swaragini is this a love or hate episode-28


Hi guys thz is tanu I’m back with 28th episode of my ff so here we go



And.looked towards the direction

Yes when kavitha pointed gun towards swara and pull the gun to shoot her at the mean time bihan came and pointed the gun upwards

And bihan snatched the gun from kavitha’s hand

Bihan:(anger) how dare u ha(slapped her)
And holded her neck) i will not spare u
Thapki:bihaan wat happen leave her
bihan:(anger) she tried to kill my sis swara no i will not leave her
Swaragini/dhani:bhai leave her

Sanky listening tat she tried to kill swara became furious and slapped her hard
Lucky:bhai controll
Vipluv:sanky stop

Sanky was trying to hold her neck but lucky and vipluv holded him
Swaragini finally took bihan away who.was holding kavitha’s neck
She was panting badly

Swara:bhai and sanky plz clam down lemme speak to her
Sanky:oh really swara u want to speak her now also she tried to kill u dammit can’t u understand
Rag:sanky i think swara is right
Bihan:rags u..
Rag:bhai everyone does mistake so plz
Sanky:do watever u want but I’m not with u
(He turned)

Swara:kavitha see try to understand me i know u love sanskar but he doesn’t love u u know tat .if by just “i love u ” it doesn’t mean tat u love him/her love gives us happiness as wel as pain love is pious,love teach us to think about happiness of our loved one, love gives us piece,love is like one body two soles,love the way she is,love teach us not to froce the person to love, see kavitha i think u don’t love sanky it is just ur inflactuation, just once u ask ur heart tat spreating the loved one is right or wrong just once ask ur self

Kavitha:(kneel down and tears) I’m sorry swara
Swara:(made her stand) its k kavitha u dnt considered me as a friend but i considered u as friend so its k
kavitha:(hugged her) u r very kind hearted person I’m really sorry
Swara:(smiles) its k

Kavitha:sanky,lucky,rags ,bihan,thapki,vipluv,dhani I’m really sorry plz maaf kardo

(All turned and ignored her)

Swara:(felt bad) guys plz listen to see boraie ko boraie nahi achaie hi mita saktha hai plz forgave her plz
Raglak,vipdhan,thapki:(smiles) its k kavitha

Swara:sanky and bihu bhai u…
Bihan:swara no i have listened everthing u said to me still now buy not today sorry swara
sanky:swara i need some time
Kavitha:its k swara leave it and bye guys
(Left from there)

There was a pin drop silence finally it was broked by aryan

Aryan:arrye guys now everthing became alright na then y ur faceses r like idly and poories yar
Aryan:arrye swara u r looking like an ghost with thz ganga jumuna which is flowing from ur eyes

Swara:(fake anger) hey stupid,buffolow,monkey,donkey do I’m looking like ghost for u ha(& started beating him)
Aryan:ahaah swara…ahaah stop yar is it ur hand or hammer yar(laughs)
Swara:wat u said to hand ha it is hammer now see wat i will do to u(started beating)
Aryan:stop yar..ahaah

She was beating him continuesly just then sanky holded her both the hands

Swara:sanky leave me
Sanky:sshs (finger on her lips) if u wanna beat him instead of him beat me k
Rag:(teases) oohho someone is jealous yar
Swara:sanky u r jealous(confused)
Sanky:yes I’m k
Aryan:but rags with whom he is jealous(confused)
Bihaan:with u
Aryan:but y with me(confused)
Rags:becuz swara is playing with u na instead him
Aryan:(confused) but even vipluv,lucky plays with her na
Rag:but he thinks tat u love swara and so tat only u were going to engage with her hai na sanky
Aryan:(brust into laugh) hahahaha wat haha i love …hahahaha tat too swara hahahaha god plz save me
Bihan,rag,dhani:(also laughs)

Aryan:(kept his hand on sanky’s shoulder) arrey yar sanky oops sanskar wat u think ha tat i ..hahahaha love hahahaha swara hahahaha nice joke ha hahahaha do i look like a duffer for u tat u thought tat will love a devil hahahaha
Swara:(anger) I’m not devil k uuuuu……
Aryan:wat me ha
swara:uuuuu ha u r an atma

Aryan:hahahaha(rolled on the floor) seriously atma hahahaha

Sanky:is he mad
lucky:yes bhai u r right guys i think he is mental yaar u saw na guys from morning he is only laughing if i say something he began to laugh yar

All where give like seriously look to him where aryan was still rolloing in floor

Lucky:see guys so sad of him how he is struggling on the floor so sad na (to rags)
Rags i think i should ambulance can I
rags:(confused( but y?
Lucky:see aryan is becoming mental more and more yar i think we should take him to mental asylum
Aryan:(shocked) wat mental asylum
All:(brust into laugh)
Aryan:hey guys y r u laughing and who is mental here ha
Aryan:me.and mental huh!
Lucky:don’t worry aryan i know u got a shock if u be in mental asylum for 5 to 6 years u will become alright wait i will dial the number to mental asylum u will be alright(patted his cheeks)
Aryan:(snatched the mobile) I’m not mental k
Lucky:all mental’s say’s the same
Aryan:wat! Just shut up k and u guys stop.showing ur theeth and rags can’t u stop ur bf yaar
Lucky:hey wat ha!
Swara:hey lucky plz stop yar hahahahahaha (holding her stomach) its paining yar
Lucky:wat happen swara ur stomach is paining ha but y wait i will say hmmm hmmmm ya haan i got it was ur engagement na so u eat every dishses like a bhukad na i know tat u r bhukhad so tat only u got stomach ache so plz keep limit in eating k
All:(brust into laugh)
Swara:(i will kill u look) lucky i will not leave u
Lucky:hey wat i have done yar?

She was chasing lucky
Swara:hey hey wait
Lucky came behind rags and hided himself
Lucky:rags, rags plz save me from thz devil i don’t want to die so soon yar abhi tak mai khuwara hoon plz
Swara:ladu move move. I will not u leave u joker

Just then rags hugged her
Rag:I’m sorry swara I’m sorry for slaping u
Swara:(pulled back) no.ladu don’t be sorry k u have full rights on me I’m ur sis na

Swaragini plays….


Bihaan:okay k guys leave thz senti drama’s let’s have a group hug yar

All.had group hug and shouted:8eagles r back

Aryan:(smiles seeing them)
Sanky:(sees him) aryan come here
Aryan:me sanskar

Aryan goes towards sanky
sanky:and call me sanky my friends used to call me sanky and u r also my friend k
(To everyone) and guys 8eagles r not back

All:(shocked) wat r u saying sanky
sanky:arrye yar listen na 8eagles r not back but 9eagles r back now aryan is also in our group na and come let’s have a group yet again with complete group

They had a group hug

(After a great time all left from tat place to gadodia mansion)


All entered

Shekar:(saw them) swara beta where went see engagement muhrat is getting over come exchange the rings
Sumi:wat happen beta
swara:(closed her eyes) ma and baba i don’t want to marry plz.I’m sorry
Sumi:and u ragini wat is ur decision
Rags:offo ma how many times should i say tat don’t talk to me about thz marriages stuff and all
Shekar:leave sumi.(to dp and rp) I’m sorry dp and rp my daughter’s doesn’t want to get marry
swaragini:haan haan uncle we r sorry (realized) but baba y r u asking sorry to dp and rp uncle ha
Sumi:becuz swara urs engagement was fixed with sanskar and ragini urs with laksh
Swasan,raglak:(shocked) wat!!!
Shekar:now u r saying no na so we will cancel it k
Swaragini:no…we mean y simply canceling engagement for ur happiness we can do anything baba
Shekar:for ours happiness ha(holds there ears) we know everything not only me dp and rp also know about u all
Swasan,raglak:(shocked) wat..but…how
bihan:clam down guys calm.down k now listen shekar baba,dp papa,and rp chachu was also involved our plan guys
Raglak:(shocked) wat!!! We means u dnt told us about thz

All:it was a suprise

Ap:now swara and ragini r u ready for the engagement
Swaragini:(blushes and shy)
Sujatha:i u r not ready also we will frocely get u both to marry my son’s i don’t wanna see my both son’s becoming again devdas or majhnu for u both

Sujatha:wat mom ha u know na jiji thz chora sankar was became devdas when swara left him and thz laksh majhnu he used not do cutting,shaving and even bath chii
Laksh:mom dont lie k i used to take bath atleast once in a week tat time

Rags stamps lucky foot

Dp:now stop.all thz lets begin the engagement guys

All:(smiles) k

Screen freezes on there smiling faces

So how was thz episode guys plz do.comment and give me a suggestion for aradhya’s entry yaar

Credit to: tanu

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