worm oops i mean vipluv we missed u while reading books ha(all laughs)

Vipluv:oh really rags .1st of al i can’t believe ki u read a book becuz rags the book hater read a book oh! U should give us party yaar

Rags:ha ha ha ha ha very funny

Dhani:rags don’t tease my hubby yaar

Rags: u forget about ur sis na

Bihaan:swaru u know i forget ur gift don’t scold me plz I’m sorry ha

Swara:(smiles)i can understand bhai don’t ask sorry ok

Bihaan(shocked):swaru but i brought rags gift

Swara:it ok bhai u give it to rags (smiles)

Bihaan(super shocked)checking his ears(funnly)

Rags:wat happen bhai y u doing acting like thz
Bihaan:rags u heard wat swaru replyed me when i said her that i forget her gift
Rags:ya bhai i heard(confused)but wat happen to u why checking ur ears
Bihaan:becuz i thought thar i heard wrong or something happen to my ears
Swara:nothing happen to.ur ears bhai u heared correct
Bihaan:she is not our swaru rags
rags:(confused)bhai she is our swara only
bihaan:how can she be our swaru if u say to our swaru that i dnt bring any gift to het she used to beat u na
Swara:(smiles)destny changes everything bhai
Bihaan:(touched her face)(funnyly)
Rags:wat happen why u r touching her face
Bihaan:I’m checking whether she wore mask of my swaru
Swara:(laugh 1st time in 2years):bhai seariously u r the same ha ha ha
Bihaan:u na swaru B for Brilliant and…
All together:B for Bihaan never change
Thapki:wrong it is bhudhu (all laughs)bihaan stared thapki with fake anger
(They spent some time together)
(Swaragini’a p.a came and asked them to come for meeting(l)
Swaragini:come in
p.a:mam sir said inform u about meeting

Swaragini : ya we r coming
Swara:bhai luv dhani thapki be here only still we come k
Vipdhaan and thaan:acha swara and rag at 6 pm long drive don’t forget about it ok
swaragini:ya ya we know
Swara:k ladu come soon
Rags:u go swaru i will come
(Swara goes from cabin)
rag :(for bihaan)bhai thank u very much bhai becuz of all u today i saw swara laughing aftet 2years thank u very much
all together:u forget our group roles na in friendship no thank u and no sorry

Rag:ha how can i forget k bye im getting late
All together :bye

(All 4 left sbrd company & went to svlt company it is maheswari ‘s company)

Sanlak cabin
Sanky was doing some work on laptop and lucky was busy i reading some files

All 4 vipdhaan and thaan came to sanlak cabin

All together:Ahem Ahem (no response)wha some two.is very busy yaar let’s i think they don’t like to talk yo us come lets go yaar(shoutef)

Sanlak who were busy in there respective work were shocked and happy to hear there voice

Sanlak:wo wat a suprise yaar
(all had group hug) when u al came from london man.
All together:morning at 9
Sanlak:wat morning and u all came to.meet now its after noon man

All were tensed they don’t know wat say becuz if they say them that they went to meet swaragini they will be angry on them

Vipluv:(tensed)wo.wo bhai….
Thapki:nothing bhai we all went to shopping hai na bihaan.
Bihaan :ha bhai thapki is right

Sanky:hey guys we just asked u y u all r tensed
Dhani:(fake smile) sanky who r tensed no one r tensed k leave that all say how was our suprise how u feel.after seeing us
Sanky:wat ur saying dhani I’m happy infact super duper happy to see u all friends infront of us that too after 2years

Bihaan:sanky bhai wat happen to lucky
Lucky:(confused)wat happen to me
Sanky:ya bihaan wat happen
Bihaan:nothing nothing leave it
Lucky:no u should say.
Bihaan:(funny face) k if u insisting me so much then i will say. See sanky bhai our lucky (pause)Lucky the joker became lucky the devdas(fake crying)

Thapki:hey stop ur acting k my bhai dnt became any devdas and all k. And wait wait 1st thing y ur saying lucky bhai devdas

Bihaan(fake crying):hello madan can’t u see still we came lucky had hardly spoken 9-10 words thats it. That lucky who used to crack jokes often 1 after another that too nonstop spoken just 9-10words it is unbeliveable right! Ha!(all laughs)
Lucky(laugh):seariously u dnt changed yaar
Bihaan:u know na B……
All together:stop! K we know
Vipluv:(laughs)bihaan both side r same condition ha ha
Sanky :wat do mean by both the side
Vipluv:realized wat he said and was tensed)wo wo bhai…
Bihaan : nothing bhai u na his book worm he will speak some thing leave it na
Thapki:sanky &lucky bhai we came after 2years let’s go to long drive na plz(pout face)
Sanky:ofcourse y not anything for u my choto
Vipdhaan &bihaan :only for ur choto not for us ha
Sanky:hey guys even for all of u my friends

Knock knock
sanlak:come in
P.a:sir meeting
Sanlak:ya ya we r coming u may go

Sanlak: k guys we have some imp meeting we will go & 6pm long drive i know we will not forget. Bye

All4: bye bye
Bihaan:our plan is working guys
Vipluv:in long drive we will reunite them see
Dhani and thapki:ya guys
(They gave hi-fi to eachother but they saw a man entering to the cabin they was shocked to see that man)

Man:i listen wat all u said but it can’t happen

(Now they were totally shocked!!!)

Screen freezses on there shocked faces

Precap:they all went for long drive

So guys how was my ff. I think u all don’t like it so I’m thinking to stop wat all u say

Credit to: tanu

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