swaragini is this a love or hate episode-27


Hi guys thz is tanu and back with 27episode of my ff hope u all like it


THE episode start with

Swara:(shocked and tensed) SANSKAR!!!
Swara imdeately ran towards sansky
Swara:(tears and tensed) sanky wat is thz ur hand is bleeding

Yes when aryan was about to put ring in swara’s finger seeing all thz sanky was burning in anger so in anger he cluthed the glass which he was holding so tightly that it broked into piecies which caused
hurt in his hand

Swara:(took his plam)
Sanky: (jerks his plam from her hand) leave
Swara:(tears and tensed) sanky show me ur hand i will first aid (about to take his plam again)
Sanky:(jerks) just leave i said and go enjoy ur engagement and be happy with ur love aryan(rude)
Swara:(anger) just shut up k and don’t talk when I’m speaking to u. Just keep quite not a single word (forcely took his plam)

Raglak,vipdhan,thaan:(where happy to see the old swara again)
Sanky:(was quite)

Swara did first aid of his hand all where admiring her

Swara:(anger) now listen wat u said to me huh to be happy with my love aryan right who said tat i love ary…an…..

Before she could complete he left from there in anger

Swara:(tears and fell down on floor was crying bitterly)
Raglak,vipdhan,thaan was not able to see thz broken swara and went to her to console
kavitha:(evily smirks)

Rag:swara(kept her hand on her shoulder)
Swara:(turned and hugged her and was crying)
Rag:no no swaru(consoles and tears drop escaped from her eyes to see her sis in thz state)
Swara:ladu u saw na tat sanskar dnt changed still now he is, blo*dy cheater u know ladu my heart dnt belevie in all thz years tat he is tat kind boy but now now i believe .ladu he tired to trap me also u know na becuz of kavitha only becuz of her i knewed his reality his cheater,womanizer,advantage taker,ladu kavitha saved me from him she is a true friend she saved me from tat charcterless sansk√†….r
(Before she could complete she felt a hand her cheeks and the cheeks was burning in pain)

Kavitha:(smirks) (just then her phone ring and left from there)
Swara:(shocked) ladu u….u slapped me…..to …ur…sis….becuz of tat…sans…kar
Rag:(anger) just shut up i said and come with me
(She holded her hand and frocely took swara with her)
Lucky,aryan,vipdhan,and thaaan followed her

All entered to a room
Bihaan:ladu listen…
Rag:(anger) no bhai not today wat she think of herself haa wat she said kavitha is her true friend and sanky is…
swara:yes he is characterless…
Rag:(anger) swara(was about to slap but bihaan hold her hand)
Bihaan:rags plz clam down and(trun to swara) don’t speak rubish if u don’t know the truth
swara:(confused) truth!!! About which truth u all r talking
Thapki:guys i think we should say her
rag:(anger) and if we all say her will she believe us huh she will beleive only on her so called friend kavitha
Vipluv:rags thapki is right we should tell her truth aur rahi baath yakin ki tho it is up to her
All agreed
Swara:(confused) wat truth!!!
Dhani:swara 2years back(she tells everything about kavitha how she spearted them and all)
Lucky:swara now also u think tat she is ur true friend right
Bihaan:yes ofcourse she will lucky(anger)
Swara:(brust into tears and hugged bihan) I’m sorry bhai I’m really sorry i….i…thought….ki…she…is……
Bihan:(melted and wiped her tears) no swara don’t cry k
Lucky:(wiped his tears) oh hello now stop crying k and come with me
Lucky:swara don’t u want to meet my bro huh
swara:(tears and nodded) but…1min lucky u here u and rags…(confused)
Vipluv:yes swara they patched up yaar u know (he tells everything tat they did to reunite them)
Aryan:oohhh now stop all ur emotional drama yar
Swara:(confused and suprised) aryan u
Dhani:yes swara even aryan helped us in all thz
Swara:(tears) thank…
All:(interpreated) just shut up and come lets go
Swara:k..but lucky do u know where is sanky
lucky:(smiles) yes i know
Bihan:guys u all go i have some work i will be there after sometime k
Bihan:i said na u all go

All left to the place where sanky is

Lucky:see we came
All shocked to see the place especially swara

Swara:(shocked) thz is the same place..
Lucky:where bhai proposed u . U know swara in all thz 2years bhai dnt let a drop of tears to come from his eyes i was very much confused of thz becuz i and bhai was going through the same pain where i was used to cry everytime for being away from.my love where as he became a emotionaless man but u know in all thz 2years he used to cry and wash his pain in thz place for him thz place is most precious
Swara:(tears and hugged lucky) I’m sorry
lucky:no swara don’t cry and don’t be sorry k (wiped her tears) and go to bhai see he is sitting like a lifeless body and go.and give him his life back

Swara:(nodded and saw towards the direction of sanky whoz back is facing her)

Sanky:(himself) swara u hurted me alot today i loved u so much but how can u love tat aryan huh k if u r happy in tat even I’m happy but i loved only u and will love only u swara….
(He felt a soft hand on his shoulder and truned was suprised to see the person)

Sanky:(suprised) swara!!!
She gave a tight slap to his cheeks

lucky:rags i think ur sis is gone mad see instead of hugging him she is giving slap to my bhai tat too so hard yar(kept hand on his cheeks)
Rag:hey duffer keep quite k
Thapki:bhai u just wait and watch na

sanky:y u…
(Before he could complete she gave another slap)
Sanky:(holded his both cheeks) hey y u r slapping me huh and who u r….to.
Swara: (holded his collor) wat u said who I’m to u huh then listen I’m ur gf and would be wife k
sanky:(confused and suprised( wat!!!
Swara:y i slapped u na the 1st slap was for not listening to me and the 2nd slap was for saying tat aryan is my love
Sanky:then whom do u love huh
Swara:I LOVE U and u r only my love got it
Sanky:(shocked and just forget wat had happen 2years back and hugged her tightly)
Swara:(hugged back and teard) i love u sanskar i love only u plz never leave me alone plz
sanky:(hugged more tightly) no swara i will never leave u never and i love u too and plz u too don’t leave me plz
Swara:i will not

A voice: but soo she will leave thz world
Sankar:(confused) kavitha
Swaragini,lucky,vipdhaan,thapki,ryan:(anger) kavitha

Kavitha:yes kavitha and u all come here(to raglak ,dhani,vipluv,thapki,aryan) don’t hide

Sanky:(confused ) u all here and kavitha y u r holding thz gun
Kavitha:to shoot ur love swara and make her die
Thapki:sanky she is the only reason behind(she says the truth)
Sanky:wat.kavitha i thought as good friend but. U….
Kavitha:yes i only spreated u and swara tat video was fake which i made i did all thz becuz i love u sanskar i love u
sanky:(anger) kavitha how could u huh i trusted u but u spearted me from my love and in all thz wat is raglak fault ha y u spearted them also
kavitha:becuz if i have not spreated thz ragini and laksh.they would patch up b/w u and swara na
Sanky:(anger) ur gone mad kavitha i just hate u. Becuz of u i misunderstood swara only becuz of u(to swara cupped her face) I’m sorry swara I’m really…
Swara:(kept finger on his lips) sshh no don’t be sorry k I’m sorry for speaking u and calling u like tat plz maaz kardo
Sanky:(hugged) i love u i love u very much
Swara:(hugged back) i love u too

Kavitha:(irritiate) i will not leave u swara (pointed gun towards swara) sanky if u r not mine then not her also


So guys how was thz episode plz do comments plz if don’t comment i will.stop thz ff

Credit to: tanu

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