swaragini is this a love or hate episode-31


Hi my lovely frnds …I’m tanu
Some of u would have know me some not …well I had wrote swasan ff’s … Thz ff was my 1st ff which I left incomplete … Thz ff is based on both the couples tat is swasan and raglak …both the couples will be given equal importance ….I’m completing thz ff only coz my frnd Sanya asked me many times to do so ..
Plzz read the completed Episodes before reading thz Episode

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Ragini:swara wat r u doing ..aradhya is our frnd
Swara: haan she is frnd only ragu …who said no

She clutches Sanskar’s hand tightly …he shakes his head and smiles seeing his love’s jealousy

Ragini:arrey swaru …
Aradhya:it’s k rags …I just had a crush on sanky….but my love is my lucky

She goes towards him and hugs ..
Ragini …fumes in anger & jealously ..

Swara:(chuckles) ragu u were telling something right …

Ragini glares her angrily and looks at laksh and aradhya

Laksh:Aru ..u didn’t told me tat u love me ..
Aradhya:awww lucky u never asked me na
Laksh: if u would have told me at 1st only na then….
Ragini: (interrupts) then kya huh! ? ….u wouldn’t have love me right …
Laksh: arrey sweet….
Ragini:?shut up …

She grabs keys from sanky and leaves from there angrily
Ardhaya brust into laughs …

Laksh: (looks at her) I will see u later….u prankster
Aradhya: 1st go and see ur sweetheart ???

Laksh leaves from there

Sanky: u will never change aru (smiles)
Thapki:u r same like before
Aradhya:hahahaha aru will never Change my frnds …
Vipluv:thz brain use in studies (hits her head)
Aradhya:(rubs her head) awwo idiot book worm kai bache

Hits his chest …

Bihaan:k k guys bahut hogaya hasi mazzak …now let’s go to r for room ..
Dhani:but Aryan ….
Sanskar: u all go to ur rooms … He will come …(to aradhya) and aru u also be with us only. . we will enjoy k (smiles)

Aradhya smiles and nodes …
While swara glares at Sanskar angrily
All leaves from there

Swara was also abt to go ..but Sanskar holds her wrist and pulls her ….her back crashes his hard tone chest ….he whisphers in her ears

Sanskar: where r u going baby
Swara:for room
Sanskar:nah u arent going …Come let’s go for a walk …later go to room (smiles)

He drags her and leaves from there



Ragini enters her room ….was abt to close the door. ..but laksh stops her by putting his hand in b/w

Laksh: sweetheart listen to me..
Ragini:? y should I…. Go to ur aru . …love her and I’m tho nothing to u …..

Laksh gets angry hearing her words ….pulls her towards him …pins to the wall .. and smashes his rough lips on her soft lips ….he began to kiss her wildly yet hungrily showing all his anger on her soft petals .. He bits her lower she gasp in pain. ..taking it’s an opportunity he enters into her mouth exploring his tounge all over her mouth tasting the sweet essence of her mouth …soon she also began to reciprocate his kiss it was a passionate and long lasting kiss broked due to lack of oxygen
Both were panting heavily …their heads were touch to each other

Lucky: never say ..tat u r my everything …I love u…. U don’t know how I was leaving my life without u all thoz years when u weren’t there with me

Ragini hugged him immediately feeling his pain …as she also had gone through the same pain both were lost in eachother warm hug no one said a word …there was a deep silence …Ragini brokes the hug and pecks his lips ….he smiles

Ragini: love u infinity my lucky

He smiles and nuzzles his nose in her hairs …inhaling her sweet scent ….she smiles and let him do whatever he wants


Swasan were walking on the beach. ..swara was still angry on Sanskar …Sanskar looks at her … Thinks something and smiles naughtily …..he looks at swara who was looking other side … He
Smiles and puts his hand under her top ….she widens her eyes and looks at him …he winks at her ….caresses her back sensuously and romantically ..
She breaths heavily and blushes

Swara:(closed eyes) wat r u doing sanky ..

He pulls her closer and tucks her hairs strands behind her ears and whisphers in her ears

Sanskar: (huskily) darling ..I’m making my gf to feel ki tat I’m only hers …not matter how much nice I talk to other girls
But I’m hers and she is mine

Swara blushes …Sanskar smiles and drags her to a corner ..

Swara:baby …y did u brgt me here ….
Sanskar: ssshhhh

He keeps finger on her lips and licks her lips sensuously … While she clutches his shirt tightly breathing heavily
He bends a Lil just after licking her soft lips not kissing . ..he then licks her chin romantically yet sensuously….bends more lil and licks her neck pulling her closer to him …passionately
She blushes and feels shy …pulls her and hugs him tightly blushing hard ….he smiles and careses her back


So guys plz do comment
If u all want me to continue it ..
I will continue …if not then I will not …thank u all guys love u ??

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