swaragini is this a love or hate episode-26


Hey guyz thz is tanu thank u for ur lovely comments guys so thz is 26th episode of my ff


sanky:(happy and suprised)KAVITHA!!!
raglak,vipdhan,thaan:(anger) KAVITHA!!!

Kavitha came towards swara and hugged her
Kavitha:swara congratulation for ur engagement I’m sooo happy for u yaar(smiles)
Swara:even I’m happy to see u yaar how r u haa
Kavitha:I’m fine see(trun towards raglak,vipdhan,thaan) hi guys nice to meet u all after 2years and how r u guys

Bihaan was going to.say something in anger but ragini holded his hand and indicated through eyes not to.say anything

Rag:haa we r fine but soon u will not be fine(anger smile)
Kavi:I’m sorry i dnt got u(confused)
thapki:nothing leave tat u enjoy the party k

Sanky was standing little far so kavitha dnt saw him after all thz talk she looked around found sanky standing at juice bar

Kavitha:(happy) sanskar!!!(trun toward swara) execuse me guys i will be back
Swara:but kavitha..
Kavitha:swara i will be back

Kavitha goes towards sanky

Kavitha:(hugs him) hi sanky how r u haa
Sanky:(hugs back) I’m fine waise u here(confused)
Kavitha:oh yesterday swara called me and invited me to her engagement u know I’m soo happy for her finally she is going engaged with the guy whom she love very much(lies and smiles evily in mind)
Sanky:wat!!!(shocked) she love tat aryan
Kavi:haan don’t u know
sanky:no but how u know
Kavi:swara told me yaar u know she love’s him soo much she always talk about him(smiles evily)
Sanky:(jealous) k k i don’t want to talk about her
(His mind) do she really love aryan yes she love aryan sanskar she betrayed u and u just hate her remmber tat
(Her heart) no sanskar she don’t love aryan she love only u only u her eyes tells tat how much she loves u
(His mind) then wat was tat 2years back she did with u ha she just acted as she love u but she dnt u remmber wat she called u a advantage take.,womenizer,flirter just becuz to u a lesson she played with ur feeling don’t u remmber haa
(His heart) but it can be a misunderstanding also na u can see tat in her eyes she only loves u and no one else

The conflict mind and heart stop.becoz of someone shaking him

Kavi:(shaking him) sanskar sanskar sanskar
Sanky:(came to sense) haa haan(a tear drop escaped from his eyes) wat happen
Kavi:sanky u r crying but… sanky do u love swara still now I’m sor….
Sanky:(interpreated) no no kavitha don’t be tat k and i don’t love her and plz don’t talk about her i just hate her
Kavitha:(smiles evily)(in mind) sanky u r only mine (to sanky) k . Waise do u love any other girl now
Sanky:ohh kavitha don’t start thz love stuff i just hate it

Here corner of the hall
Bihaan:(anger) y u stopped me ragini haa
Rag:(anger) bhai even i wanted to bash tat kavitha but…
Dhani:offo guys plz calm down 1st k
Bihaan:calm dowm oh seriously dhani u want me to do tat r u gone mad haa do u forget becuz her only lucky and ladu was spearted . Sanky bhai and swaru r still spreart only becuz of her
Lucky:bihaan u right . And who the hell called her here(anger)
Rag:who will be haa other than swara she only called her as she think tat kavitha chudail is her so called friend na(anger)
thapki:she don’t even know tat kavitha is only reason behind her and sanky bhai’s misunderstanding
Aryan:(confused) wat all of u r talking guys
I’m really confused yaar
Vipluv:will u plz shut up. Guys i think we should confront her(anger)
Aryan:will u all plz say me wat’s going on ha(irritiated)
Rag:aryan plz for god sake shut ur mouth
Aryan:(pouts) k
All see’s him and smiles
Dhani:oh aryan wait i will say to u k
Aryan:i know dhani i know tat u r only my bestie they all want me only if they have any work with me or else they shout at me
(Pout face)
rag:(sit beside him) ohh aryan I’m sorry k not only me we r sorry and thank u very much for helping us to reunite swasan thank u yaar
All:ya aryan thank u very much yaar
Bihaan:thank u aryan when asked u be part of our plan without asking anything wat happen? And all u joined us to reunite swasan as a friend then it is our duty to tell u about wat happen 2years back
Aryan:no guys don’t be sorry and thank.if u say tat again then i will think tat u all don’t considered me as ur friend k(fake anger)
Dhani:k k now listen …….
(She told wat happen 2years back to aryan)
Aryan:oh i see so tat only u all r angry about kavitha haa
Rag:(anger) yes and guys come let’s go and face her she….
Aryan:hey hey sister india keep clam k
Lucky:(confused) sister india.seriously i have heared mr.india but wat thz sister india is she is sister of india
Aryan:haaaaahaaaa arrey yar rags I’m really suprise tat thz joker is ur lover seriously(mocking lucky) sister of india
Rag:wat to do yaar (cute face)
Lucky:wat’s there in tat haa i just asked becuz mr.india mr of india so i thought tat sister india is sister of india
Aryan:hahahahaha rags really he is very funny yar
Bihan:(laugh) u r right yar
lucky:(pout face)
Rag:oh hello now stop laughing k and (anger) guys come let’s go i can’t tolerate tat kavitha in my house i want to bash her nicely
All:(anger)haan come let’s go
Aryan:arrye guys clam down yaar see if u go to her and confront also there is no use yaar
Vipluv:then wat should we do haa u r saying we should tolerate her haa it is highly impossible(anger)
Aryan:see guys plz shanti se kaam lo leave tat kavitha we will see her later but 1st we should concentrate on swara and sanskar
Rag:i think he is right guys
Aryan:see told na ki shanti sai kaam lo
Lucky:(confused) but where is shanti yar and who is she and moreover hum sab usse kyun kaam le haa .

All r giving him “kill u look”
Lucky:hey guys y r u looking at me like tat haa….ohh don’t say me tat shanti is a new member of our plan..
Aryan:(burst into laugh) hahahahahaha seriously rags haaaa(holding his stomach) hahahahaha i can’t. Hahahaha control hahahahaha
Lucky:(confused) y r u laughing ha it is a searious(serious tone) u r soo wierd ha! I just asked shanti…
Aryan:(interpreated) hahahahahaha beta tu chinta mat kar wo zarur aayegi (patted his cheeks) hahahahaha and guys shanti se kaam mat lo or else laksh will get angry yaar(make angry face and again burst into laugh) hahahahahahaha shanti haha lol
All:burst into laugh
lucky:(more confused) guys will u plz tell me y r u all laughing ha iss me hasne ki kya baat hai ha(anger and irritiated)
All:(stopped lauging and kept quite where as ragini.was giving angry look to lucky)
lucky:k leave tat. K rag can u tell me where is shanti
Rag:(gave i will kill u look) uuu…..
Bihan:haha lucky y not shanti is in our heart,shanti is everywhere,shanti is in our soul,shanti….
Lucky:wait wait bihan then u r cheating to my sis ha see thapki bihan loves tat shanti and not.u.
Aryan:hahaha lol bihan u love shanti haa
Thapki:now enough stop let’s leave thz and concentrate on our plan
Lucky:but,thapki dnt u listen to me tat bihan love shanti not u……hmmm oh my god thapki i think u got shock after listening I’m sorry yar I’m sorry my sis(cupped her face)
Thapki looked at every one with what the hell look
Aryan:(again burst into laugh) hahahahahaha

Rag:just shut up
Rag:i said shut up k
All:noded and kept quite
rag:now come let’s go

Here swara was alone he was watching sanky through the corner of her eyes and was getting jealous seeing him talking with kavitha
swara:(jealous) he dnt see me at all and continously talking with kavitha offo swara don’t think about him yaar
Just then kavith came to her
Kavi:oh swara I’m sorry i dnt talk to u properly only yaar
Swara:no its k kavitha…hmmm(hesitiate) waise wat were u talking with sanskar
Kavitha:ohh tat he told me tat today he planned to spent with a girl but dp uncle forced him to attain thz party (smiles evily)
Swara:(tears) wat!!!
Kavi:u r shocked even me was when said me tat i asked tat he dnt changed at all then wat he replied me u know he said tat
He will never changed and will never change
Kavi:swara y r u crying ha
Swara:(wiped her tears) no no I’m not
Kavi:do u love sanky still now
Swara:(her mind) u hate him see still he dnt changed
(Her heart) u love him and never stopped loving him and will never stop also

The conflic b/w her heart and mind distrubted by a voice tat is of bihan
Bihan:ha hello guys r u guys enjoying thz party
Thapki:y not we make thz party more enjoyable ha wat all u say
All:ya plz
Dhani:so let’s start with dance k
Vipluv:so welcome the beautiful the gorgeous “RAGINI”

She dance on chityan kalyan wai
Lucky was mesmerized to see her dance and was lost in her soon the dance got finish all claps

Dhani:so next is song guys k
Thapki:so the song by most dashing,handsome munda my bro sanskar maheswari
sanky was drinking juice he spit out it
And gave a death glare to thapki
Thapki ran from there no one dared to tell again tat he we will sing a song but just then..
Lucky:haan yes guys the song is by my bro sanskar
Sanky gave a death glare to him but he ignored
All cheered up
Aryan:but he is lil shy type plz u all tell him to sing na i heard he was best singer
Sanky:(murmuring) me and shy type wat thz donkey know about me haa
All:(cheers up) sanskar. Sanskar.sankar
Dp:ha beta sanskar sing na even i dnt heard to ur voice from long time haa
Shekar:yes beta he is right.
Sanky had no other option but to agree so he agreed
(& take’s the mike from lucky giving death glare to him while lucky winks on him)

Lights r off only swara can bee see becoz the light is on her he saw his angle before starting the song he took a deep breath and closed his eye’s and started……..

Kabhi jo badal barse
main dekhoon tujhe annkein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa

(He slowly opened his and saw his love swara standing infront of him the hall full dark but light was on swara)

Tere pehloo mein reh loon
Main khudko paagal kehloon
Tu gham de ya khushiyaan
Seh loon saathiya

He slowly move towards swara while singing the above lines

Koi nahi tere siva mera yahaan
manzilien…hai meri to sab yahaan
Mita de sabhi aaja faasle
Main chahoon mujhe mujhse baant le
zara sa mujhme tu jhank le mein hoon kya

He walks around her and remmbers there masti,there kiss,hug,promise everthing both were looking at eachother lovingly

Sathiyaa..aee..aa ..

Pahle kabhi,na tune mujhe ghamdiya
Phir mujhe,kyun thanha kardiya
Guzaare the jo lamhe pyaar ke
Hamesha tujhe apna maan ke
To phir tune badli kyun adaa

Yeh kyun kiya

Suddenly he remmbers her slap,her words tat hurted him a lot he become angry and trwirls her holdling her finger and pulled her toward him by waist and carresed her cheeks with anger


Kabhi jo badal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankein bharke
Tu lage mujhe pehli barish ki duaa

The song over all claps and both swasan come to sense and patted back seeing thz kavitha smirks evily

Kavitha:guys i think engagement should start yaar thz things and al we can see after wards na
All:ya she is right shekar ji plz start engagement na
Kavitha :(smirks)
Raglak,vipdhan,thaan,aryan:worried and tensed

Sumi:k so aryan beta take thz ring and make thz wear to my swara(caressed her hair)
Aryan:(tensed) k aunty

Swara was crying inside aryan was about to ring in swara’s finger but suddenly they heared some sound and looked to the direction from where it is coming and was shocked to see the sceneiory

Swara:(tensed and shouted) SANSKAR!!!!

So guys how was thz part yaar plz plz guys plz it is a kind request plz do leave comments

Credit to: tanu

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