swaragini is this a love or hate episode-30


Hi guys thz is tanu I’m back with 30th episode of my ff


the episode start with swasan,raglak,vipdhan,thaan,aryan ready to go for goa they took all elders blessing left for there tour

Swasan were seated in the front seat of car where sanky was driving and vipdhan, and aryan were seated on back seat

In another car bihan was driving and thapki was seated next to him and raglak.sat on the back.seat

Swara:(staring sanky)
Sanky:(feel it) swara u want to.eat meeeee..
Swara:(not in sense) haannnnnn
Vipdhan & aryan:(chuckles)
Swara:(came to sense) haan ….yes..hmm.
.wat happen
Aryan:nothing swara is just u was staring sanky and when sanky asked u tat will u eat him then u being a queen of vampire told him yes….(chuckles)
Swara:(embarassed) wo…wo
Vipluv:wat wo ha control ur emotion swara i know my bro is very handsome(teases)
sanky:(sees swara) it is k swara don’t feel embarasse (thz made swara little.clam) u tell them tat u will.eat me afterwards(give hi-fi to aryan and laugh)
Swara:(full red due to blush) wo…wo..stop it k and sanky u don’t talk to me(trun her face)
Sanky:hmmmmm swara
Swara:(dnt trun in anger)

Dhani:sanky sing any song na (signals to swara)

Sanky:(smiles) k
Aryan:k then i will play guitar

Just then bihan’s car came near to them

Lucky:(peeping his from window) wat’s going in ur car huh!
Vipluv:sanky is singing song
Rag:woo sanky then start fast yaar
Sanky:(smiles) sure my dear friend’s
Bihaan:guys i have an idea y not we all sing like pick and sing not exactly like tat see we can sing any song k
All:great idea
Hmmm hmmm hmm
Hum jo chalne lag Chalne lage hai yeh raasteyyyy
Manzil se bhi behtar lagne lage hai yeh raastey oohhhh oooh

Swara:(smiles) stop
Swara:i said stop the car
Sanky:(confused)but y
Swara:just stop

She came out from the car all look confused and she was walking backwards as such she was facing them.keeping her hands on her back

Muskurane ki wajah tum hu
Gongonane ki wajah tun hooo
Jiya jaye na jaye oore piya re(swasan cute eyelock)
(Just then ragini)
Rag:tu hi yeh mujhko baata de
Chahu mein ya na
Apne tu dil ka baata de
Chahu mein ya na
(See towards laksh and holds his hand)
Laksh:tu hi haqiqat
Kawab tu dariya tu hi pyass tu
Tu hi dil ki bekarari
Tu sukun tu junoon
(Crassed rags cheeks)

The ride like thz only and finally they reached to there destination

Sunshine hotel

Swara:oh god finally we reached yaar
Dhani:I’m really tiered yar
Rags:lucky go and get the keys fast
Lucky:ooh rags clam down see bhai went na
Swara:lucky can’t u go huh wat all the work’s my sanky only does huh!
Aryan:calm down swara its k. Guys just excuse me for a minute i have to attain a call
Rag:not only call attain everything and come
Aryan:(glare) don’t worry i come k and will see u both also
swaragini:haha see

Aryan left
Just then sanky came

Sanky:hey take thz key’s
Just then someone blind sanky’s with soft hands sanky touched and smiled

Sanky:(smiles) aruuuuuuu(happy)
The girl face is shown yes she is aradhya
Aradhya:(hugged him) hi sanky wooo u still fond tat its me
sanky:(hugged back)u know na I’m very intelligent

Swara was fuming in anger and jealous

Aradhya:yaya i know waise i missed u very much
Vipluv,thapki,lucky:not us huh! Very bad arru(pout face)
Aradhya:haha guy i missed u all
.(saying thz she hugged them)

Aradhya:waise sanky u r tooo handsome man(pulled his cheeks)
Tat it was for swara fumed in jealous and pull back her hand from sanky cheeks


Precap:full on masti

So guys did u liked it plz do comments guys and i know it was boring buy don’t worry I’m ending it soon

Credit to: tanu

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