swaragini is this a love or hate episode-25


Hey guys thz is tanu sorry for the late update guys but wat to do i was lil busy yaar now leave tat let’s start with 25 episode of my ff seriously I’m unable to belive tat my ff reached to 25th episode thz is all becoz of ur love and support yaar thank u very much

RECAP:aryan entry


The episodes start’s with the gadodia mansion seen fully decorated and guest r arriving and prepearation’s was fully on

Shekar:arrey beta bihaan come here na
Bihaan:haan yes choote papa any problem(came)
Shekar:beta where is thz dp and ram and all call them na y they r getting late haa without them how we can begin the engagement u told…
Bihaan:(interpreated) offo calm down my handsome calm down they will come may be got struck in traffic due to rain see how its raining yaar
Shekar:haa i think u r right i just want ki today my both the daughters get there happiness back
Bihaan:and it will surely happen u see(pointing towards the door where maheswari family was just entering)

Sanky was dressed in white shirt and white coat same like at swasan suhagraat day in serial he was looking dashing and ofcourse handsome,cool,cute etc etc etc

Lucky was dressed in white with red shirt and brown blazer he was looking stunning and dashing yaar

Dp:hey shekar congratualation man we r… (bihaan indicated something through eyes for dp and dp saw towards sanlak and kept quite thz made confused to sanlak)
Shekar:haan haan congratulation to u too
And hi sanskar beta and laksh beta and how r u both beta

Sanky and lucky took blessing from shekar
Sanlak: we r fine uncle (smiles)
Shekar:and thapki beta wat is thz haa u r bahu of thz house haa u should be from our side na
Now sanlak were more confused
Thapki:papa I’m from both the side and only me even bhai hai na bhai(to vipluv)
vipluv:haan yes offcourse and shekar papa even bihaan and dhani r from both sides k as bihaan is damaad and dhani is bahu of our home
Shekar:haan haan i know(smiles)
Sanlak was now more and more confused about there talks
Sanlak:1min about wat……….
Bihaan: (cover’s up)chote papa we r getting late for the engagement of aryan and swara (looking towards sanky)
Listening to thz sanky became red from jealous

They entered into hall and took blessing from all the elders

Sanlak,thapki,and vipluv were standing at a corner and were talking to eachother just then sanky saw a angel dressed in red choli and cream lehenga with light make and jewellery climbing down the stair and was fully mesmirized

Sanky:swara (open mouth)
(Yes she is swara looking like an angel)

Even saw towards sanky and was mesmerized y not afterall he is soo handsome yaar

Here lucky saw towards ragini who was giving support to swara to climb down the stair she was dressed in pink choli and white with crean lehenga she was looking gorgeous and stunning both were mesmerized to see eachother

They came down swara was standing with dhani and ragini
Just then all elders came and blessed and praised swara

Here sanlak were lost in there lady love

Swara:(thinking) oh god y he is looking at me with thoze eyes yaar which is saying tat he loves only me 1min swara just shut ur mind to think thz becuz u very well know tat he is cheater he doesn’t love u k

Rags:(shakes swara) swaru swaru wat happen r u ok
Swara:(came sense) haan haan ladu nothing I’m fine (fake smile)

Just then bihaan came with aryan

Bihaan:hello and hi.every one of u guys and we r happy tat u all came to my sis engagement and engagement cermony will begin after some time till then u all enjoy the party guys(in mike)

Goes towards swaragini and dhani

Bihaan:aryan yaar u know wat u should do next na(whisphere in aryan ears)
Aryan:arrey baba i know yaar u just shut ur mouth k
(He left)

Bihan:(to swara) oh my devil sis u r looking like an angel today haa aryan will go flat on u haaa
Swara:(became anger ) shut up bhai u don’t say tat aryan will go flat instead u say sanska…….(realised and stops)
Bihaan:wat haan haan continue na (smiles)
Swara :(change topic) haan bhai were did thz aryan went he was coming with u only na
bihaan:haa he have some work he will come

Here sanlak were still lost in there own world dreaming about there lady love just then

Thapki:(shakes them) bhai bhai bhai bhai
Sanlak:.(came to sense) haa haan wat happen y r u shaking us haa
Thapki:becuz u both idiots were not listening to me haa
Sanlak:k k but y r calling us haa
Vipluv:becuz we want to ask with both of u to come with us
sanky:but y where we have to come ha..
Vipluv:to meet would to be groom and bride hai na lucky won’t u come with us haan
Lucky:(remmbered thz is a part of plan) han han ofcourse we should meet them yaar let’s go come
Sanky :u 3 go I’m not interested
Thapki:wat happen bhai plz come na she our friend naa bhai
Sanky:no chotto i said na i will not come means i will not
Vipluv:then u still love her haan
Sanky:wat no…(fumbles) no….. not at all k
Vipluv:then wat is the problem to meet her haan
Sanky:(took a breath) k come let’s go
Thapki:(smiles) k

They all went toward swaragini,dhani and bihaan. Swara was getting nervous by seeing sanky coming towards them

Vipluv:hey hi swara and rags and enagement mubarak ho haa
Swara:hi luv and thank u very much(smiles)
Rag:(smiles) hi book worm
Bihaan:hi sanky bhai and lucky (hug)
Sanky:hi man and wont u wish to ur wife cum my sis haa
bihaan:offo sanky if i wish ur sis then for tat also she will give me a big bashaan yaar
Thapki:(giving death glare) u…..
Bihaan:now atleast leave me don’t start ur bashan for god sake
All bursted into laugh

Just then aryan came
Aryan:oh hi sweatheart and cuteheart
swaragini:(smiles) hi
Aryan:(to swara) woo sweatheart swara u r looking gorgeous yaar u know today morning i saw a flower i thought it is most beautifull in thz earth until i saw u(flirting tone)
Rag:oh enough of ur flirting k
Aryan:y u r getting jealous don’t worry rags u r very cute tat’s i call cute heart my cuteheart (pulling her cheeks)
Her sanlak were burning in jealous

Lucky:(thinking) cuteheart haa he is calling my rag as cutheart he should make jealous to bhai not for me
Sanky:(thinking) thiz idiot wat he think of himself haa.sweatheart haa monkey only i have the rights to call her like tat shona is only mine hey just hold on sanky wat u called her just now u called shona and u were thinking tat she is urs haa don’t u remmber tat she betrayed u haa u just hate her just hate

Soon both came to sense

Bihaan:& aryan meet them thz sanky bhai,his lucky,his vipluv,and she is my wife
Aryan:oh hi sanky(shakes hand)
Sanky:(shakes hand too) sanskar u can call me sanskar becuz sanky is allowed to call only to my bestie k
Aryan:okay. Hmm hi beautiful bhabhi
thapki:hi aryan nice to meet u yar
Aryan:i know bhabhi every one like to meet me and hi laksh
Lucky:hey u can call me lucky yaar u r also my friend yaar seriously swara is lucky to be ur wife in future and i know u will surely keep her happy

Listening to thz sanky was giving death glare to lucky and lucky ignored him

Aryan:haan haan lucky i will keep my sweatheart happy(smiles looking swara)
Swara( fake smiles back)
Sanky:(irritiated and thinking) y can’t he call her as swara

He was burnung in jealous and in tat lucky was putting salt and chilli to burn it more

Lucky:ya ya i know man aryan u r same like swara yaar in habit and all u r mr.perfect for swara

Sanky:(more irritiated and murmring) mr.perfect my foot

Here swara was too getting angry listening to lucky
Swara:(murmring) can’t thz idiot and donkey lucky keep his mouth quite and thz aryan stupid haaa!

Aryan:i know lucky i know tat no one r perfect to my sweatheart than me

Sanky:(murmuring) she is only mine
Swara:(murmuring) sweatheart sweetheart sweetheart offo I’m not his sweatheart I’m only sanky’s shona (she don’t know wat she is saying just murmuring)

Bihaan:k k guys leave tat see there chotte papa is calling us come let’s go there

(Left from there)
Sanky was giving death glare to lucky see thz lucky
lucky:arrye guys wait for me also yaar even I’m coming(was about to go)
Sanky:stop there lucky stop k
Lucky:but..(fumbles) bhai…
Sanky:i said stop haa
Lucky:but y
Sanky:wat u were saying tat stupid aryan haa he is right and perfect for swara haa wat were u saying inthe morning haa tat u r happy for thz engagement haa
Lucky:haa yes wat there in tat ya I’m happy with thz engagement and yes he is(saw towards sanky who was givining him death glare) (fumbles) r..igh..t……
Sanky:right wat haa wat u want to say haa u clearly know tat ki ..watever leave tat(irritiated)
Lucky:wat i clearly know bhai..
Sanky:(divert the topic) leave tat but i wanna ask u something I’m observing from many days u r not the same lucky who used to cry in all thz 2years haa i can see my 2years back lucky is back haa wat going on haa achanak aesa change kaise haa did u and rags got patch up hmm
Lucky:(fumbles)wo.. wo..bhai haa no i and she dnt patched up haa thz is change is becoz i don’t wanna think about her y should i think about her and waste my life crying for her haa and bhai even i want my old sanky bhai who was 2years back
sanky:(patted his cheeks) he is dead man dead person won’t come back k
(& left from there)
Lucky:no bhai tat sanky is not dead and he will come soon u will surely become my old bro just wait and watch my bro(smiles)

He turns and saw rags was standing behind him
She ran from there
Lucky:wat happen to her i should check
he follows her and pulls her and pins her to the wall
Lucky:hey rags y r u crying haa
Rag:becoz of u only wat u said to sanky haa tat u can’t wait for me and all haa
Lucky:offo rags tat told becoz bhai was asking….
Rag:just shut up ha if u don’t want to wait for me then u can go to anothet girl k and leave ….
Before she could complete he placed his lips on her and bitted her lower lips she morned in pain but later reciprocreated too it was a long and passionate liplock soon both patted back due to lack of oxygen
Lucky:(cupped her face) don’t ever say tat k how can i leave u haa u r my life if i leave then i will die do.u want me to dieee
She kept her hand on his mouth indicating not to say tat and tears were flowing for her eyes
Rag:sorry(holding her ears)
Lucky hugged her tightly and she also reciprocreated it and were lost in each other
Just then aryan passes
Both composed themselves
Aryan:haa me i was searching both of u everywhere but u 2 r here romancing with eachother haa
Rag:just shut up
Aryan:haa i know now come

All thz toughts was disturbted by voice
voice:hi swara!
Becoz they don’t know the true face of kavitha
Becoz they know her true face

Precap:swara’s engagement and swasan scene

Wat u all think guys

To whom swara will be engaged?
And why was shekar and dp were speaking as bride and groom family?
Do aryan know everthing?
Do aryan also involved in the plan?
Wat thz kavitha! Here?

Stay stunned guys and plz slient readers plz do comments guys it is a humble request yaar

Credit to: tanu

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