swaragini is this a love or hate episode-29


Hey guys thz is tanu I’m back with 29th episode of my ff hope u.like it


THE episode start with the engagement of swasan and raglak both the couples exchanged the ring finall they r togther now after so much difficulty

Swara:(whispering) finally I’m urs sanskar
Sanky:u r always mine swara

Lucky:rags u know today I’m so.happy i love u very much(kisses her cheeks)
Rag:lucky (hit his hand playfully) all r there

Bihan:shekar baba,dp papa,rp chachu. finally the engagement is over and we all r together so.
Thapki:so as after so many days or i will say years we r together we all planned to go goa can we..

(Shekar,dp,rp look at them seriously)
Dhani:plz plz
Vipluv:haan papa as after we retuned.from U.A.S we dnt enjoyed at all

Shekar,dp,rp:(smiles) k beta u all can go

All:(smiles) thank u thank u very much

All had group hug

Swara:see u 2morow bye
Sanky:bye sweetheart (smiles) and bye guys
Rag:bye sanky.bye lucky
Lucky:bye my dear(smiles)

Maheshwari’s bid bye to gadodia’s and left from there


Lucky:(at call) hello sweetheart
Rag:hello my joker
Lucky:ooh so sweet call me once again by tat name
Rag:(suprised and smiles) joker. Hmm y called me ha
Lucky:(teases) to inform u tat I’m engaged i want to break. up with u
Rag:(understand) ooh k fine
Lucky:(teases) don’t u want to know how beautifull my fiance is
Rag:yes ofcourse
Lucky:u know she is sooo beautifull tat even an angel is nothing in front of her moreover she love’s me so much and u know she is my life(smiles)
Rag:(tears) lucky i love i love u very much i want to meet u
Lucky:hmmmm rags shall we go to a long.drive u,me,bihan,vipluv,dhani,thapki,sanky bhai ,swara and even aryan a group long drive it would be fun yar
rag:lucky u know i was thinking the same since thz 2years i dnt went to long drive at all.hmmm u all come to ours house k
Lucky:k dear get ready soon we will come and tell bihan,dhani,aryan and swara also to get ready soon k, bye(kiss phone) i love u
Rag:(kiss her mobile) k and i love u too

swara was not getting sleep she was just staring her engagement ring which was given by her love sanskar she was cuddling in the bed just then a person who was down was climbing the pipe to reach her window finally he came and saw the window was open and swara back was facing him and smiles
He was moving towards swara by taking baby step finally he reached to swara’s and saw swara was lost in her own world holding the ring which was in her finger and smiling see thz he too smiles

And slowly lay on her bed beside swara and hugged her from back tightly

Swara:(shocked) whoz thz leave me

Got up from the bed and was about to slap the person but stop

Swara:(‘o’ expression) sanskar

Yes the person is sanskar our hero

Sanskar:(rised his eyebrows as her hand was still in.the position of slapping) not again plz don’t slap me
Swara:(smiles)(pull his cheeks) awwe cutie y would i slap u huh! (Sit beside him)
Sanky:ya y would u slap me huh! I guess someone slapped me 2years back and today also (touch his cheeks) its paining still now
Swara:awwe sorry(hold her ears)
sanky:k but for one condition
Sanky:u slapped me na so kiss me
Sanky:yes baby(smiles)

Swara kisses sanky’s cheeks
Sanky:(smiles) i guess u slapped me 3times na (winks)
Swara:(understand) (smiles) k
And kisses his cheeks 2more times

Swara:(smiles) now k na
Sanky:u kissed me but i dnt kissed u na u listened something like give respect and take respect likewise give kiss and take kiss k have some manners swara(winks)
swara:(blushes) sanky….
Sanky:wat sanky huh

And come closer to her and hold from waist they were very close to each they both was continuesly staring eachother soon he captured her lips and kissed her passionately, lovingly even she responded to it soo both patted way due to lack of oxygen they were staring in eachother eyes lovinly just they heard a knock on swara’s room door

Knock knock knock….

Swasan:(came to sense)

Swara:(tensed) sanky u go someone r there at door
Sanky:no i will not go (lay on het bed)
Swara:plz sanky
Sanky:(noded in biggggggg noooooo

Knock knock knock…..

Swara:sturbon person
Sanky:(smiles) yes

Swara:(irritiated) whoz tat
Bihan:its me swara
Swara:bhai u here at thz time
Bihan:swara i came to say tat we all r going to long drive u too come soon

Swara:(saw towards sanky)
Sanky:(nodded in no)
Swara:bhai I’m not coming u all go I’m feeling sleepy
Bihan:but swara…
Swara:plz bhai..
Bihan:k bye(smiles) but atleast open ur door na
Swara:bhai I’m feeling sleepy soo plz
Bihaan:k.k. bye

Just then sanky’s phone rings he get irritiated and lifts the call

Sanky:(at call) wat lucky
Lucky:bhai we r going to long drive i came to inform to ur room but u were not there so i called u
Sanky:lucky i have some work yar so plz bagwan ke liye mujhe phone math kar(cuts the call)
Lucky:par….(call get disconnet) ajeeb hai(& left)

Swasan:(together) they want to go for long drive (both brust into laugh)

Sanskar:but i said no becuz i want to spent time with my fiance na (pulled her by wrist and she fall on him)
Swara:(hug him) me too (kisses his chest)
Sankar:i love u shona
Swara:(tears) wat u called me just now
Sanskar:shona…..(lovinly and pulles her cheeks)
Swara:i love u sanskar plz call me shona u know i wanted to listen thz name from ur mouth from 2years(hugged him tightly)
I still remmber when u proposed me u kept shona as my name then u said tat…
Sanky:(hugged back and interpreated) u r my life and my world so i kept shona as ur name (kisses het hair) i love u very much
Swara:i love u 2,3,4,5,6 and infinity my cutie(pull his cheeks)
Sanky:swara plz stop and don’t call me cutie
Sanky:u will never change
Swara:yes (smiles)

Both hugged eachother and slept talking with eachother

lucky,vipluv,thapki arrived at GM they were standing outside waiting for rags,bihan,dhani,aryan,swara just then they came

R,b,d,a:hi guys
L,v,t:hi (hugs)

Thapki:hey wait where is swara
Rag:she will not come as she is feeling sleepy
All:oooh okay

Dhani:but where is sanky
Vipluv:he is busy in work so he dnt came

Aryan:hey wait guys swara is feeling sleepy and sanky is busy isn’t it is a strange
Lucky:hey stop aryan don’t overeact k there is nothing strange. Come guys let’s go

Bihaan:yes i think lucky is right let’s go

All enjoyed there long drive and came back to GM
It was 6 of morning

Lucky,thapki,vipluv:byes guys

Just shekar come’s and see’s them

Rag:(tensed) baba vo…wo…
Shekar:(smiles) went for long drive na
Shekar:how was u r ride ha
Rag:u know baba it was really awesome
Shekar:is it so
Raglak,vipdhan,thaan,aryan:yes baba/uncle
Shekar:k now come in lucky,thapki,vipluv even u guys come
Shekar:no if and buts k come and fresh up and have breakfast with us then u all can go for MM and form there u all leave to goa k i will inform dp and rp.also k

All went inside and climbed upstaris as the room’s r

On the way to room

Bihan:thapki u have ur dresses in our room na
Thapki:yes bihaan i have if stay at my mother’s place it doesn’t mean tat i don’t my dresses in my sasural k
Bihan:ya ya i know but stop ur bashan yar bashan queen
Bihan:ohhh is it u congratulation yar
Vipluv:stop yar …(to dhani) dhani do you have my clothes haa
Dhani:yes i have
Lucky:guys wat about me yar
Thapki:(teases) rags is ur would be wife na soo u go to rags room and fresh up hai na rags
Rags:stop thapki (smiles) lucky u can share aryan’s room
Lucky and aryan:wat!!! Noway
bihan:lucky for cleaning guest room it would take half an hour or may be 1hour also so plz yar or else we would get late
Aryan:k bihan
Lucky:k but wat about my clothes huh!!
Rag:tat u don’t worry i have a pair of clothes which i purchased for u long back
lucky:ohh soo sweet of u
Rag:(blushes) (smiles)

Here in swara’s

Swasan were hugging and sleeping in eachother embrace just then sun rays fall on sanky and he opened his eyes the 1st thing he saw is his lady love and kissed her forehead lovingly she felt the kiss and smiles open’s her eyes

Swara:(open her and smiles) good morning sanskar(kisses his cheeks)
Sanky:good morning swara(smiles)

Swara form the bed and was about to go
but sanky holded her wrist
sanky:where r u going
Swara:to open the door
Sanky:but y?
Swara:if i won’t go down and whish every one bihu bhai and.rags will come to room
If they u in my room then…no no
Sanky:if they see wat ha u say tat u were with ur fiance only na
Swara:sanky shut up and leave my hand
Sanky:k sweetheart(leaves her hand) but come fast

And swara goes towards the door and opened it and was shocked
Swara: (shocked) bihu bhai, rags u here
Bihan:yes we were passing so thought wake u.up
She saw back and (in mind) thank god sanky is hiding or else bihu bhai and ladu would have saw him offff
Just then lucky came
Lucky:hey hi swara y did………..
(He saw sanky who was hiding himself bending down)
Lucky:sanky bhai u here(shocked)
Bihan and rags:wat sanky is here
Lucky:yes guys see there
Bihan and rags:sanky
Swara:(gives angry look to sanky)
Sanky:haa guys good morning(in mind) thz lucky na ek.din marwa ke hi chodega now swara will not leave me god plz save me
Lucky:bhai u said u r busy na then how come u here
Rag:(teases) oohh lucky thz is only the busy work which he was having yar
Bihan:(teases) oooh so tat only swara yesterday u dnt open.ur room door na

Swasan was embarassed

Thapki,dhani,vipluv,aryan also comes and hears everthing

Thapki:teases) swara so tat only u was feeling sleepy na

Sanky:hey guys dare not to tease my swara k(keeps his hand on her shoulder)
All:ooohoo k k

Lucky:but swara i dnt understand one thing
swara:(attitude) and wat ‘s tat huh! (Keeping hand’s on hips)
Lucky:as we all know tat u r kanjooz and would share anything with anyone then how come u share the room with my bhai huh!
Swara:(i will kill u look)
All:(controlling laugh)
sanky(look towards swara ): woo lucky..
Lucky:(interpreated) don’t say me bhai tat she made u to sleep in washroom
Sanky:lucky (low tone) lis….
Lucky:bhau I’m sorry bhai i dnt.came to.rescue u from thz devil swara (hugged him)
Sanky:lucky stop…
lucky:no bhai not today (to swara) swara i know u r kanjooz but by just saying kanjooz u don’t become i.need a lot of hard which u did kanjooz is to.be kanjooz the way u r, kanjooz is to. be kanjooz with others even if they r good like me na
(Mocking swara)
Aryan:(laughs) hahahaha lucky from were
U have learnt thz bashan man
Lucky:from swara
Bihan:wat from swara but how(confused)
Lucky:as swara explained about love to kavitha same like tat i explained about kanjooz ya instead of love i added kanjooz it suits swara most na
Swara:(i will kill u look) i will not leave lucky
Lucky:hey wat i just…
Swara:u stupid u joker i will not leave

And started chashing him
Lucky:guys plz save me yar

All:(burst in to laugh)

Precap:aradhya’s entry

The screen frezees on there laughing face

So guys how was thz episode plz do comments guys and give me suggestion should i stop writing thz ff or not

Credit to: tanu

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